18 Relationship Advices that you’re in Love With a Woman, Not a Girl

18 Relationship Advices that you’re in Love With a Woman, Not a Girl

18 Relationship Advices that you’re in Love With a Woman, Not a Girl

Do you feel like, you are stuck in the dating routine? Do you feel a sense like your current relationship is going to end as soon it going bad to worst? I am sure these below-written Relationship Advices will help you to understand your relation.

Personally, I am feeling very lucky as I found so many girls in my life, but none of them was woman enough to go for long relations. Girls and women’s sees the world totally differently. Both types understand the world totally differently and interactions with the problem are also totally different.

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There are lots of girls in the city to whom with you can make a relationship. But as a man, we have thought that we are not getting stuck with dating a girl. Just read these below written 18 signs that you are dating just a simple girl or a woman of your dreams.

  1. You can split bills with her (Relationship Advices) :-

The things make woman is sexy is Financial Independence. If you find that your girlfriend does not expect from you to pick her every day, it means you are dating an independent and strong woman. You need to think guys that you are in 21st century where all of us have to pay lots of bills. I consider that offering her splitting the cheques makes those rare occasions and celebrations more special when you give her treat. 

  1. Your woman pushes you to become a better person (Relationship Advices):-

Like your mother wish to, your girlfriend also wants to help you become a better person in life. She wants you to understand and take the responsibilities so that you can live a healthy, wealthy and peaceful life. This is one of the reasons why she does not go to tolerate your negative thinking and habits. 

  1. No Facebook, Twitter, Youtube? No Problem (Relationship Advices):-

Girls need your validation on social media like facebook and twitter that your relation with her is real, on the other side woman does not require any online relationship status from you to tell her that she is the one. The woman loves to live her life with you in reality outside the facebook and other social media networks. She does not care or feel bad if you forget to like her picture or you like some other girls picture. Only things matter for her is that you present for her in real life. 

  1. A woman does not need you (Relationship Advices):-

There is no woman in the world that think has his prince charming will on a white horse and take her with him. These things can happen in girlish minds and in movies only. A woman does not have time for these silly thinking, they are just busy in tie their sleeves and kicking off their shoes so that she can fend for them.

On the other side, girls are constantly looking for their prince charming. You should know that your partner is a woman and she does not need you, but only wants you. 

  1. A woman does things to get closer to your family (Relationship Advices):-

A woman would love to introduce you to her friends and family members, and she also loves to meet your close ones. She loves to meet your near and dear ones. She would love to give her best to close your loving ones so that they will accept her as a part of their life. She will give them love and respect and in respect want same from them.

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What you see is what you will get (Relationship Advices):-

Real woman does not like to play games with you, she understands the ups and downs of life very well. She will tell you, what you made her feel and where she wants to go for outing and eating. She will call you and advise you and can motivate you when you are wrong or going to do something wrong intentionally or unintentionally.

She will never go to pretending with you because she is feeling comfortable being herself and you relax with it and you can be yourself too. 

  1. A woman will not take any advantage of you (Relationship Advices):-

A woman who loves you truly would never go nice and sweet with you when she is in need of something from you. If your girlfriend is woman enough that she would treat you in the same way even when you are not anything for her. There is more possibility that she is not going to take anything from you. Even she may not like you to spend too much money on her or are going to sacrifice your scheduled time to help or with her needs. She does not want to you to sacrifice for you and she feels the same towards you. 

  1. Woman sees beyond the mirror (Relationship Advices):-

A woman can understand that looks can be fading with the year, but the personality and ability to understand the emotions and laugh are going till the end. It really does not matter you have a beer belly or 6 pack abs; the woman will love in the same manners. She never wants you to lean yourself for her, but she wants you to clean yourself to look smart. After all, you want to complete her beauty too, don’t you? 

  1. She will always support you (Relationship Advices):-

The 1 Week Diet
The 1 Week Diet

Your woman partner is mature enough to understand your dreams and your darkest and deepest fear too. You can share all your fears and dreams with her. I am sure she will support you and help you and will stand with you in your bad times and in failures. If you succeed in your business, I am sure she will be the first person in your life who feels very happy and proud for you. What she wants, in the end, is you stand by her too. 

  • She dress for herself (Relationship Advices):-

Your woman knows that short and attractive dresses are not the only way to look sexier like what girls thinking. It does not matter what your woman wear an old sweatshirt or a pajama or a clingy dress, she already knew that loving yourself is the easiest to become sexier. 

  • She can fight with your last bite of the food (Relationship Advices):-

A woman always gives respect to her body and knows what food is right for health. She loves to eat healthily and going for a workout too, but it does not mean she cannot fight with you for the last bite of food. After all, a woman knows that having great food is always good and when she is ready to eat, she really eats. If she eats more, she knows how to lose it too.

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  • She can take care of you like your mom did (Relationship Advices):-

A woman will love you a lot and also take care of you like same your mother did to you. Her mother instinct ensures you to stay and well and never get sick or any other health issue occurs to you. She can take care of you as much as she can to accomplish this. She can cook food for you, always remind you to take medicines and vitamins on proper time. She even scolds for playing games or using mobile for a long night and also if you do not wake up on proper time in the morning. (REMEMBER: Those love you are the person who scolds, otherwise, no other people give a damm about you). 

  • She is always ready to sacrifice for you (Relationship Advices):-

Your woman can sacrifice her needs and life to help you. I saw some girls who are completing their boyfriend’s projects and assignments and some doing their office work too while they have their own work to do also. 9so what do you want more in your life). 

  • Women’s are kind and having so much patience, it does not matter how annoying you are (Relationship Advices):-

No matter how many problem you create for her or how many headache you give to her, but, but, but, yes, you a woman, not girl, she can’t stop herself to be kind with you (IDIOT). It does not matter how stubborn you become and how much she is mad at you, at the end of the day she would soften to you and ask how you have been.

She is always very patient with because she chooses you to see a good side of yours. And she will give you chances and chances and chances to change yourself and be a man of your woman. 

  • She feels OK to stay with you anywhere (Relationship Advices):-

Women are enjoying their life by staying at home and have lots of books near her or watching and enjoying television at home. She does not need to see by other and she does not need to go for parties as she known whenever she is with you, she is having a party. 

  • She can forgive you so many times (Relationship Advices):-

It does not matter how many times you have hurt her or disappointed her with your stupidity, she is always ready to forgive you. She does not hesitate to forget your failure and always ready to give you another chance. Her love for you is unconditional and she does not care about your flaws and mistakes. (Good for you to change yourself for good woman).

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  • She is not going to tolerate bad things which you do (Relationship Advices):-

It’s right that she loves, but it does not mean she will tolerate your negative thinking and behavior like skipping college classes, work, business or taking too much alcohol or any drugs. It does not matter for her if you are satisfied with her disapproval. The important thing for her is you get rid of thing or your actions which can harm her. What she wants from you is to shows yourself as a good and upright person, because she wants to help you to have a bright and prosperous upcoming future. 

  • In the end, she loves you, no clause (Relationship Advices):-

Last but not the least, you will know finally that you are mature and in adult and mature relationship when your partner love, care and respect you and accepts you in any situation of life and support you forever. There will be no clause in this relationship, she is going to love whether you can give her foreign trip or some expensive clothes or gift or even you don’t have a job or lost your job. She will be with you as long you love her and give her respect, she will always standby with you in any ups and downs of your life.

Remember one thing, getting a girl is easy but getting a woman is not. You should respect you relation and give her proper time and love. You are a very lucky man if you get a girl (woman) who had qualities like this. This world is full of girls but the woman’s are very rare. Choose the woman, not the girl. Women’s are gem hold them tightly and enjoy the journey of your life with her by your side.

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