21 Ways To Make Good And Healthy Relationship

21 Ways To Make Good And Healthy Relationship

21 Ways To Make Good And Healthy Relationship

It is very easy to make any relationship, but it is equally difficult to maintain it. Sometimes, we think that we are working hard to keep a good and healthy relationship until we did not sit down and do not think about it, that what we are giving to our relationship.

To make any relationship good, both of you will have to sweat their full strength in it. If you and your partner are created for each other, then by every effort you make, you will get better results, which will help in furthering this relationship.

Method 1 – Some Things You Should Do Alone

  1. Take Responsibility For Your Own Happiness:

Keeping yourself reminded of this one rule, avoid wasting time for any discussion in a debate: Making you happy is not the work of anybody else. In any relationship, your partner will try to make you happy, but in the end, only you will be responsible for your happiness.

  1. Fulfill Your Spoken Words:

Do everything possible to fulfill your promises. When you have said that you are going to do something, show it to your partner. Do not say that you will make a dinner, or you are going to give a surprise on the birthday and then forget it by saying this or else grin its fun. This will only stab the trust between you and they will be broken. For the success of the relationship, trust between the two is very important.

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  1. Accept Your Mistake To Make Good And Healthy Relationship:

If you think that you have done something deliberately or accidentally, so that your partner is unhappy, then accept it. Make yourself humble and “forgive me, I got angry because of you,” without making any excuses like this, ask for forgiveness from the true mind, you will be responsible for your actions, and blame it for forcefully. You cannot make anyone responsible for your actions by putting someone on top.

Increase the steps to change your behavior. If you have felt that you are always apologizing for something, then take the initiative to change this behavior. Tell your partner that you have noticed that this mistake is happening again and now you want to stop yourself from repeating this mistake. Ask him to help you and tell him that now whenever you see this mistake again, he will give you a shot at the same time.

  1. Be Honest To Make Good And Healthy Relationship:

Integrity only holds up any relationship. So what do you like in this relationship, what you hate, and what matters to your bother, honestly while answering all these things?

  1. Feel Sorry To Make Good And Healthy Relationship:

As the apology will help a lot in making a trust between you, so it is extremely important. With this, if you forgive him, your partner will also forgive you if needed. So this will be the only way to win for both of you.

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  1. Be Realistic To Make Good And Healthy Relationship:

In every relationship, sometimes there will be debates and some situations will be born, in which it will be very difficult to remain. But if you want to make the relationship healthy, then you have to find a solution to this problem and try to get yourself out of this difficult clock more than being trapped in all these difficulties and displeasure. Facing your problems, you will also become a better and positive person.

Preview your expectations: Do you want to take your partner along with his goodness and badness, just as a human, or else you would like to be perfect as any other person? Your expectations are so much that no person can get it completely, every time, and in this way you are taking your relationship towards failure in the direction of failure. Try to think something good with these differences between you. You can learn a lot from each other.

Accept this also, it is common to have such disputes. If you want to take your relationship forward, then it is very common to have such differences and resentment between you and your spouse. Remember that being a debate does not mean the end of the relationship, and the fact is that there is no such person in the world, whose everything you agree with at all times.

Always keep asking yourself whether you are happy with staying in this relationship or without it. If you feel that living outside this relationship gives you happiness, then you should sit with your partner and talk about this topic. In a good and loving relationship, the answer to this question is often yes.

  1. Listen To Your Partner To Make Good And Healthy Relationship:

Sometimes your partner wants you so much that you listen to him and sympathize with him in his troubles. And sometimes he also wants you to advise him with activism. Try to understand his desire, and do whatever he wants. Becoming a good listener means listening to each and everything by paying attention to it, and not letting his ears hear from one ear and blowing it to another.

By listening to your partner’s view, you can improve your relationship in many ways. In this way, both of you will be able to solve your issues even without arguing; Give each other a chance to talk openly, so that you both understand each other well; And maybe you get a new gift like this. No one has ever harmed anyone, listening to anyone.

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  1. Show Your Love To Him In Every Way:

There is a lot of difference between knowing and feeling about this and feeling about love between you. Sometimes, we are confident that our partner knows and that he should understand himself, how much we love him, even if we do not show it or show it. But do not trust too much for this. If you want to build a good relationship, you have to learn to love your love.

Do something for your partner, who knows you, that she will like it. Even if it is early morning rising up, cleaning the house, taking children to school or preparing a favorite breakfast, these are all very small things, but this small thing is too big to work, you do not even know it.

Do not be afraid to show physically love even occasionally. What to do in a good and loving relationship, hugging and handing over the back is very common, all of them are the foundation of the relationship.

  1. Be Loyal To Make Good And Healthy Relationship:

Confirm that he knows that if you need him you will always accompany him. As far as possible, always try to keep her in the first place in her life. It does not mean that you should spend all your time with only him, or do not talk to anyone, it means that he knows that he can come to you every time he needs it. Simultaneously, expect similar loyalty from her. You too are entitled to respect in the relationship, just like that.

  1. Do Not Hide Too Much From Him To Make Good And Healthy Relationship:

In particular, his feelings for him and his relationship Whether it is good or bad! In this way, you will be able to cope with any difficulties or challenges of both relationships. If there is something bad with you in the past, who is also affecting your current person, then he should know about it.

Keep in mind: You should also be able to keep sex-related matters in front of him. Well, it is your partner’s right and your obligation to tell him everything before you are physically involved with him. But you have to make them feel secure with you and expect a similar kind of hope that they too should tell everything clearly in front of you.

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  1. Give Him Full Freedom To Make Good And Healthy Relationship:

Everyone needs some privacy and freedom, so do not keep an eye on what he does/ does not do. Everyone hates being kept under surveillance, being surrounded by people and being controlled every time.

Do not ever spy (check his phone, monitor him on the social network, follow him). If he is cheating you, then you will know how. These things cannot be hidden from the eyes of people for a very long time. But if he is not really a deceitful person and in such a way that you find him spying, then you can fall for him forever.

  1. Express Your Feelings Towards Him To Make Good And Healthy Relationship:

On every occasion, keep on telling him how much he counts for you, and what is his place in your life. The need to show love and feel of it is not only for women but also for men.

If you have any problems, then he should also be aware of this, and he will have to tell it to you – without screaming and shouting, with civilization and peace. If he tells you, are you okay? And if you are speaking yes, then do not expect him to understand the meaning behind what he said. Be honest and make everything clear.

Let him understand this too, that he can also share his every trouble with you without fear. By expressing sympathy to him and his difficulties, give him confidence, but do not say too much, just listen to his thoughts completely.

Do not be afraid of losing her or do not spend every moment with the fear of pain that you might find. Enjoy every moment and feel that there is no other moment to replace this moment.

Do not show yourself sad and inadequate in front of him just to get his attention and sympathy.

Respect for each other in the mind of each other is the foundation of a strong relationship; If you are constantly trying to keep it with you, then it means that you do not respect it so much that you can be happy with your mind too. If you are sad in any way, then go to the doctor – not everyone is dragging you into your problems.

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  1. Encourage Him So That He Can Become More Successful In Work Or In Studies:

In this way, he will realize that how much you care about his future and you wish to get every better thing for him and wish him a good person. Along with this, it will help you to create even more deep and strong feelings in her mind, and in this way, she will feel that whatever she will/ she does, you will be supporting her in everything.

  1. Always Pay Attention To Your Partner And Admire Him:

In this way, they will feel like someone who encourages them. Is your partner wearing a new dress or has he changed his hairstyle? Give her your opinion about this. In this way, their whole day will be made.

  1. Talk Sweetly To Make Good And Healthy Relationship:

By saying good morning/ you are looking very beautiful, you can also make your partner’s entire day. Whenever you remember him, you write a message like “I am missing you a lot,” a message. In this way they will feel the love, they will feel like someone who loves them.

Method 2 – Some Things That You Should Do Together

  1. Add Date Night To Your Life:

Even if you are in a relationship with each other for two years, it is very important for you to go on a date. And in truth, it becomes even more important for those couples who have been together for a long time. Go for a date at least once a month. Some couples go to date once a week.

If you are having trouble thinking about going to date, then try to remember the date that you had with your partner at the time when you expressed your love for it. Do everything exactly the way you want it, or if you want to do some things in your date and try to improve it a bit more by changing some things.

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Make Something New And Fun:

By doing so, which boosts your heartbeat and in which both of you enjoy a lot, it will lead to the feeling of staying together with you. If you are feeling a bit too fearless, then go on a date that reminds you of your childhood again: go to comedy clubs, go to Wonderland, visit Disneyland, or take her to test drive a new car, these are just a few things.

  1. Try To Apologize To Make Good And Healthy Relationship:

Forgiving, that is, forgetting past things, deciding to focus on your present. It means, to control your current situation, if you need, you will also increase the expectation of getting rid of the previous problem from your partner.

Note that who is really going to benefit from this apology. Forgiving your partner, he gets relief, but at the same time, you get rid of anger. Do not think of it as such that you are charitable – but it is something that you are doing for your own alone, but not for both.

  1. Laugh Together To Make Good And Healthy Relationship:

Laugh at each other with a sense of security of love. By laughing, you can get rid of every anxiety of the world and your relationship also deepens. Laughing out loud reduces our calorie intake, increases blood flow, strengthens the immune system, and reduces the amount of sugar present in the blood. These laughs unnecessarily, from one to the other. There may be more things related to the meeting or loving and similar things. So do not forget to laugh.

  1. Support Each Other To Make Good And Healthy Relationship:

Try to show your support in these ways: Supporting means to try to cheer up your partner and take care of him in every way, then this method may be small or big. Always remember one thing that the biggest reason for both of you to be together is that you both are the biggest supporters of each other, and each and everything of both of you feels very good, by paying attention to keep your behavior the same way.

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Become A Good Listener:

If your partner thinks you should listen to him, do so. It is not that you will have a solution to every problem, but at least you can accompany him.


If your partner has started trying to make some changes in it, even if it is a new hobby, or you have to face any major challenge, just stand it as the biggest supporter. Make him feel so that he can be comfortable with you without any fear.

  1. Take Time For Each Other:

Spend time with your partner, make your priority, even if you are not having any problems with it in the beginning. Every relationship needs to be shared with each other for further progress and you also want to improve your relationship, so in this case, you have to give importance to spending some time together.

Make A Hobby:

Learning something new together, you can help bring both of you closer, and with this, you will also be able to find an activity that makes both of you feel good. If you like, you can play sports like tennis or basketball together, together you can learn a new language, cooking, handicraft or something else you want to learn.

Find Out The Small Ways To Help Each Other:

If you help your partner in small things, then she will feel how much she cares about you and you have the attention of every little need of her, and you like to help her. It is not necessary that you need to do something bigger to show: just occasionally make dinner, help in small things, or even massage the head with oil in the evening. Do few small works and see how you get all this back.

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  1. Better Talk To Make Good And Healthy Relationship:

Keep these things in mind:

Not everyone learns to speak correctly since childhood – this is something that everyone has to work hard to develop inside. Whatever method you talk to with your partner, you will not understand it now, but its effect will gradually be seen in your relationship.

Do Not Use The Language That Gives Instruction:

Like “you should do this” or “you cannot do this” keep these sentences away from your relationship. Both you and your partner are the same, so no one should give directions to anyone.

Express Your Expectations:

If you want your partner to do something then tell him. Do not expect that he can read your mind and never try to explain your point of gesture. (And always remember the above-given thing: instead of saying, “You should put out the garbage every day,” instead of saying “I would really love if you put out the garbage every day.”)

Be “Please” And “Thank You”:

You have to make yourself very friendly around your partner, that you do not have to think about your behavior at all times. If there is anything different from this, then that whenever your partner does something that you really liked, then thank him in such a way – do not imagine yourself to know that he knows that’s how happy you are from it.

Tilting Properly:

It is not that whenever there is a debate between the two, then you forget about all these good things. Whenever you have to keep your thoughts in front, use a kind of loving and dignified manner that cannot hurt your partner in any way. If he is screaming and talking to you, then tell him also that he should talk calmly.

Advice/ Suggestion

  1. Also, pay attention to yourself. Love and respect for you are equally important, as much for your partner.
  2. Faith is very important, if you cannot trust it, then there is nothing to be with you, on what basis are you connected to this relationship.
  3. Do not try to be a different kind of person around them. If you keep them away from your reality, then they too will not be able to love you.
  4. Always try to understand their thoughts, whether or not you agree with them.
  5. Do not imagine bad and do not doubt it. All these things reflect on your trust.
  6. Do not expect too much, let your partner always feel good about yourself.
  7. Do not stick around too much.
  8. Never hide any of its problems from him. In a healthy relationship, you both have to share your problems and your feelings with each other.
  9. Bonding and trust also make your relationship stronger than any other way.
  10. Never ask your partner to do any such thing, to whom he is not ready to do.
  11. Whenever they need you, be present for them at all times.

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If your partner scares you, tries to control you, or deliberately gives you pain (physical or mental), look for help immediately. This kind of bad behavior does not show you any deficiency. In any healthy relationship, both people need to take care of each other’s needs, try to keep each other happy, and all efforts must be made simultaneously; You never have to let your partner hurt you, you will have to raise voice for it yourself.

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