Suffering from acidity and heartburn? Do these 9 changes in your diet

Suffering from acidity and heartburn? Do these 9 changes in your diet

Suffering from acidity and heartburn? Do these 9 changes in your diet

Suffering from acidity and heartburn is also known as Gastro Esophageal Reflex Disease in short form it is called GERD. A GERD is happening because of bad eating habits, spicy and oily foods. People these days want more taste in the food they don’t care about the nutrition’s, proteins and vitamins in their food. That’s why most of the people are suffering from acidity and heartburn. It happens because of eating too much oily, fried and bakery products, drinking tea and coffee is also one of the reasons, it may boost your energy level but is bad for your stomach.

What you are doing when you are suffering from this problem? Of course, eating tablets or taking syrups, it gives you relief for some time but this is a temporary solution, not the permanent solution. Eating too muny tablets or syrup can cause serious stomach problems in your body and put a bad effect on your digestion system too.

Today I am going to share 9 tricks to remain healthy by eating the food you like to eat. It would make your health and lifestyle better again which was you living before.

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  1. Avoid These Foods:- If you are suffering from acidity and heartburn than you must have to remove lots of eating products from your diet and those products are all junk foods like pizza, burger, sandwich, french fries, desserts, cold drinks and also do not do overeating. These things really looking mouthwatering but all of these are enough to kill you slowly and badly. Add a salad, fresh juice and drink warm water after 30-40 minutes of your food. It helps in digestion by increasing your metabolism.
  1. Change Your Eating style:- Quantity of food affects your body straightway. It shows the effect on your digestion system and you can feel sleepier, lazy and fatigue after overeating. Overeating can put pressure on the digestion system. If your body feels uncomfortable it will signals mind about the problem and put stress. Not eat your whole food in a single time, eat food in 2-3 times (ii you can) which helps you to digest food easily. Now you to do is, eat less and chew more to live a healthy lives.
  1. Eat Slowly/ Chew Food More:- Survey is taken by “Digestive Disease Week” says that those people take more time to eat their food had a reflex bar of 8.5 and those eating fast and in the uncomfortable situation had a reflex bar of 12.5 which is very bad for health. So you have to do is chew your bite more, normally we chew per bite around 12-15 times, but we have to chew per bite at least 45-55 times which makes food smaller and easy to digest, and you will start eating less food than before. It also helps you in losing weight too.
  1. Never Lay Down or Sleep After Eating:- Mostly after having food peoples love to lay down or sleep for some time which is slightly good only in the afternoon for 30 minutes only but if you are doing this after dinner than this could be very dangerous for you. After dinner tries to walk for 10-20 minutes to digest the food. After dinner you have nothing to do at the night just have to sleep and the whole food will be saved in your stomach. When there is no activity, it will create acidity and heartburn problem which can cause various types of diseases. So it’s better to walk for sometimes after dinner.
  1. Drink More Water:- Water is a good medicine for those who are suffering from acidity, especially the warm water. Water gives relief from acidity and heartburn and improves your digestion system. Water is more effective than any anti acid syrup or tab and it has no side effect. 1 glass warm water after 3-40 minutes is good for health. (Note:- Drink very less water between eating food).

  1. Avoid caffeine in Diet:- Tea, Coffee, Cold Drink are the products which had a lot of caffeine and this is one of the main reason for acidity. Almost every person who drinks these products is suffering from this problem. So if you are one of them than try to reduce the quantity of these caffeine products. It will help you in recovery from acidity and heartburn.
  1. Reduce or Quit Alcohol:- Lots of researches and studies says that there is a straight connection between acidity and alcohol. Alcohol affects gastric mucosa straightway which creates acid in food pipe which is very harmful to food pipe. So now it’s up to you that you want to continue drinking alcohol and risk your life or want to quit/reduce it to remain safe live healthy life.
  1. Quit Smoking:- Cigarette smoking is injurious for health, everybody knows these but still…… Smoking cigarette is really very dangerous for everyone especially for those who are suffering from acidity and heartburn. The cigarette had a good quantity of nicotine which affects the layers of the stomach and food pipe which can cause blood cancer too. Avoid smoking cigarette immediately for healthy living.

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  1. Change Your Sleeping Style:- When you are going to sleep take a pillow and put your head more upside on it which reduces the effect of acidity in your food pipe. Research shows that those lay head more upside on the pillow has a 67% more possibility of acid clearance from food pipe. This is very good.

Now ,whenever you feel heartburn symptoms take this food diets for acid reflux treatment. All these tips and tricks are a good source of home remedies for acidity and irritable bowel syndrome.

By using these 9 tricks you can make your life healthy, energetic and stress-free again. You can enjoy the same life which was you enjoying before with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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