Know What Is The 3rd and 4th Phase Of Cardiac Rehab

Know What Is The 3rd and 4th Phase Of Cardiac Rehab

Know What Is The 3rd and 4th Phase Of Cardiac Rehab

Phase 3 of cardiac rehab is an initial outpatient rehab program. In this, you are advised to take care by yourself after going home from the hospital. The main objective of this is to reduce the danger of heart diseases in the future. During your exercise program in this, you are under keen observation.

You are advised to do healthy change in your life. You are told about some equipment which is helpful in your daily life.

  • If you smoke then you are advised to quit smoking.
  • Healthy dieting (healthy food) information is given.
  • Yo are told about stress reduction.
  • You will be informed about your medicines.

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A vocational rehab can also be given to you so that you can be back to your work soon.

Your health rate depends on your age, gender, and various health problems. On the basis of your condition and reaction towards rehab, it is decided that you will be in that phase of rehab or you will go to next phase. You can come to down phase also. For how long you have to be in that phase, this has no particular limit.

If any person is in the hospital then normally phase 3 and phase 2 are kept together so that when you go home from hospital then you need not face many problems. But few people when they go home they are given the treatment of phase 3.

Cardiac phase 3 includes the following things:-

On basis of your dental history, clinical status and your symptoms on an exercise program are made.

After discharge from the hospital, to get healthy, you are told to follow the advises given to you. You are given instructions for making changes in your daily life so that in future danger of heart diseases in less.

How you can improve your health, information is given.

Know What Is The 4th Phase Of Cardiac Rehab

What lifestyle changes are recommended to do so in cardiac rehab phase 4. It is observed in cardiac rehab phase 4 that improvement in your health occurs very fast. You are given information about healthy dieting. Apart from this if you smoke then you are told to stop smoking. In this, you are told about handling the stress.

In cardiac rehab phase 4 you are given information about equipment’s by which you can make good changes in your lifestyle. Learn about medicine and nutrition in this below-given tips.

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The main motive of phase 4 is to make changes in your daily lifestyle. Cardiac rehab phase 4 includes the following things-

  • You are informed about how to monitor your symptoms and heartbeat.
  • Keep instructions given by the doctor in written form. Some important things like your maximum heartbeat should be how much, you should keep with you in written form. By doing this you can look at it easily and can follow it.
  • If you smoke then meet the group which helps in quitting smoking so that it can change your lifestyle.
  • Do regular exercise. If you need then you can contact some institution which can help you in regular exercise.
  • If you do exercise at home then it is necessary that some health expert should monitor your improvement.
  • In this phase nurse, nutrition expert, physiotherapist and doctor help you in changing your lifestyle and give you maximum information about this.
  • If you take part in group program then these group members can help you in changing daily lifestyle.

Today I discuss cardiac rehab phase 3 and 4, now you know what is happens in this 2 phases.

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