18 Ways To Reduce Face Fat By Diet Exercise and Losing Weight

18 Ways To Reduce Face Fat By Diet, Exercise and Losing Weight

18 Ways To Reduce Face Fat By Diet, Exercise and Losing Weight 

Thin, chubby cheeks seem to look good and sweet in childhood. But, when we grow younger, those chubby cheeks not looking good, as it can reduce the beauty of our face. so, if you want to look smart then you need to reduce face fat to look smart again.

The easiest way to reduce face fat is to reduce the total weight of your whole body, but you can reduce the fat of your cheeks by making certain facial exercises and by changing your diet. If you want to know how to reduce face fat, just follow these steps.


    1    Drink A Lot Of Water:

You may be suffering from fat cheeks because you are not drinking enough water and to complete the shortage, your body is collecting the remaining water in its own right. When your body feels that you are not drinking enough water, then it collects water from your cheeks and eyes, due to which your face seems bloated. By drinking at least 8 to 9 glasses of water a day, your body will not dehydrate and your cheeks will look less fat.

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    2    Eat Salt And Sugar In Small Quantities:

If your diet contains too much salt and refined sugar, then your body is more likely to remain hydrated. Like not drinking enough water will stop giving water to your face and cheeks, by which you can see the swelling on your cheeks and face. Although you cannot completely leave salt and sugar, try to reduce the salt or sweet foods from your diet and eat foods that contain salt or sugar in small quantities.

    3    Do Not Drink Alcohol:

Quitting alcohol can help you to reduce face fat, there are many other health benefits, such as an increase in your energy level and reduced fatigue and can help you avoid a headache. By drinking alcohol you body can become dehydrated, which can lead to water retention and swelling in the face. Drinking alcohol can increase the weight of your entire body, which will also increase the fat of your cheeks.

    4    Eat More Fruits And Vegetables:

Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet will not only help you to maintain healthy eating habits but will also help you lose fat from your cheeks. Fruits and vegetables are rich in water, which means they will help you hydrate and prevent water retention in your cheeks. They are also high in fiber, so eating them will fill your stomach and your desire for unhealthy eating will be less likely.

    5    Consume More Calcium-Rich Foods:

By taking more calcium from dairy sources such as cottage cheese or curd, you can actually reduce your weight. Eating more calcium will help you reduce water retention in your face, and your cheeks will not grow. Avoid eating more carbohydrate food like butter pasta or pizza, also avoid eating less fat paneer.


    7    Chewing Gum:

Chewing gum not only relaxes your breath, but it can also help you reduce fat from cheek. chewing gum speed will help you to strengthen your jaw. The best part is that you will not feel like you are doing an exercise. You can set a goal of chewing gum for just a few minutes after every meal.  Just make sure you do not chew gum in such a large amount that your jaw starts to hurt. Try to use sugarless chewing gum.   

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    8    Practice “X-O”:

Try to do “X-O” exercise for at least fifteen times. Rest for a while and repeat the exercise three times. This is an easy exercise that will help you move your jaw in two different ways, which will strengthen your jaw and burn fat from your cheeks. You can do this exercise anytime – even when you are at your desk at the workplace.

    9    Jaw Opener:

Spread your mouth wide and open and stay in this position for a few seconds. Then, relax your jaw and repeat this exercise for ten repetitions. You can repeat this step three times a day. doing in excess may hurt your jaws, so start with fewer repetitions than increase till 10-12 repetitions and go with that only.

    10    Lift The Cheek:

Raise your cheeks toward your eyes for 10 seconds at least. Use the corners of your mouth to help lift your cheeks. You should feel like you are trying to create a stressful, funny smile. To help raise the cheek, you can tighten your eyes too tightly.  After lifting each cheek, keep it for 10 seconds and repeat this exercise several times. I am personally doing three times a days with 10 repetitions each.

    11    Make Fish Lips:

Drag your cheeks inwards until you shrink the upper and lower lips outward and make them like fish lips. Keep this posture and try to smile. Keep a smile for ten seconds and repeat this position ten times.

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    12   Fling Cheeks:

Close your mouth and fill your cheeks and mouth with air. Then, as much as possible, take the air from one cheek to the other cheek at least ten times. Repeat this exercise three times daily.

    13    Flat Cheeks With Shrunken Lips:

To do this exercise, just shrink your lips and suck your cheeks inwards. Keep this posture stable for a few seconds and then flush your cheeks outwards as much as you can. Give your bloated cheeks rest for a few seconds and then let them sneak back in. Repeat this exercise ten times in every series and do it three times daily.

    14    Smile:

 Smiling is one of the best exercises of your face muscles and you can lose those fat cheeks. You can just smile on your own, and you can repeat this verb ten times by keeping each smile steady for ten seconds, or you can make a goal of smiling more in your daily life. This will not only reduce the fat of your cheeks but will also help you to feel more positive throughout the day.

   15    Massage Your Cheeks After Exercise:

After completing a series of facial exercises, gently rub your fingers in a circular motion on your cheeks and jaws. This will help relieve stress and pain after exercise.


    16    Lose Weight:

The easiest way to lose fat of your cheeks is to reduce your total weight. If you are thin, then your face will also become thin. Many people lose their weight by just a few pounds and find that their face fat has also diminished. If you have pledged to lose weight, then you have to improve your diet and consider starting a new routine of exercise.

  • Try to eat three healthy and balanced meals every day. Eat fruits and vegetables many times each day, as well as eat healthy carbohydrates and proteins.
  • Develop a healthy exercise routine. Exercising for just thirty minutes in one day can have a good impact on your mental and physical condition.
  • For serious consequences, you can cut 250 calories from your diet and burn 250 calories a day and you can easily reduce 500 calories per day.

    17    Do Strength Training:

To maintain the weak muscles of your body, go to the gym and use the weight of the machine, dumbbell, or even your body weight. Strength training will help you maintain muscles on your body, including your face. The more muscles you have, the more easily you burn the fat off your face and body.

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    18    Talk To Your Doctor About Your Prescribed Medicines:

You may have more retention of water with some medicines. If you are serious about losing fat of your cheek, then talk about changing your prescribed medicines and ask for medicines which will not hydrate your face. Just make sure you do not leave some essential medicines before consulting your doctor.

Advice/ Suggestion

Many times when you chew too much chewing gum then your gums start to get hurt. In that case, you should stop it completely. Otherwise, your gums will actually hurt a lot later and you may have to go to a dentist …

    • For a temporary solution, you can blush your cheeks so that they look thin.
    • Typically high baking bones are a genetic trait, so if your weight is healthy, do not lose too much weight because it is useless to be unwell to get high cheekbones.
    • Do not consume too many calories or carbohydrates.
    • And if you eat enough food, then exercise for 1-2 hours daily. Or just play football or cricket!

So, friends, these were the 18 tips which can help you to reduce face fat easily. Do not hesitate to share it with your friends and family members.

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