Know 6 Side effects of Metal Braces on Teeth

Know 6 Side effects of Metal Braces on Teeth

Know 6 Side effects of Metal Braces on Teeth

Metal Braces on Teeth- Today’s youth has a great trend of putting on dental braces for shaping their teeth. But do you know how harmful it is? To know about its harm, read the following article about the 6 side effects of metal braces.

  1. Teeth and Braces:-

Nowadays there is a great trend of braces in youth. Using stylish and designer braces have become a fashion. This technique of bringing teeth into shape is ignored and fashion takes place instead of health. Research shows that only in America 3 million teenagers and in European countries millions of teenagers put braces to look stylish.

Braces make a balance between teeth and jaws by which teeth come into shape. Metal braces contain wire and molar. Molar wire means, with the help of wire, it helps in keeping teeth straight. Although teeth come into shape using metal wire but do you know it has side effects on teeth. In this article, we are telling you how harmful metal braces for teeth.

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  1. Pain in Jaws and Headache:-

Braces cause pain in jaws and metal braces also cause a headache. Because pressure is maintained on teeth through braces so that teeth come into shape. Due to this pressure, there is a pain in jaws and when you go to the dentist for a checkup he tightens your braces and that increases the pressure on jaws which is very uncomfortable. This pressure effects mouth and face also braces bring teeth into shape by removing them from the present state.

It occurs through blood cells. When blood cells move from one place to other then swelling occurs. Due to this sometimes high pain can be caused. Blood cells are very sensitive so if you eat food, braces put pressure while chewing and it occurs bleeding in gums and by this these sometimes it is the reason of a headache.

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  1. Effect on Tissues:-

When you put on braces for the first time then you need to face many problems because braces move blood cells from one place to another place. It has a direct effect on cells and cells also get damaged. Due to again and again lugging of braces bleeding, pain etc. problems can happen. It can lead to an ulcer in the mouth and can be a reason of infection.

  1. During Sex:-

If you put on braces (especially girls) then during sex avoid oral sex. Because during oral sex when metal braces come into contact with the reproductive organ of male then due to lugging it can get desquamate.

Due to which injury or infection can occur. Because of this probability sexual disease Chlamydia or Hepatitis B or C increases.

  1. Breakage of Wire:-

Although during putting on braces chances of breakage of wire are known to be very less but the metal wire is so thin that we cannot deny breakage of wire. Therefore during the period of braces, there is a lot of restriction on eating and drinking.

You can eat your favorite food when if it is fiber food. During braces nuts, candies, corn, chicken etc. are not allowed to eat. It entraps in teeth which can cause damage to the wire and if metal wire breaks then it can cause injury in your mouth.

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  1. Need Special Care:-

The person who is having braces on teeth need to give special care to their teeth. Dentist’s advice that you should brush your teeth every time after eating. Flossing should be done once a day. If you not doing flossing than food particles will remain in braces and it can lead to infection. Therefore, give extra care and attention to your teeth during brace on your teeth.

Friends, it is better to take proper care of your teeth before it is getting too late. Yes, it can be a problem by birth, but you can do various types of mouth exercise to reduce this problem and pain which I will share soon in my next post.  Do not forget to share this post. Thanks …

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