Top 6 Winter Diseases In The World

Top 6 Winter Diseases In The World

Top 6 Winter Diseases In The World

Winter season makes almost everyone prone to various diseases. Many diseases hover around us in this season. Today we are going to discuss about how you can prevent yourself from these winter diseases.

Cold, fever, skin dryness etc. are the problems often occur in winter season. People who take care of these things on time and take care according to climate, these diseases can’t even touch those people. But people who do not take care of their body according to climate change they get into trap of these diseases. In these conditions we should take precautions and should remain healthy.

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List of the top 6 winter diseases in the world are:-

  1. Cold:

It is also called common cold with which occurs due to changes in temperature. People having less immunity are more prone to this. To remain safe from this infection disease one should take care of cleanliness. hands should be washed with soap again and again so to be safe from infection. It is viral infection due to this reason no antibiotics is needed and it itself gets cured in 5 to 7 days. In this problem anti-allergic medicine is given to patient for relaxation. Steam and salty water gargles are very beneficial in this. Hot liquid should be used more. Do not go from cold to hot or hot to cold temperature suddenly otherwise you can get infectious to cold.

  1. Hypothermia:-

In winter if body temperature is less than 34-35 degree then it is called hypothermia. In this problem hands and feet get cold and problem occurs in breathing. Heart beat increases and blood pressure gets lower. If body temperature gets low than it can cause death too, so be aware from this disease.

  1. Tonsillitis:-

This problem largely found in children’s, it happens due to infection. High pain in throat, problem occurs in eating, high fever can also occur. It occurs due to bacterial or viral infection. To be safe from this problem, cold things should not be used. Hot food and warm water should be use in this disease. This makes throat warm and smooth, avoid oily and spicy food too.

  1. Asthma:-

It is an allergic disease. People having this disease facing difficulties in winter season as their problem increases. In winter when fog increases than allergic particles remains around due and causes problem for asthma patients. Therefore in this type of climate these people should stay away from dust. If they are taking medicines then they should take continuously as per prescription given by doctor. There should be no lapse in medicines because in that condition allergen can create asthma attack and that would be dangerous for patient.

  1. Bell’s Palsy:-

It is called facial paralysis. It is very common in winter season. In this face inability occurs, eyes malfunctioning occur. Seventh cranial nerves pass near to ear which shrinks due to high cold. Due to this bell’s palsy occurs. In this face disorder occurs, scurf starts coming out from mouth, while talking tongue starts tottering and water starts coming out from eyes. If you are out in cold for long then it can cause harm to that cranial nerve. Mostly people who drive or traveling to some place without covering head in night is more prone of this problem. Therefore use muffler and keep the window glasses of vehicle closed.

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Dry Skin:-

In winter season due to wearing of more clothes body gets no moisture due to which skin gets dry. Due to this it starts ejaculating. To prevent skin from drying you should use moisturizers. Use cream oil on skin to keep skin moisturizer. This problem also occurs in lips in this season. For this you can use home remedies or you can take medicine by advice of doctor.

So this winter, be aware of these diseases and stay fit, healthy, wealthy and happy. Have Fun, Enjoy.

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