Top 5 Food Habits Which Are Harmful For Your Heart

Top 5 Food Habits Which Are Harmful For Your Heart

Top 5 Food Habits Which Are Harmful For Your Heart

Food Habits Which Are Harmful For Your Heart- Do you have the habit of eating sweets after food? Do you like to eat spicy and non-veg. food more than vegetables and fruits and also in the dinner? Are you smoke and drink daily?

If the answer of above-written question is yes, then you are playing with your heart and if you want to know how to stop the danger of heart disease then follow the instructions of our experts.

Today I am going to share what experts say about our eating habits and which type of food is harmful to your heart, health, body, and mind.

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  1. Use of Some Type of Oil:-

We have the habit of using the same oil (which is the worst Food Habits) for whole life but we shouldn’t do this.  We should change the oil every 3 months so that we are able to have nutrition present in other oil. It helps in keeping our heart safe.

I personally tried this for 6 months and used 4 types of oil in 6 months and found good results and also found some change of taste too by changing the oil. 

  1. Eating Sweets After Food:-

Eating sweets after food increases blood glucose level and chances of diabetes increases. Due to this, there is a threat of heart diseases because sweets contain fat and sugar. Although one piece of chocolate after food can make your heart healthy because it contains antioxidants which help in digestion the food easily. 

  1. Spicy Food:-

Follow the simple rule- Green chilies are good and bad chilies are not good.

Eating green chili with food can decrease weight but if you use red chili powder in excess than it can harm your health. So it is good for you to use very less red chili, try black pepper instead of red chili, it make take a few days to adjust, but black pepper is dam good for health. 

  1. Oily Food in Breakfast:-

If you want to eat oily food then be attentive from now. Oily food affects the stomach and it also increases calories. But if you eat the oily food then drink warm water after 30-40 minutes of eating food. It will help in cleaning of food pipe and in the digestion of the food. 

  1. Eating Non-Veg. Regularly:-

Eating vegetarian food is good for health because it contains a lot of nutrition’s and saturation which helps in making the body and immune stronger and healthier. On the other hand non-veg. especially red meat should not be eaten by heart patients. You can eat chicken and fish if you want to because they contain Omega 3 fatty acid and protein which helps in anti-inflammatory effect on our body and also give strength to the brain.

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Bonus Tip For Heart Patients:-

We should give full attention to keep the heart healthy. To make heart-healthy a person should do different types of exercises and should give a special care to food. Researchers found that people who do not do exercise and show laziness they have a bad effect on their body and they have to suffer from various heart diseases. Increase in blood cholesterol is responsible for making heart weak. The best remedy for this is to lose weight and do burn some calories. 30 minutes of exercise daily can help you a lot to gain good health.

For your information, your heart remains healthy by workout and fresh oxygen amount increases in your body. It helps oxygen to flows very well in your body. You can run or walk fast, by doing this your heart eat runs faster. It increases the good flow of blood in your body. After a few days your heart will open more and it shows effect your living too.

Dancing, swimming, jogging, cycling or any type of exercise is good for heart and other health problems. Start exercise for few days slowly as if you start hard work from 1st day then you may be able to suffer from breathing problem. So it is good to start slowly and then increase day by day or week by week.

So don’t just sit just slap yourself (I am doing this, whenever I am feeling bit lazy). You should go for some physical work, by doing this you can win from your healthily and can live healthy and happy.

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