Morning Saliva Contains 5 Hidden Treasure Know About Them

5 Hidden Treasures In Morning Saliva

Morning Saliva Contains 5 Hidden Treasures

Always brush your teeth before going to sleep at night and in the morning. When you wake up the spit in the mouth is called saliva. I am sure you have seen animals licking their cuts or injured spots. In fact, they have used their saliva to recover from that cut or injury. Animals know the trick about saliva, but what about us humans? Very few peoples actually know about the benefits of saliva.

Saliva is best for aiding topical cuts as well as keeping your skin healthy. If you are not convinced yet, read on about the health benefits of saliva.

First of all, if the body has a deficiency in saliva, all the tastes from food won’t be washed off and many other diseases will start developing because of infection. Saliva helps keeps us safe from many health problems.

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Today I am going to discuss the little known health benefits of saliva to our body and I am also sure you will like to start applying the tips below to your daily routine to take full advantage of this free and natural substance self made by our body.

  1. Saliva Cures Infection:-

Yes, saliva is antiseptic. It is a good medicine for sickness and it is free. A healthy person usually produces 1000 to 15000 ML saliva per day to help with cleaning cavities, bacteria and food particles in the mouth. It is because saliva contains antibacterial particles and immune proteins which protects us from gingivitis. 

Next time when you have a little cut on the hand, apply a small amount of saliva on it to protect the wound from infection.

  1. Saliva is Precious For The Eyes:-

If you are worried about dark circles under your eyes, worry not. Apply saliva around the darkened area, then slowly and gently massage around that area. You will see that the dark circles will be gone in a few days.

Apply saliva in your eyes in the morning also helps with increasing eyesight. Another benefit of saliva for the eyes is it helps reduce conjunctivitis (red, gunky and irritated eyes). To treat this, apply morning saliva on or near your eyes and you will see the improvement within just a day.

  1. Saliva Is Beneficial For Skin:-

To alleviate eczema, pimples or acnes, use morning saliva on the troubled spots. Saliva can also help heal scars and wounds. Morning saliva works very well on cuts and rashes too.

  1. Saliva Is Beneficial For The Stomach:-

It is said that morning saliva is very beneficial for the stomach. It contains loads of enzymes that aids in digestion. When you drink water, saliva created from the whole night goes down in your stomach and is highly beneficial kicking off the whole digestion process for the day. By doing this on regular basis you will see that your stomach process food faster and therefore you will burn calories more efficiently. That is why morning saliva is so precious for health that it is called a hidden treasure.

Form the habit of drinking 1 glass water first thing in the morning to get the benefits of saliva for your stomach.


  1. Teeth protection and relief from bad odor:-

Saliva contains Sodium, Potassium, Phosphate, Calcium, and Glucose like elements which make teeth strong. Antibodies present in saliva protect teeth from harmful infection and diseases that cause tooth decay. Without saliva, food particles left in mouth cause bacteria to develop and this is the reason for bad odor of breath. So saliva acts like a firewall for our teeth. 

Be aware that habits like smoking will destroy the heathy substance in the saliva. Spitting is another bad habit that reduces the amount saliva that goes in to the stomach. The usage of drugs and some medications can cause dry mouth and therefor lead to a reduction of saliva in the body.

In summary, saliva is an important part of our body and it can be used as a quick and easy treatment for some of our skin and digestion problems (and for free!). The scientific reason behind this is that it contains many important substances, including electrolytes, mucus, antibacterial compounds and various enzymes (1). That’s why saliva is called our health’s Hidden Treasure. 

Love your saliva. Make use of it and have a happy healthy life!

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