Migraine Headache – Symptoms, Cause, Prevention, Treatment And Diet

Migraine Headache – Symptoms, Cause, Prevention, Treatment And Diet

Migraine Headache – Symptoms, Cause, Prevention, Treatment And Diet 

During a migraine, acute pain in the head arises. Which can be extremely troublesome at times. There can be several reasons for which a migraine can be avoided.

Migraines are a type of a chronic headache that can cause severe pain for several hours or days. The patient wants to rest at a dark and quiet place. Some people also have other symptoms before or with a migraine, which are called Aura. The common aura is that some people have before a migraine begins, like vision changes, dizziness, confusion, feeling prickling skin, and weakness.

Reason of a Migraine

The exact cause of a migraine is not known, but genetic and environmental factors can have a role in it. A Migraine begins with trigeminal nerve, changes in neurochemical and imbalance in brain chemicals, especially due to serotonin.

At the time of a migraine, serotonin levels are likely to decrease, which trigeminal system inspires to secrete neuropeptides. Neuropeptides produce a headache by reaching the outer shell of the brain.

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Some Other Common Reasons

Natural or hormonal changes, which occur especially in the case of women, where the levels of estrogen hormone decrease a headache. Women may have a headache during periods. Some medicines, such as contraceptive pills or hormone replacement therapy, either cause or decreases headaches.

A migraine headache may start from some food or beverages, such as beer, red wine, old cheese, chocolate, aspartame, excess use of caffeine, mono-sodium glutamate etc.

  1. Stress and restlessness
  1. Sensational stimulation, such as fast light, sunlight eyeshadow, sharp sound, perfume, stink (ex.- paint thinner and smoke).
  1. There is no obstruction in sleep patterns like sleeping, excessive sleeping etc.
  1. Physical factors such as physical exhaustion or extreme diligence.
  1. Change in the weather (extreme heat or cooling).
  1. Some medicines can trigger migraine pain.
  1. Weather Change

Migraines also happen because of change in the weather. Therefore, you should protect yourself from changes in weather. Also, use the umbrella while leaving the house to avoid direct sunlight.

Essential Sleep is Necessary

The person who has migraine problems should try to get sufficient sleep. Sleep brings relief in a migraine. Yoga, meditation and morning walk are also helpful in taking good sleep.

Cool The Head

Cooling down your head can provide relief in a migraine. For coolness, you can put ice or cold water on the forehead. It is also beneficial to apply henna in the head. By doing this the blood arteries spread to its real condition.

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Eat Fruits

During this time seasonal fruits should be consumed. Along with green leafy vegetables, fruit juice also provides relief in a migraine. Eat all the salad in the lunch or dinner and drink lukewarm water before sleeping.

Take Care of Eyes

If there is a problem with a migraine, the patient should not put too much emphasis on his eyes. By doing so, the problem may increase. Also, keep in mind that the lights in your sleeping room should be switch off. You should also avoid sun rays directly on your eyes.

In addition to what is stated above, migraine patient can start their treatment with the help of a specialist doctor. The medicines prescribed by the doctor should be taken regularly. You can stay away from a migraine for long periods by using proper medicines.


A migraine can be triggered by childhood, adolescence or adult age. People with migraines may have some or all of these symptoms-

  1. Simple or severe pain, which can occur on one or both sides of the head
  2. Pulsation pains
  3. Increased pain due to physical labor
  4. Pain can cause obstruction in daily activities
  5. Nausea and vomiting
  6. Sensitivity to sound and light

If a migraine is not treated, its pain can last for 4 to 72 hours. A migraine headache can vary from person to person; Some people may get a headache several times a month, while others are less than this.

Most people do not have aura with a migraine, they are called normal migraine, while some people have aura complaining about it, such migraine is called classic migraine. Changes in your vision in the normal aura, such as the appearance of light, and sensation such as pinching in the arm and feet.

What To Do When You Feel A Migraine

  1. Keep migrating cold water on the head when a migraine, it spreads blood arteries and comes in its real condition.
  1. Try to relax your mind when feeling a migraine, take a deep breath and try to calm the mind. By regular exercise, yoga, and meditation, you get the full strength to fight this problem.
  1. Do not be hungry for long. Stay awake for a while or something. To avoid this it is very important to have food at the time of the meal.
  1. Use medicines regularly prescribed by the doctor when a migraine occurs.
  1. Try to go to normal temperature when feeling migraine. A migraine may be due to more cold or heat. Especially, climate change should save itself.
  1. Rest when feeling a migraine. It is very important to sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours every day.
  1. Keep the snow or cold water strip on the head. The blood vessels that have spread through it will return to their real condition.
  1. By making cinnamon powder and eating it with cold water four times a day provides relief from a migraine.
  1. Ginger is very beneficial in a migraine headache. Nausea and vomiting are stopped by ginger intake.
  1. Once a migraine headache starts, keep a pinch of salt on the tip of the tongue and drink water after half a minute, the headache will disappear.
  1. Do rest at home and if you need to go out than use umbrella to cover your head.

The pain of a migraine starts all of a sudden and sometimes it gets cured automatically. In this pain, if the massage on head, neck, and shoulders can be very helpful and will give you relief.

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Common Symptoms of A Migraine

Due to a migraine, there is severe pain in half of the head. Due to non-cure and persistent neglect, this disease progresses gradually. Women are more likely to have a migraine than men. Usually, its pain occurs in one part of the head with one or more parts of the neck and (the membrane covering the brain and spinal cord). But sometimes it also happens on both sides. Many times the cause of severe pain like a migraine is so common that you are surprised to know. According to doctors, due to the rapidly increasing migraine problem in youth, these are common habits.

Tension/ Stress

Tension/ stress is the biggest cause of a migraine. The problem of migraines is found in people who get stressed. In the situation of stress, depression or anger, people with very sensitive nature may be victims of a migraine. Changing the mood in a little while is also a symptom of a migraine patient. According to experts, it is seen in many patients that they suddenly come under stress, and after a while, they become normal for no reason. Apart from this, there is a problem of irritability in the migraine patient, and such a person gets excited.

Not Eating Food At The Right Time

If you have not eaten enough food according to your needs and you have been starving for a long time, you may also get a migraine attack. Apart from this, drinking alcohol is also responsible for a migraine, changes in weather, changes in diet and low sleep.

Drinking Less Water

Do you know that there may be migraine problems due to not drinking enough water? Water is an essential element for our body, but many times when you do not drink enough water, it is a threat to many kinds of diseases. Generally, if you have a pain in one part of the head, making scales around your eyes, getting nausea and hammering on your head, you may be scurrying with pain, it may be a normal migraine.

Contraception Medicines

Contraceptive pills have a temporary effect on headache. Women may get complaints of a headache by starting contraceptive pills, the pain of the already existing headache can increase or the frequency or its symptoms may change. Especially with those suffering from a headache, there may be a increased risk of ischemic visits in those women who eat contraception pills.

Deficiency of Vitamins

There may be migraine disease among children, adolescents, and adults due to lack of some vitamins. So if you have symptoms of a migraine, then check for vitamins. In most adolescents and adults suffering from a Migraine, Vitamin D, Riboflavin and Coenzyme Q10 were found to be deficient.

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Tight Clothes

Tight clothes and tight belts constantly put pressure on the abdomen, which often causes a headache. By keeping the stomach inwards for long, sometimes it seems that the head will burst. To avoid this, wear comfortable clothes and do not tighten the stomach during eating.

Excessive Consumption Of Tea And Coffee

Often excess usage of caffeine cause headache. Some eating things like pudding and cakes contain so much caffeine that eating them causes a headache. It is the same with some drinks like cola, coffee, liquor, and tea intake. If you eat or drink some of these, do not eat or drink too much. Also keep in mind that there are monosodium glutamate, such as processed meat and fish, baked food with yeast, red wine, citrus fruit, and artificial sweetener, that would be great if you reduce these eatables.

Know The Relationship between A Migraine and Brain Stroke

Do you have migraine problems, so be careful, because it can give you brain stroke too. Many times we cannot differentiate between a migraine and stroke, this is also a problem. If no medicines related to neurology are given attention from time to time, then it becomes a big problem in later times. Our veins are not only carriers of the body but also the vital part of the brain. The risk of stroke is higher than women in men.

The risk of stroke is twice the number of people suffering from a migraine. Scientists claim that their new research will help in studying sensitivity to stroke. This was researched by the John Hopkins University School of Medicine, for which the results of 21 different studies were analyzed. About 200,000 people were involved in these research. Scientists discovered that stroke risk is more than other diseases in migraine patients.

Due to smoking, habitual strains associated with routine can also cause a migraine, so if there is a pain in the half of the head, take it seriously and contact the therapeutic.

Diabetes Enhancing Migraine Pain

The pain of a migraine is very strong, in which there is a sharp pain on one side of the head. This pain also gives signs to many other diseases, such as chronic, vomiting, and fatigue.

The shrinkage of blood vessels inside the head decreases blood circulation in parts of the brain. Due to this, the appearance of vision or tragedy starts to occur. After that, the blood vessels out of the head begin to spread and causing severe headache. Secretion of neurotransmitters called serotonin plays a major role in a migraine. Magnesium deficiency hormone and change in weather also put a bad effect on the brain which causes a migraine. There are some foods that increase the pain of a migraine.


Beans increase the pain of migraine. Apart from this, Italian beans, pea pods, tofu, soy sauce etc. can increase migraine pain. Therefore, avoid using them if you want to get rid of the problem of a migraine.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese also has a full role to enhance a migraine pain. Therefore, avoid eating cottage cheese while suffering from a migraine. Do not eat cheesecake, cheese slices etc.

Pickle And Pepper

Any kind of pickle can increase migraine pain. Pepper increases a headache. Many times researchers also use pepper for research in migraine patients.

Olive Oil

Migraine sufferers should not consume olive oil. Migraine pain increases with olive oil.

Dry Fruits

There is a substance known as sulfate is found in dry fruits which increases the pain of a migraine. Therefore, eating almonds, peanuts, cashews, raisins etc. should be avoided.

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Avocados And Plums

Avocados And Plums also increase the pain of a migraine, so avoid eating them.

Banana And Citrus Fruits

Fruits like banana and orange increase the pain of a migraine, so migraine patients should not eat them either.


Pizza and other fast food are also harmful in a migraine, so do not eat it if you have a problem of a migraine.

Avoid Alcohol

By drinking alcohol, the blood circulation in the brain is not working properly, which increase the pain of migraine patients. Therefore, alcohol should not be consumed at all.

Eating chocolate, coffee, figs, lemon, onions, Chinese food, hot dogs, dry salt fish, migraine also increases the pain. If still, you want to eat any of them, then please eat in very less amount and never eat in nights.

What To Eat In A Migraine

  1. Eat yogurt, rice and sugar candy in morning and evening in migraine problem.
  2. Drink lemon juice mixed with sugar and honey after taking a meal.
  3. Drink one cup of grape juice in the morning and evening before meals in the problem of a migraine.
  4. Do not let the body lack water due to a migraine, if there is a shortage of water in the body, then it can become a cause of a migraine or a headache. If a person has a problem with a migraine, at least eight- nine cups of water should be consumed. Along with this, drink herbal tea, non-cream milk. Yes, stay away from soda and abundant sugar gum, sweet tea or coffee and ready-made juice etc., because they have too many calories and sugar, which can promote migraines somewhere.
  5. In addition to meeting the lack of water in many fruits, it is also found that magnesium is also a miraculous element, which will give you further references to the benefits of a migraine. Examples of fruit like apples, grapes, kiwi, and peas are examples. Coconut water is also a good option.

For Non-Vegetarians: If you are a non-vegetarian than pick a fresh fish with good fat. It is also rich in mackerel and trout fish. In case of fish, experts recommend eating fish at least twice a week in case of migraine conditions.

For Vegetarian: It has been found in many studies that people who suffer from a migraine have some genetic disturbances in their body so that their body cells cannot retain the reserve energy. The lack of this basic energy causes a migraine. Riboflavin meets us with these substances – cereals like oats, barley, and other grains porridge or whole grain bread. Vegetables: mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, and peas.

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Few Others Foods To Eat In A Migraine 

Dark Chocolate-

Dark chocolate contains a considerable amount of magnesium. It can be eaten twice a week. Apart from this, coffee can also be consumed by considering it as an alternative.

Seeds of Pumpkins –

Pumpkin seeds have plenty of magnesium in the seed. You can eat it in the evening with tea.

Fish –

Fish contains Magnesium and Omega-3 in abundance. It must be eaten at least once a week.

Banana –

Banana is a magnesium-rich fruit which contains 30 mg of magnesium in it. This amount of magnesium is quite beneficial for the body. Both raw of cooked banana gives the same result.


Spinach raw or cooked, cooked it every day, along with iron, Magnesium also transmits in the body a fair amount of quantity.

Spinach raw or cooked, both contains the same fare amount of magnesium in it, eating in regularly can be great for the whole body.

With all these, eating figs, strawberries, cashews, peanuts can also increase the level of magnesium in the body, which will remove the pain of your migraine.

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