Review Is Social Media Good or Bad

Review – Is Social Media Good or Bad

Review – Is Social Media Good or Bad

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Today I am going to share positive and negative opinions that are expressed by peoples for social networks.

Positive Impact-

Relations and Friends:-

Social sites and networks is a place where you can connect with your friends, family members, business co-workers or partners and with new peoples. It can help you to find your old school, college friends too who are not in touch with you from so many years.

We should thank to social website and networks by which we can connect with so many peoples with whom we want to share our views and expressions. Social sites and media provide us the opportunity to connect with new peoples and build a good relationship. It can help you to alive in social life. It helps to know about others and tell them about our self.

Reducing Communication Barriers:-

With the help of these social media websites and networks, we are able to communicate and share our thoughts and perceptions over the different topics with the large number of audiences, friends, and peoples. It can help us to raise our voice and share our opinion with other peoples. Sharing, like, dislike options in the pages, group can be sent to a large amount of audience. By this, they can know that you are agreed or disagree with the particular opinion or point.

You can create or join the group, pages with the people who also think like you or like the things you like. It helps you and them to know more the things you share with each other; it creates more awareness in society and between the peoples. You can ask about help on any related topic and can help them too.

Opportunities to Increase Business:-

Social website and networks become a crucial part of many peoples which not just only help us with different issues. It also helps to grow and raise business too, where you can find clients and works in which you are interested.

It does not matter you are using a desktop computer or laptop or mobile. You can increase your business with like-minded people by providing them the products in which they are interested in buying.

Now people start understands the power of social platforms and start promoting their products on social media. It helps them to attract the particular type of client for their products. Social media is very cost effective than an advertisement on television and on other costly places. On social media, they spend less money and find the peoples who are interested in their products. It helps the businessman to get more business by spending less money.

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Negative Impacts-

Leading to Addiction:-

Many types of research and studies in the past and in the recent times show that that excess usage of social media and other platforms can actually cause addiction to the users. Peoples are getting addicted day by day. They are checking their social account every time all day. Peoples are getting addicted to likes and comments on their posts and photos. It gives them immense pleasure when more people like and share their posts and comment on their pictures.

It can create depression, stress and anxiety in them in the coming days. This addiction can ruin their social, family and business totally. It is better to use it in limits and try to not use more than 30-40 minutes per day.

Leading to Isolation:-

Excess usage of social media platforms can reduce the level of interaction with other humans in you. People feel comfortable talking with other peoples on social media and sometimes found hesitation talking with peoples in real life. Extreme usage of social media platform reduces or can say lost the charm and flavor to meet friends, family members and get together functions which were done under one roof.  Addicted users like to celebrate festivals on social media more than in real life these days.

Decrease Productivity:-

Companies these days like to promote and find more business through social media but their employees spending the time to check what their friends and relatives post in their social accounts rather than promoting their business on social media. Excess usage of social media damages the creativity and productivity in employees and in peoples. It is better for everyone to do not get addicted just to use it for work and spend very few time on other stuff.

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I mentioned some positive points and negative points of social media and platforms.  It depends on person to person how to use it when to use it, is it good for them or not. If you are business and using it more frequently than it is fine. But if you are a student or searching for a job or doing some business and using social media just for time pass. 

Think positive, focus on your work, eat healthily and start living healthy and strong relation bonding life with your family members and with friends in real life.

I would love to hear your opinions and love to give answers.


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