10 Things You Should Never Do Before Sleeping

10 Things You Should Never Do Before Sleeping

10 Things You Should Never Do Before Sleeping

1    Pre-Sleep Work

A good sleep is important for your mood and energy level as well as for the whole body. And good sleep depends on what you did during the day, how much physical activity, what you ate or drank and how your mental condition especially in the few hours before going to bed. But unknowingly, we make some mistakes before sleeping, which makes us anxious about insomnia or other sleep-related problems. If you are also troubled by the problem of insomnia, then there are some similar mistakes made before sleeping. Read about the 10 Things You Should Never Do Before Sleeping.

2    Caffeine

Usually, people like to drink a cup of coffee and tea after eating. But if you need decent sleep, then this habit should be left entirely. Especially, when you failing to sleep in the night. You should not drink tea, coffee or any other caffeine product. After drinking any of these you will feel that you are not sleeping at the time, and when sleep does come, then you will wake up again and again. Actually, caffeine works to make you sleepy, this is the reason we are telling you to avoid these things before sleeping.

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3    Chocolate

Before sleeping in the night, chocolate is one of the food should not be eaten. Because it has negative effects on the body. One of the reason is fat in it and the other reason is it has more caffeine content, which interrupts our sleeping.

4    Ice Cream

Want to sleep well? then you should not eat ice cream at the night. The amount of fat and sugar in the ice cream is pretty heavy, which hits the body completely and the energy begins to circulate, due to which the sleep disappearing is a very natural one.

5    Avoid Mobile and Laptop

You should avoid using mobile, laptop before sleep or use them for very less time, as this blue light can damage our eyes easily. Light of these gadgets can also disturb our sleeping pattern which causes a sleeping problem.  

6    Alcohol Abuse

According to a study, consuming alcohol before sleep increases alpha energy in the brain, which causing sleep disruption. That is why such a person who consumes alcohol before sleeping, initially, seems to be relieving alcohol in light sleep, but later it disrupts deep sleep.

Christian L. of the University of Melbourne in Australia. According to Nicholas, “People often look at the relaxed tendency of alcohol, which is in the beginning of sleep, this is especially seen in the youth, but the effects of alcohol consumption sometimes delay sleep in the night.

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7   Medicines

If you take medicines or supplements on a daily basis, you may have to face sleep problems, because after eating some medicines, you become alert for several hours. Like anti-depressants affect the persons sleep much and some painkiller medicines disturb your sleep by causing stomach disturbances.

8    Spicy, Oily, and Junk Food

Before sleeping on the night, spicy and junk food can cause your insomnia problem. Oil, pepper, spicy food can cause problems in sleep due to acid reflux problems. While it is very necessary for a good sleep, you should eat at least two hours before sleeping. Also, it should be noted that food is normal and light, not fast pepper-spiced, oily, junk food.

9    Drink Less Water Before Sleep

Although it is very necessary for the body to be hydrated and drink more quantity of water to take out the toxic elements. But drinking a lot of water before sleeping can also disturb your sleep because drinking a lot of water can cause you to go to the bathroom repeatedly. This can disturb your sleep too, so try to drink less water before sleeping.

10    Cigarette Smoking

If you want good sleep then quit smoking from now on. If you cannot do this then leave it slowly. Do not smoke at all, especially after going to sleep, because it is the biggest enemy of sleep. According to a research in 2017 in Florida, you lose 1 to 2-minute sleep on every single cigarette.

This happens because our body gets used to taking nicotine from the outside, which disturbs our sleep. Those who smoke cigarettes before sleep, they find it difficult to sleep because nicotine causes the natural pattern of sleep to cause disturbances. It is better to avoid smoking cigarette or if you cannot then try to avoid smoking in the night.

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So, friends, these were the 10 bad habits which you should change if you want to take a good sleep. Do not hesitate to share this post with your friends and family members.

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