12 Symptoms Why Your Heart Is Not Working Properly

12 Symptoms Why Your Heart Is Not Working Properly

12 Symptoms Why Your Heart Is Not Working Properly

Your Heart Is Not Working Properly- Like other body parts heart is also a most important organ of our body and it is necessary that it should always keep beating if you want to alive. A heart is one of the organs which do not stop working for even a single moment in whole life. But did you know what happens when a heart stops working ????? Joking friends….. when a heart stops working we die, some of us gone to heaven and some of us become zombies…..he he he he….

For living life heartbeat is necessary but if your heartbeat increases or decreases then ignoring this can be dangerous for anyone’s life. You must know this thing that, if your heart is not working properly then it sends various signals to your body. You just need to understand those signals and visit the doctor as soon as possible to maintain the life healthy.

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Today I am going to share 12 symptoms by which you can know and understand that heart your heart is not working properly and by knowing this you can save yourself by visiting doctor. So the 12 symptoms are:-

  1. Feeling Anxiety in Stomach:-

If you feel anxiety or pain in stomach suddenly and you feel like vomiting then go to the doctor immediately. Vomiting or nausea is initial symptoms of heart attack. Keep this in mind and go for a general routine checkup and if something serious then go for treatment. 

  1. Breathlessness:-

If you are facing problem in breathing after little workout then it can be a signal that your heart is not working properly. (Must start doing a little exercise or walk as it will increase the blood flow in the heart) when fluid quantity increases in lungs of heart patients then these problems are seen. Due to this, heart patients suffer from breathlessness and feel heaviness in the chest. You should be very careful about this. 

  1. Dizziness:-

If you feel dizziness anytime then it can be a serious signal of heart disease. It happens only when there is a lack of blood flow in our brain which happens because of heart not pumping the blood properly. Visit the doctor and take the proper treatment. 

  1. Shoulder Pain:-

Oh man, I am also suffering from shoulder from last 3 months but thanks to god it is just a problem of muscle pull up which happens by playing basketball. But this might not happen with you too, sudden pain left shoulder and stiffness are major symptoms of heart attack. If the pain goes from shoulder to chest and fingers then visit the doctor immediately and go for a proper checkup. 

  1. Feeling Exhausted:-

Suddenly feeling exhausted is also a signal that your heart is not working properly. When our heart is not working properly then it sends oxygenated blood in limited quantity to organs, due to which affected person feels tired and that would be difficult to work in this situation. Now What? Do I have to write it again and again that you must consult the doctor?? Oh!! I know I know you knew it, but there is no harm if I write it again and again after every point too. 

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  1. Loss of Appetite:-

From some days if you are losing appetite then it can be a matter of tension (not the stress problem, problem of the heart disease). Losing interest in appetite is a starting signal of heart-attack. If you do not want to eat your favorite food or any other dish than it can be a serious matter. (if you are not doing this for weight loss then it could be a heart problem mate) just visit a doctor and take the proper treatment. 

  1. No proper Working of Thyroid:-

Hyperthyroidism or Hypothyroidism increases the danger of heart diseases. Due to heart-related disease, there is less flow of blood in the body and irregular changes occur in hormones due to which thyroid does not work properly. If you are also feeling like this that your thyroid gland is not working correctly then gets checked by the doctor. 

  1. Suffocation:-

Due to heart-related disease sometimes patient feels suffocated and feels like he/she will die soon. It is a type of mental illness but this is related to heart diseases. Especially people who get heart attack earlier they feel like more like this. Whenever you feel like this then just inhales oxygen from the nose (close your mouth) and stop for 5-8 seconds then exhale from mouth slowly. Do this for 5-7 times then you will feel comfortable and all the burden or stress will be removed. 

  1. Feeling Thirsty Again and Again:-

If you are feeling thirsty after drinking water too then you might be suffering from heart disease. The iIrregularity of electrolyte and gastrointestinal disturbance can cause this feeling of thirsty after drinking water also. Guess what I am going to say now and you will win a lovely warm hug from me. Yes, you are right, I was going to say now visit the doctor and consult your problem.

     10. Lack of Sleeping:-

If you snore while sleeping then it could also be a signal of heart disease in which a victim is not getting proper oxygen because of lack or blood pump in the heart. So whenever you snoring and your partner slaps you while sleeping take it very seriously, not the slap, the problem, it can be a serious heart problem.

    11. The Problem in Breathing:-

Due to heart disease, sometimes you suffer from the problem of breathing and in this situation during breathing you feel suffocated or your breathing rate increases. If you feel like this than your breathing pattern is changing suddenly then take immediate advice of a doctor and do the prescribed things. (There is a problem between exhausted –point no.5- and problem in breathing, as exhaustion comes from stress and breathing problem comes from a change in breathing pattern). 

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   12. Swelling in Heels:-

If you see there is swelling occurs in your feet then it can be a signal of heart-related disease. Know this, that if any disturbance occurs in your heart then it not only gives a signal to lungs but also to the whole body it sends the signal and swelling on heels is also a symptom of heart disease. Therefore, understand or recognize it with time. (It can be a problem of some injury or some other problem too, just visit the doctor and take proper checkup).

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