You Should Know About These Top 10 Incurable Diseases

You Should Know About These Top 10 Incurable Diseases

You Should Know About These Top 10 Incurable Diseases

10 Incurable Diseases- The human body is not less than a kink for scientists who are being solved by doctors and scientists since many years. Sometimes they were successful but not always. Also in our modern era there are many diseases which are not curable yet.

Today I am going to share the 10 dangerous diseases which still are incurable.

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  1. Stone Man Disease:-

It is that type of disease which is irremediable till now. In this disease there is break down of bone and it never come back in its original position rather it joins with other bones which make the life of person very painful. But scientists have found its cure till the end of year 2015. They have made some type of medicine and tested it. It is really good to know that the test has been successful. Soon this medicine will be available in market.

  1. Xeroderma Pigmentosum:-

Sunlight is the most essential requirement of our body and it is a rich source of  vitamin D. Unfortunately it is dreadful for one person out of one hundred thousand peoples.  In this disease person has allergy with sunlight. They cannot bear it if they go outside and this can convert into an unbearable problem.

  1. Neurological Disease:-

It is a stranger disease and there are types of symptoms of this one is that in which any organ of normal person is enlarged or shortened from its original body shape and size. This can also lead to death because it’s just like a tumor and it is an incurable Diseases yet.

  1. Lymphatic Filariasis:-

In common language it is also known as elephant foot. There are millions of peoples are still suffering from this problem. There is no such treatment of these diseases. Till now if there is any cure for it then only 10% of disease could be controlled and that is also for very few days then it occurs again. So, on the whole it is like there is not treatment of this problem till now.

  1. Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis:-

In this unusual disease, a person’s body becomes just like a tree and there are small fleshy bumps starts generate on the skin. First of all it affects hands and feet and then slowly it spreads on whole of the body. Generally it happens with one person out of 1 million peoples. But still doctors and scientists are not able to find the treatment of this disease.

  1. Corpse Syndrome:-

Person who is suffering from this diseases looks like zombie. Infected people feel like they are dead and they cannot live a normal life. Moreover, they think that people cannot see them. Actually it is a psychological problem and there is no such remedy for this.

  1. Alien Hand Syndrome:-

In this disease person’s hand don’t know what his other hand is doing. It is also a psychological and rare disease in which brain’s message is not conveyed to whole body. And people react like this and there is no treatment yet find by doctors. I personally think if you are suffering from this problem or see symptoms of this problem you start doing hands exercise (you can pick small dumbbells at home and can do exercise of wrist) for almost 2-4-5 times a day and start doing meditation and start focus on mind and body. By this I personally feel you can control your mind, hands and body better than before.

  1. Persistent Arousal Syndrome:-

This disease can happen in women’s of any age in which women feels strong desire for sex and this can last for one week or one month. Their erotic desire increases to so much extent that they want sexual intercourse many times a day.

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  1. Werewolf Syndrome:-

We all have heard problem of hair falls but this disease is different. In this person is upset from large growth of hairs. Hairs spread not only on head but also on face. Millions of peoples suffer from this problem. Moreover it is like kink for doctors.

  • Foreign Accent Syndrome:-

Do you know those people who speak English in a stylish way which is known as accent in common language, they are likely to be suffered from this foreign accent syndrome disease. Tongue of person cannot speak some words of different language that looks like person speaks in accent and this syndrome is also an incurable.

So these were the 10 incurable diseases list, be aware of this and do share this post with your friends and family members, so they can also be aware of these diseases.

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