Know Why Your Smartphone Batteries Explode

Know Why Your Smartphone Batteries Explode

Know Why Your Smartphone Batteries Explode

Due to some defect in the Samsung Galaxy 7 battery, it has decided to withdraw its smartphone from all over the world. By doing so, the name of the companies is getting worse. But it is important to understand why this happens?

Lithium-ion batteries can break through the fall of the smartphone, which is also dangerous for anyone.

If you buy a cheap battery to install in the smartphone, then it can also happen with the battery and it will become explosive.

If the battery is bad then this can happen, but this can happen even if the battery temperature is too high.

Lithium-ion batteries used in smartphones and other electronic devices are generally very safe.

But as the efficiency of smartphone processing is increasing, battery technology is not improving with that speed.

Smartphones operating in the Multi Window always put stress on the battery. Due to this, the temperature inside the phone increases due to which the risk of short circuits remains.

Due to high temperature, there is a situation inside the battery that even more heat arises and it becomes like a reaction.

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Due to such a defect, the battery is likely to cause explosion or fire.

This can happen if some older batteries charge too much.

Nowadays the battery which is coming in the smartphone will stop charging after the charging is completed and the battery is not affected even when it is connected to the charger. But it would be nice to disconnect it after the charge is completed.

Early charging technology As the smartphone companies are using, the battery can also cause a problem.

Because of the increased speed of transferring electricity to the battery, the smartphone is already hot. Therefore, we should never talk about charging smartphones.

If the smartphone is hot, then stop charging it immediately.

When the smartphone gets hot, do not keep it in the cover so that it can cool quickly. Let the phone cool down for a while, then charge it again on the charger.

Use the charger to charge that comes with the smartphone.

The cheap charger may have an effect on the battery and there may be no accident due to it. Always keep this in mind to avoid such a situation.

If you are using quick charge or type C charger or charging Port, then the wires that are provided with it will be the best for your smartphone.

If you do not charge the phone by putting it on the bed then it will be great. Some people fall asleep sometimes by placing the night-charged smartphone on the bed.

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Any mistake can happen in the sleep if he gets depressed.

If there is an explosion in the battery, then there may be a fire in the bed at night. Never put a smartphone or tablet down by putting it under a pillow.

If you are out of the house and want to charge the phone then charge it for a while only.

It may be dangerous to place high temperatures or sunlight. If you do not charge the smartphone by putting the smartphone on the dashboard while driving in summer, then it will be great.

If charging a smartphone or tablet battery while charging, then be sure to keep an eye on it.

In this case, remove the electrical connection and if its battery can be removed, then it will be okay to do that.

Today, there are smartphones whose battery cannot be removed.

If the batteries are changing, never throw it in the trash.

Returning the old battery to the company will be the best step. If the bloated battery is in warranty then you can get another battery.

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