Symptoms And Reasons For Dry Mouth And Tongue

Symptoms And Reasons For Dry Mouth And Tongue

Symptoms And Reasons For Dry Mouth And Tongue

Drying of mouth and tongue due to thirst is common and often happens with people. But if your mouth is constantly drying again, it can also be an indication of any problem in the body. Usually, the mouth becomes dry when the process of forming saliva in the mouth becomes slow. Many times you may have had this problem but you have not given meditation because if the mouth is dry for a short time, then the person does not experience any trouble. Let’s tell you, there may be signs of frequent dry mouth.

Why Mouth Dry

According to experts, every sixth person suffers from this problem. There are many reasons for being dry mouth. The reduction in the amount of fluoride in the water, the lack of water in the body, the irregular routine, the hunger, the waking up late at night, waking up for several days, lack of nutritious food, lack of acidity etc. causes salivation in the mouth.

Asthma patients, who take regular pumps, also suffer from this problem. Due to dry mouth, many times it is difficult to taste, chew, swallow and face difficulties. Apart from this, due to dry mouth, many diseases related to teeth increases the risk of infection.

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Why Saliva Is Important For Mouth

Saliva keeps many important functions as well as keeping our mouth wet. If there is not enough saliva in the mouth, the teeth can get damaged and many types of dangerous infections can occur in the mouth. Apart from this, you will not be able to eat dry and solid foods when saliva is not formed in the mouth. Saliva has anti-bacterial properties, so it helps to keep us healthy by killing all the bacteria that are produced in the mouth. The saliva of the mouth is important for these reasons.

    • It protects the teeth.
    • It helps digest food.
    • Because of this you can chew and swallow food.
    • It prevents infection by controlling bacteria and fungus in the mouth.

What Are The Reasons

The glands that make the saliva in the mouth when they are not functioning properly, the mouth starts drying because enough saliva is not able to form. There can be many reasons for these glands not to work properly.

Sometimes these salivary glands do not work properly due to the side effects of some medicines. For example, medicines for hypertension and depression often cause dryness in the mouth.

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  • Due to some diseases, the salivary glands are harmed. Socio-cultural syndrome, HIV / AIDS, and diabetes can all cause dry mouth.
  • Drugs that cure cancer can make the saliva thick, causing the mouth to feel dry.
  • Salivary glands may be damaged by exposure to radiation during the treatment of cancer.

Head or neck injury can sometimes damage the nerves, which affect salivary glands.

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