7 Things You Should Not Do When You Have A Cough and Cold

7 Things You Should Not Do When You Have A Cough and Cold

7 Things You Should Not Do When You Have A Cough and Cold 

Often people think of cold as a common disease and do not care much about it. But doing so may also be bad for their health. Today I am going to share 7 things which you should not do when you have a cough and cold.

  1. Do Not Do It In Cold Work

Cough and cold are a kind of allergic reaction in which water comes out of the nose. In the cold, our respiratory system becomes a mixture of post-cells and water, and it begins to cause secretion through the nose and throat. Sickness is not a disease in itself, but it is a symptom of that there is allergy or infection in the respiratory system and other diseases such as pneumonia and URI can occur. Therefore, do not treat colds as common disease and carelessly. Let’s find out which 7 Things You Should Not Do When You Have A Cough and Cold.

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  1. Do Not Keep Your Hands In Mouth When Coughing Or Sneezing

When you are suffering from cold, cough or sneeze, do not cover the mouth with your hand. Actually, by doing this, the cold germs reach in your hands, and then the germs that you touch with that hand can go to others person’s body when you do shake hand with them. In this way, the risk of getting sick in the people around you increases. In such a way, you should use the tissue, and put it in the dustbin after use.   

  1. Do Not Drive While You Are Feeling Sleepy

A person who is suffering from a cough and cold cannot sleep properly at the night. But there are so many medicines, by which you felt like sleep, nap, and lethargy. It can have a bad impact on driving. Therefore, when you have a cold, avoid driving or if still, you have to drive then drive very carefully, as it is not just about your life, it is also about the other person life too.

  1. Do Not Go To Office

You do not have to go to the office when you are suffering from a cough and cold. If you go to the office, you can also infect other colleagues with your cough and cold. Also, due to lack of comfort, it takes too much time to recover from a cough and cold. Therefore, you should take a rest at home.

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  1. Do Not Take Antibiotics Yourself

Many people take antibiotics on their own when they are suffering from cough and cold. You should never take any medicine yourself, whether the diseases is identified properly or not. Sometimes, you may think that it is a common cold, but this might be a symptom of another problem. So this will be good for you to visit a doctor and let the doctor examine from which problem are you suffering and take the prescribed medicine only. Sometimes, taking medicine yourself can cause serious harm to your health.

  1. Do Not Smoke

In winter, people increase the use of alcohol, nicotine, and substances to keep themselves warm. But this causes you more damage. If you consume cigarettes, then the cold stomach of the precipitated blood vessel gets reduced. This may cause a heart attack. this is also very risky for diabetic food patients and other Neuropathy patients. These things also decreasing the body’s immune system.

  1. Avoid Sudden Change in Temperature

If you have a cold, then you should control the temperature of your body. The sudden change in temperature can make your cold worse. Therefore, you should maintain some gap between changing the temperature from cold to hot.

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  1. Do Not Eat Cold Things

Often people eat cold things in cold weather, which makes them take longer to recover. Do not take cold things like curd, rice, cold water, ice cream, banana, chocolate, and milk.

So, friends, avoid these 7 things when you are suffering from the problem of a cough and cold.

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