List of 10 World’s Most Deadliest and Dangerous Virus

List of 10 World’s Most Deadliest and Dangerous Virus

List of 10 World’s Most Deadliest and Dangerous Virus

Most Deadliest and Dangerous Virus- Ebola, Zika virus can be dangerous but these are not the only most dangerous virus in the world. Even HIV Aids is not the most dangerous virus in the world.

Today I am going to share the list of world’s 10 most deadliest and dangerous viruses in the world.

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  1. Marburg Virus:-

Marburg Virus is the most dangerous in the world. This virus is based on a small village which is located on the lan river but it has no relation to the disease. Marburg virus is hemorrhage fever virus like Ebola virus, this virus causes muscle pain, bleeding occurs from mucous membrane, skin, and organs. In 90% of cases of Marburg, patients die.

  1. Ebola Virus:-

Ebola virus has five species. Every species name is based on Africa’s countries and areas. Zaire, Sudan, Tai Forest, Bundigugyo, Reston. Zaire ebola virus is a deadly virus. 90% patients suffering from due to Zaire ebola virus most often die. This species of Ebola virus has spread in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia. According to scientists probably it came into cities by flying fox.

  1. Harda Virus:-

Harda virus is also one of the very dangerous viruses in the world. It has been named after the river where American soldiers are considered to be the first victim of this virus. 1930 during Korean war most of the peoples were suffered by this virus. Symptoms of this virus include lungs disease, fever, kidney failure etc.

  1. Bird Flu:-

Various species of bird flu are a cause of fright. Which is probably Licit because of death. The death rate in this flu virus is 70%. But in real risk of getting vulnerable to H5N1 type of virus is very less. You get vulnerable to this only you get directly in contact with poultry. This is the reason why many cases in Asia are found. Usually, people live closer to hens there.

  1. Lassa Virus:-

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The first person who was infected by the Lassa virus was a nurse in Nigeria. It spread through rats and squirrels. This virus is in a particular area like West Africa. It can iterate anytime. Scientists consider in western Africa. 15% rodential animals have this virus in them.

  1. Junin Virus:-

Junin virus is related to Argentine hemorrhagic fever. Infected persons from this virus are victims of sepsis, skin bleeding etc. The main problem is that the symptoms if this virus disease is so common that one can know rarely about this disease in the first time.

  1. Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever:-

Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever is spread by tick bites. This virus develops same as Ebola virus and Marburg virus. Few days before infection patient starts bleeding through mouth, face etc.

  1. Machupo Virus:-

Machupo virus is related to Bolivian hemorrhagic fever. This is also known as black typhus. The iInfection causes high fever and high bleeding. This develops like Junin virus. This virus is communicable from one person to another person.

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  1. Kyasanur Forest Disease Virus:-

In 1955 scientists discover Kyosanur forest disease virus in southern India. It also spreads through organisms. But according to scientists, it is difficult to decide that from which particular organism it spreads. It causes high fever, headache, muscle pain and bleeding too.

  • Dengue Fever:-

The danger of dengue fever always preserves. It spread through mosquitoes. Due to this fever, every year 50 to 100 million people fall ill. In India and Thailand danger of dengue fever is very large. This fever also killing lots of peoples in these countries.

Be afraid, be very very afraid of these viruses, just take proper care of your health. If you are going for tracking somewhere in the forest, take proper care of skin and health. Always use medical lotions and cream on the skin to stay away from these dangerous and deadliest viruses.

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