Did you know Symptoms and Prevention from Dengue Fever

Did you know Symptoms and Prevention from Dengue Fever

Did you know Symptoms and Prevention from Dengue Fever

Symptoms and Prevention from Dengue Fever- There are many problems which we do not want to suffer even in our life, and dengue fever is among all those. It affects our immune system rapidly and is a viral disease. This fever is spread by several species of mosquitoes of Aedes type. The main thing about Aedes mosquito is that which grows in clean water instead of dirty water. Therefore in the rainy season, the water which accumulates in pots, coolers or old used vehicles tyres help these mosquitoes to grow.

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Here are some preventive measures for you:-

  1. Keep your surroundings clean and dry:-

Don’t let water accumulates at one place because dengue is spread by mosquitoes which live here. Take care of this thing that your surrounding area of the house is open and there is proper sunlight so that water dries up.

  1. Cover or clean regularly:-

Every object in your house whether it’s of your daily usage or not. Because mosquitoes prefer open objects and therefore try to cover or clean everything you see in your kitchen or anywhere at the home.

  1. Self Protection:-

Wear full sleeves clothes and pants, avoid t-shirts and shorts. Moreover, take over-sheer while sleeping and apply mosquito cream on your body. Spray mosquito killer or any other pesticides which can be used at home or you can also use mosquito net at night.

  1. Use curtains on doors and windows:-

Research has shown that mosquito nets to be an effective method of prevention from malaria or dengue infection.

  1. Avoid Garden and Grass Area:-

Avoid going to places having a large amount of weeds or grass like a garden, park etc. collect from internet or health apps about dengue-prone places and don’t visit there.

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  1. Clean Your Surroundings:-

It is important to keep cleanliness in your surroundings. Clear coolers, wash basin and water tank and any other places where water can be stored so that mosquitoes cannot grow there. This will protect you from many other diseases and from dengue too.

  1. Use Chemicals:-

Spray DDT or any other bleaching around your house so that it can kill all the mosquitoes and keep you healthy and safe.

Preventing measures of dengue are not that much difficult. So take care of the above things and make these your daily routine. Aware other people also about the harmful effects of this disease and ask them to keep cleanliness in their surroundings.

Prevention from Dengue Fever

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