Morning Saliva Contains 5 Hidden Treasure Know About Them

Morning Saliva Contains 5 Hidden Treasure Know About Them

Morning Saliva Contains 5 Hidden Treasure Know About Them

5 Hidden Treasure- Always brush your teeth before going to sleep in night and in morning when you wake up the spit in mouth is calla saliva. I am sure you seen that animals also licking their cuts and injuries with their tongue but they using their saliva to recover from that injury or cut. So, even animals know about that, but what about humans? Very peoples know about this benefit from saliva.

This saliva is best for health issues and for skin injuries too. Probably after listening this you may be getting scorn, but do you know the saliva formed in mouth is very beneficial for us.

We don’t care about this because do not know anything about it. If body has deficiency of saliva then the taste of mouth preserves, many other diseases starts developing and there is a danger of infection also. Saliva is helpful in keeping us safe from many health problems.

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In India, China, Japan and in other Asian countries, most of the people whenever wake up and drink 1 glass water first then start doing any other work. By drinking 1 glass of water after wake up helps body from inside in long term.

Today I am going to discuss about the health benefits of saliva to our body which you never knew before and I am sure you would be amaze to read and I am also sure you should start working on these below given tips too.

  1. Saliva means Health Treasure:-

Yes, saliva is antiseptic. It is good medicine for sickness which you get free. Due to imbalance of saliva today’s person suffer from many diseases. Whereas a healthy person’s mouth produces 1000 to 15000 ML saliva per day which helps in cleaning cavities in mouth, harmful bacteria’s and finally food particles. In saliva a saliva parotid gland hormone is found which makes the age affect less in skin and you can look younger for long time. This saliva also contains Lysozyme antibacterial particle and immune protein which protects gingivitis and throat from many harmful infections. Let’s know how this free medicine which we get is beneficial for us?

  1. Saliva is precious for eyes:-

If you are worried about dark circles under your eyes than use saliva and do slow and light massage on that particular area. Do it on regular basis for few days and all the dark circles will be gone. By apply saliva like kajal in your eyes in morning and it will help in increasing eyesight and you can even come out from your spectacles. Along with this you can also cure the problem of conjunctivitis. Eyes get red in conjunctivitis and it occurs eyes pan and irritation. Water starts coming out from eyes continuously and dirt starts deposited in eyes. So it is good for you to start apply morning saliva on/ near your eyes and you will see the positive good result just within 24 hours only.

  1. Saliva is Beneficial for skin:-

Any type of ringworm can be cured by applying morning saliva after getting up in the morning on ringworm without washing the affected area. To free from eczema different types of pimples, acne this morning saliva is used. Scars left after pimples, wound can also be healed by this. Morning saliva works very well on cuts, rashes on wounds too.

  1. Saliva is Beneficial for stomach:-

It is said that morning saliva is very much beneficial for stomach. It contains Jaylene Enzyme which keeps our digestion process in state. When you drink water than saliva formed in whole night goes in your stomach which is highly beneficial for stomach. By doing this on regular basis you will see that your stomach remains healthy than ever before. That is why morning saliva is very precious for health so it is called Hidden Treasure.

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  1. Teeth protection and relief from bad odor:-

Saliva contains Sodium, Potassium, Phosphate, Calcium, and Glucose like elements which make teeth strong. Antibodies present in this protect teeth from harmful infection and diseases that makes teeth’s rotten. It acts like firewall on teeth. Sometimes due to less information of saliva problem of bad breath occurs. Food particles or bacteria left in mouth cause to infection which is also reason for bad odor of breath. Saliva helps in vanishing these particles and bacteria.

Therefore mouth saliva can be used to cure many diseases in free that’s why it is called Hidden Treasure. The Scientific reason behind this is that it contains all 18 elements that are found in soil. But the regret is that today human being is enemy of itself. By smoking and taking other unhealthy things, it finishes the saliva in the mouth and body. Saliva ends due to abuse substances, spitting outside and dryness of mouth. By smoking saliva gets polluted and do not impact. Spitting of Zards, Pan etc. substances again and again saliva comes out more than needed. Using more drugs can make mouth drugs and no saliva remains in the mouth. Therefore to save saliva you must have to leave all these bad habits, which is not just good to maintain the saliva in mouth, releasing bad habits also make health and life happier.

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