Avoid these 5 Foods which Create Gas and Acidity

Avoid these 5 Foods which Create Gas and Acidity

Avoid these 5 Foods which Create Gas and Acidity

What happens when you feel gas and acidity problem. What happens when you suffering from other gastric problems? It’s Simple, you just visiting the doctor and consults your problem and paying a good amount of fees and buying costly medicine for your gas and acidity problem which gives you temporary relief but no permanent solution of your problem. Am I right or not?

Isn’t it good if you avoid eating those fruits and vegetables which causes the acidity problem a lot? Today I am going to tell about 6 foods which plays a major role in creating gas and acidity.

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  1. Cabbage:- Cabbage is one of the vegetables which is very difficult to digest and if you eat cabbage in dinner than it will create gas, acidity problems in your stomach you will feel uncomfortable whole night because of indigestion. It not just makes your night uncomfortable and sleep, it also makes your next day irritating and you can lose focus on your work and daily life. Avoid eating cabbage especially in dinner.

  1. Potato:- Potato is a good source of starch which in never been good for health. Oily and fried potatoes are very dangerous for health. It can create indigestion, acidity and gas problem. You can also gain weight and can be a patient of blood sugar also by eating potatoes because of its sweet taste. It can create lots of gastric and stomach related problems. Avoid eating potatoes or reduce the potatoes in your diet. (Roasted in the oven is better than oily and fried potatoes).
  1. Cucumber:- Lots of peoples thinks eating cucumber in dinner helps in reducing weight. But it can create a lot of gastric and acidity problems because cucumber had a lot of water in it which slowdowns the digestion system. (Note:- Eating cucumber is good for health but in early morning diet or in lunch only in the salad. Avoid eating cucumber after 6 PM which will be good for you).
  1. Watermelon:- Like cucumber, watermelon also had a good amount of water in it but also had a fiber which is also very difficult to digest. It also had a good quantity of sugar and is not good for sugar patients at all. it also creates the problem of indigestion and acidity if you eat it in dinner or late night. Watermelon is good but avoids eating after 6-7 PM, that will be helpful for you.

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  1. Milk Products:- Milk products have sugar lactose which cannot be digested by few peoples. It creates gas and cramps in the abdominal. Some people can suffer from diarrhea too after drinking milk or milk made product. It is good for you to avoid eating or drinking milk related products and milk in dinner. It also takes a lot of time to digest. (Note:- If you do not have any digestion problem than you can have warm milk for good and sweet sleep).

Now whenever you feel heartburn symptoms take this food diets for acid reflex treatment, all these tips and tricks are the good source of home remedies for acidity and irritable bowel syndrome.

So, friends, these were the 5 diets which we can stop eating and can stay away from any type of heartburn, gas or acidity. Also avoid any type of oily, fried food to live a healthy lives. Smoking and drinking also cause acidity so it is better to quit or reduce the quantity.

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  1. Foods like cucumber, fruits like watermelon really do help reduce heartburn in the stomach. Above all to eliminate the inflammation that causes the acidity in the stomach walls. I think it’s right that you emphasize its properties and effects. Regularly the acidity in the stomach is natural until a certain moment, when it manifests itself in pain and nausea, it is mostly due to inflammations, you should consult a doctor if necessary. In inflamaciones.com explain the causes of these acidity along with the inflammations.

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