10 Early Symptoms Which Gives Direct Signs of Alzheimer

10 Early Symptoms Which Gives Direct Signs of Alzheimer

10 Early Symptoms Which Gives Direct Signs of Alzheimer

Direct Signs of Alzheimer- Symptoms of Alzheimer includes lack of memory, difficulty in decision making and in speaking. An infected person can create the serious condition in public and in personal life.

Meaning of Alzheimer diseases is “forgetting”. Due to blood pressure, diabetes, modern lifestyle and sometimes due to injury in head or brain this threat can be increase. Conventionally near to 60 years of age, this disease has occurred and it has no permanent till now. Doctors, scientists, and researchers are doing a lot of hard work on the cure of Alzheimer but still, the result is nothing. Although in the initial stage of this disease, by regular check-up and treatment it can be controlled.

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Today I am going to share 10 symptoms which indicate the disease of Alzheimer.

  1. Lack of Memory:-

Forgetting names, plans, losing things, unable to remembering own words, difficulty in learning and remembering those things is common due to strong craziness, remembrance in long term and short term can be destroyed. So, the infected person unable to recognize the closer ones, relatives, and friends.

  1. Unable to Make Decisions:-

An infected person can lose the ability of argument. A patient is not even able to make a decision between options, for example like wearing a jacket in summer and wearing t-shirts in winter.

  1. The Problem in Body Balancing:-

Due to no control over body Alzheimer patient can fall and face so many problems while cooking, driving and in many other household chores. If the Alzheimer problem increases rapidly then the person cannot do any of the daily routine work without anyone’s help like bathing, wearing clothes, getting ready, eating, going to the toilet and even holding a glass because a brain is not sending the proper signal to the body.

  1. Lack of Logical Ability:-

Due to Alzheimer disease, recognition of alphabets and numbers becomes difficult and the person can face problem in calculations. Alzheimer patient can have trouble in making personal financial stability.

  1. Forget time, Date and Place:-

Alzheimer patient can’t even remember the date, time and place can be unable to recognize known persons and places. The infected person can forget address and the path while walking of his/her own home or office/shop.

  1. Difficulty in Speaking:-

Probably, Alzheimer patient is not capable of speaking even one language properly, may not express own feelings into words or may have difficulty in understanding what other speaking and also the written alphabets and words.

  1. Change in Personality:-

Alzheimer infected person can be aggressive, tensed, doubtful without any reason, but remain a common person publicly but sudden changes occur in the personality and overcome from these problems makes them a normal person.

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  1. Change in Behavior:-

Change in behavior occurs in the Alzheimer infected person and his mood changes suddenly. Sometimes infected person becomes angry and sometimes very calm. He may show inappropriate behavior which can be bad or even worst, so it is good to meet new peoples or with those who don’t know about your problem or tell them first about your problem so that there will be no difference come between the relation.

  1. Over imagination:-

An infected person might see or listen the peoples, animals etc. which were actually not present there. Imagination can be a reason for unreality. For example:- considering your father to be alive or seeing him but he is dead in reality.

   10. Madness:-

Alzheimer infected person’s doubt on the desires of other people. Excess on tension and fear increases craziness in person. Due to this, imagination increases and it can become emotional, irritated, sad, stubborn, selfish, alone and of rude behavior.

If you see any of the above-written symptoms in peoples near around you then go with them and consult the doctor and take medication on time to avoid this disease.

So, friends, I am sure this article will help you to understand about the 10 Early Symptoms Which Gives Direct Signs of Alzheimer.

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