5 Days Fat Loss Accelerate – Get Result Every Time You Work Out

Review 5 Days Fat Loss Accelerate – Get Result Every Time You Work Out

Review 5 Days Fat Loss Accelerate – Get Result Every Time You Work Out

You should know this, that mastering/ perfection in anything takes some time. You may have all the tools you need for fat loss success someday. I had like that day for you is to be today.

See and take what I am going to show you in Full Throttle Fat Loss and one-up it. Look at my method of fat loss and then figure how you are going to make it better for you. Using this is very easier from the beginning.

Instead of having to orchestrate combining, ALL 7 ways to stimulate your nervous system, ALL 10 Fat Loss Commandments, and the Quadruple Neuro Fat Loss Stack into short, extremely effective workouts, you have an opportunity to work backward. I have already thought a lot about all of the aspects when I was designing this program for you this full throttle fat loss. You can do this easily while understanding and achieving at your full capacity in every area.

Plus you can start it ALL today while saving $1073 which is the value of the total package and skyrocketing immediate results with the insane bonus package which I have created for you. I am feeling very excited to work with and I already start to imagine about the results. Again I am feeling excited about your body is going to do amazing things, and you will think and wondering how it is possible that your body is getting lean slim in the very short time period.

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After years of chasing fat loss and weight loss, you got nothing and setting at home.

But, 4 days from now (when you start) you are going to see immediate and noticeable results

16 weeks from now it’s GAME OVER for your fat.

16 Weeks Working Plan of Fat Loss:-

First, you should read the manual and understand everything, this will help you to know about your skill levels, and type of your body, whether it is an ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph. By doing this you will understand and able to customize the fat loss exercise program to your needs.

Personally, if I say, you can skip this step and start your 1st-week workout, it will help you to gain skill and will know what is better for your body. All these workouts are in manual form too, and when you click on a workout, you will see the video in which Dr. Kareem Samhouri will show you how to do it exactly.

This exercise program is developed for 16 weeks time periods, and you will do the different workout every week for 16 weeks. All these workouts will take around 12 to 35 minutes per day, depending on every week’s workout. These 16 weeks are divided into 5 phases.

Phase #1: week 1 to week 4

In the 1st phase, you will do simple workouts only, which means each workout consists of one movement only.

Phase #2: weeks 5 and 6

In the 2nd phase, your workout will become more complex, which means that you will do more than one movement in each workout and it will make more of your muscles to get involved in the workout session, which will help in increasing your metabolic process.

Phase #3: week 7 to week 9

In the 3rd phase, this workout will give you more focus on your strength, metabolism, and agility. This program is called SAM training method by Dr. Kareem. In the 8th week, you will start learning about focusing on every muscles contraction, individually, which gets the best of your workout. You can find a link which reports to “Neuro Strength Report” in the manual. This manual will help you to know about how to do that.

Phase #4: week 10 to week 13

This 4th is called “SAM Training Level 2” by Dr. Kareem, Which means it is a continuity of the last phase you did, but in 4th phase, you should focus more on improving muscles reaction and on your ligament strengths time and the sequence between your muscles.

Phase #5: week 13 to week 16

Phase 5 is the final phase of this program and in the final phase, you will combine all the previous phases’ aspects together to increase your metabolism to its maximum potential.


You will see that all the workout phases are divided into A and B group, it means you do A group exercise today and next day you will do B group exercise and A group next day etc.

How Does This Program Work?

The main focus of this program is on working out. It talks also about nutrition, but not elaborately. Dr. Kareem gives general guidelines in this program about nutrition, and referring the reader to the external resources, which saying frankly about that nutrition is not his specialty. This program’s workout system is created to enable you to lose some weight quickly without dedication too much time to work on it.

This program works in 3 main ways:

1. Burning more fat by doing multiple moves in a single exercise which maximizes the caloric deficit.
2. In order to prevent the metabolic adaption, you should change the exercises regularly to shock your body.
3. If you need to get the best out of each move and exercise, you need to get more help from your nervous system.

What Is Special About This Program?

You may find it’s boring and may losing weight process low down over the time but In the Full Throttle Fat Loss program you will find that this process of fat loss is accelerated with the time. Also, this program does not require from you to dedicate much time. You just need 12 minutes to 35 minutes daily to reduce your weight. moreover, these workouts are designed by a specialist doctor who is a Kinesiologist and Physical Therapist, and you have nothing to worry about as you are with the safe person.

Who Is The Creator Of This Program?

The creator of this program is Dr. Kareem Samhouri. He is a Kinesiologist, doctor of Physical Therapy and the Chief Executive Officer of various international best-selling rehabilitation and fitness programs. He is already working with thousands of people and helping them in the transformation of their bodies.

Dr. Kareem Samhouri is a Certified Health and Fitness Specialist (HFS), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He is also a founder of the ‘Master Trainer and Master Therapist’ certification and one of the most NBC Philadelphia’s chosen fitness expert.

What Do You Get?

1. 32 Doctor-Designed Rapid Neuro Fat Loss Workouts + Audios

You can see and do all the workouts through the manual, you just simply click on the workout you want and you will see a video where Dr. Kareen Samhouri personally illustrating you the exercise and you have to do the same, also you can download these files in audio version too and just use headphone and listen what he is saying and do the same.

2. Full Throttle Fat Loss At-Home Modifications Guide

This is a 7-page guide which helps you to make the workout easier for you to work at home or at any place you want to do. You will find the exercise adaptions which suits you to purchase the equipment. Most of the equipment easily found in every house, or you can also do all these workouts by using only your own body weight.

3. The Top 10 Fat Loss Lessons Of All Time Cheat Sheet

Dr. Kareem has really long experience and connection with his clients, he is taking notes from their clients and checking where he needs to improve and what to remove from a program, to make a program more effective for them. He made 10 fat loss lessons which deal with workouts, nutrition and other factors which affect fat loss. I would recommend you to take the printouts and use anywhere you prefer.

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4. Full Throttle Fat Loss Beginner Basics Guide

This Full Throttle Fat Loss Beginner Basics Guide is of 13 pages which aim is to help you to appreciate the terms which are used in this fat loss program, you should learn the basic moves of this workout, and know about how to track the program and how to get started this easily.

5. Victory Journal

In order to track your performance improvement and also give you motivation by providing this program in the detailed table and with instructions on how to use this program. You can take a printout of these tables for your daily workout ‘64 copies for the 16 weeks’, place the documents in a folder and fill each copy on regular basis. If you are willing to save trees you can save your documents in google docs too.

6. U-Stream Assess & Correct Workshops

You will 2 videos in which Dr. Kareem checking and treating 3 clients which their several issues, which includes, shoulder, neck, hip, low back, and knee pain. In these 2 videos, Dr. Kareem figuring out the causes of these issues and developing a plan for their treatment. You can see these videos in the Member’s Page, under the title ‘Extra Tools & Resources’.

There are also some other videos that answer the questions about exercise and nutrition, about how to prevent from injury and how to deal with the injury if you have one. You will find all these videos in the Member’s Page, under ‘Support Videos’ title.

7. Transformational Mindset Audios

There are three audio programs available on Nutritional Mindset, Fitness Inspiration Audio, and Goal Setting For Real Results. In these audio versions, Dr. Kareem tries to help the listeners to get the right mindset towards weight loss and fitness, which help them to lead a healthy lifestyle and also motivates them to get through this program with the passion.

8. Private 120 Minute VIP Coaching Call

You can also call Dr. Samhouri and can consult him about anything and everything you want to know more clearly about this program.


I personally used this program and found myself satisfactory and I also hope I clear all the things with you properly. Now you can easily access the Full Throttle Fat Loss Program with all its components. If still, you did not found this program satisfactory you can simply e-mail Dr. Samhouri within the 60 days time frame from the purchase time and you will get your money back without any question asked.

I win my health back with this fat loss program and I am sure you will get your health back too.
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