Improve Brain Function and Memory Power by using these 8 Natural Home Remedies

Improve Brain Function and Memory Power by using these 8 Natural Home Remedies

Improve Brain Function and Memory Power by using these 8 Natural Home Remedies

Improve Brain – Maintain and improve memory power by using these home remedies because due to weak memory power person can suffer a lot of problems in daily life. Weak memory is getting a very common problem. First, it was a problem of growing and elder persons. Now, these days everyone is suffering from weak memory due to the fast, busy and hectic life. Fast food, junk food, oily food, smart mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets are also helping in gaining a weak memory problem.

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Causes of weak memory are:- Sleep deprivation, stress, depression, nutritional deficiencies, under-active or overactive thyroid, drinking alcohol, smoking and due to the use of few medicines also.

In general, if you are suffering from a memory problem, you can increase your memory by using below written 8 natural home remedies which can help you to improve brain memory power easily.

  1. Almond to Improve Brain Function and Memory Power:-

Almond is most effective, popular and older method/ remedy to improve memory power or brainpower. It contains maximum antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids which boost memory. Due to containing antioxidants, it increases eyesight also.

Soak 4-5 almonds in water during the night. In morning peel off these and grind these almonds.  Now put this paste into one glass of milk and heat it. You can mix sugar or honey according to your taste. Drink it daily to improve memory power for sure.

  1. Rosemary to Improve Brain Function and Memory Power:-

Rosemary is a popular herb to improve weak memory. You can get so many benefits from the smell of rosemary only. According to research done in the University of Northumbria in England, rosemary increases our prospective memory which is important in our daily life. Prospective memory means, to remember what we have to do in future (like to get number before the gas gets finished or call someone back etc.).

Boil one spoon of dry rosemary in one cup of water for 5 minutes.

  1. Black Seed to Improve Brain Function and Memory Power:-

Black seed has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and neuron protecting properties which make the mind sharp.

Mix some honey in 1½ spoon of black seed. Eat it 2 times a day for a few days. You can take its capsule by taking advice from a doctor.

  1. Amla to Improve Brain Function and Memory Power:-

To improve memory amla is considered very much beneficial. It makes the nervous system strong. A study done in 2017 shows that amla powder not only increases memory but it also treats and controls Alzheimer’s disease. Vitamin C and antioxidant content present in this work as a memory booster.

Eat 2 spoons of amla powder 2 times a day. Make powder of roots of amla and sesame. Now eat it daily after mixing honey in it. You can eat fresh amla to by adding Epson salt in it.

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  1. Brahmi to Improve Brain Function and Memory Power:-

Brahmi is an ayurvedic drug and it has many mental benefits. It works as the brain tonic and neuroprotective. A report was published in the journal of alternative and complementary medicine in 2008. According to that Brahmi improves memory power and reduces stress or depression. This experiment was done on people more than 65 years.

Drink 2-3 spoons of juice extracted from Brahmi leaves daily. Mix half spoon of Brahmi powder in one cup of milk. Now by mixing some cardamom powder and ghee drink it daily. Brahmi 300mg supplement is easily available in medical stores. Consult your doctor before taking this.

Brahmi hair oil is also good, just do massage of your head at least 4-5 times a week.

  1. Fish Oil to Improve Brain Function and Memory Power:-

Fish oil supplements are easily available at any medical store. It contains the maximum of omega-3 fatty acids which improves memory and reduces cognitive decline. It also has docosahexaenoic acid which reduces the formation of improve brain plaques and prevents from Alzheimer’s disease.

Eat 600mg DHA supplements daily. To know about the proper dosage consult the doctor. You can include fatty fish like salmon, herring, mackerel or sardines in your food.

  1. Coconut Oil to Improve Brain Function and Memory Power:-

Coconut oil gives fuel to brain cells, therefore, it is beneficial for improving memory. It is also considered that it prevents from a mental disability and Alzheimer’s disease. It acts as an energy booster and reduces cholesterol level and keeps skin and hair healthy.

Daily consume one spoon of organic, cold-pressed, virgin coconut oil two times a day. You can cook food in coconut oil. Coconut oil is the cheapest oil to improve brain function.

  1. Cinnamon and Honey to Improve Brain Function and Memory Power:-

Cinnamon and honey reduces nervous tension and improves memory. It is proved in many studies that only smelling of cinnamon can improve memory and controls cognitive function. It is also considered that eating one spoon of honey before sleeping reduces nocturnal stress, leads to good sleep and increases learning power.

Spread one pink cinnamon in one spoon of honey. Eat this daily before seeping for a few days and you will see the results yourself if you like it you can add them in your daily routine.

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Apart from all these tips to increase memory power read the below written extra points too:-

  • Always eat food containing vitamin, proteins and eat only healthy food. It is necessary that your food should contain vitamin A, B12, C, beta keratin, folic acid, zinc, iron, calcium, and magnesium containing minerals. Do not eat food containing fat.
  • Include herbs, spices like tulsi, turmeric or black pepper in your food. You can drink green tea as it contains maximum antioxidants. Make your brain stronger and sharper by playing brain games or memory improvement exercises as these are good exercises for the brain. Dusoku, chess, puzzle and jumble words etc. are one of those many games which can help in improving memory.
  • Many types of equipment are available in the market to increase memory which you can use and get the benefit. Do physical exercise daily as it gives proper oxygen to the body and brain.
  • Sleep well, less sleep will have a bad effect on the working power of the brain. Sleep early in the night and get up early in the morning and should go for a walk. Also walking in morning sunlight provides vitamin D to our body.

By taking any of the above-given brain health supplements, you can live life stress-free and happy. Do share with your friends and family members.

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