Are LED Lights Making Us Sick?

Are LED Lights Making Us Sick?

Are LED Lights Making Us Sick?

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government promotes its light plans with great acumen. Mr. Modi himself has claimed several times to distribute the LED Lights and bulb across the country and sell the country at cheap rates to save the country.

In February last year, PM Modi told Parliament that more than 21 million LED bulbs were distributed under the Ujala scheme across the country. With this, the country saved about 11 thousand crores of rupees.

About 77 million bulbs are sold in India every year. The government plans to sell the LED bulb instead. This is estimated to save about 105 billion electricity. People’s electricity bills will also come down and the environment will reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

It’s not like the noise in the LED is only in India. In the last decade, most European countries and USA have installed LED bulbs in large numbers to illuminate their cities.

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The dangers of blue light?

From Paris to Brooklyn, local councils and bodies have started campaigning to replace LED bulbs in place of excessive electricity and heat-producing yellow sodium bulbs. The LED bulb has a diode, which gives the blue light out. These can be pricking the eyes against the yellow light of old bulbs.

In addition to the LED lights used in street lights and billboards used in commercials, we are also increasingly aware of this sharp blue light every day. From our smartphones and computers to TVs, this bright blue light LED lights are engaged. And now the government is busy planting LED lights in the house.

But, in the light of this lightning-saving LED light, we are not putting our health at stake anymore?

These questions have been raised from a recent research. At the beginning of this year, famous psychiatrists from around the world wrote a research paper in Psychiatry’s World Journal of Biology. It was warned about the danger of brain sickness from LED light.

In this paper, psychiatrists warned about the effect of our sleeping blue light and the bad effects on the internal clock of the body. The way we are using the digital app and other machines for our health, this can give adolescents and youth the many bad effects of LED lights.

John Gottlieb, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, in the Phoenburg School of Medicine, Chicago, says, “My concern with LED lights is about the old thing in which we saw that illusion of diseases like madness and bipolar disorder is’. Gottlieb also contributed to this research paper.

Professor Gottlieb says that “I had already seen that a strong light in the treatment of victims of depression is of great help. But I gradually realized that the illumination of the idle in the face of brain disease has a negative impact on us. It also has a bad effect on our sleep-wake cycle ‘.

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The bad effect of smartphone

This research paper has expressed the hope that the increasing use of LED lights is seriously affecting the treatment of sick people. Similarly, if the well-known people monitor their health through mobile or other kinds of digital app. Such as mood swings, or measuring blood pressure, and if they do this work just before sleeping. So, its bad effect falls on its sleep. Their body clock becomes confused. It has a very bad effect on their health.

Professor Gottlieb says, ‘Today smartphones are very common. For this reason, people are becoming a major threat to this health. Now with them, if there are LED bulbs in the house. They are also on the roads. LED bulbs from pubs, bars, cinema halls, traffic signals and reading bases, such as in libraries or universities, are spreading illumination pollution. Humans are becoming victims of this pollution today ‘

‘Do not use the smartphone before sleeping’

Research has already taken effect on the effect of blue light on us. These research show that due to blue light the leakage of chemical melatonin that reminds our body of sleep stops. It has an effect on our sleep. Our ‘quality of life’ falls if we do not sleep. The brain health becomes bad.

The risk of our brain being sick is increased. Research on whether sleep or inadequacy occurs in children and adolescents suggests that its direct interaction is with the use of their digital devices. For example, a computer, a laptop or a smartphone.

The National Sleep Foundation of America recommends that people should go out of the bedroom at least half an hour before going to bed for sleeping. However, there is no such guideline for those who are mentally ill or biological clock at the moment.

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LED lights are expanding all over the world. Our full attention with them is just to save light and save electricity. But, now scientists and health experts are together with the LED industry to reduce the number of blue lights in the LED. They are engaged in making bulbs which will not affect the people suffering from brain disorders.

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