Buy Smartphone But Take Care Of These Two Things

Buy Smartphone But Take Care Of These Two Things

Buy Smartphone But Take Care Of These Two Things

Which features are most important to anyone when buy smartphone? If there is a battery, you can easily see the video or picture you want on the screen.

But is it really important to have a RAM or a great smartphone ?

If you are fond of viewing the video then the resolution of the smartphone is very important to you. The more pixel density is, the better it will be for the video.

Pixel density is measured in dots per inch ie dpi. The more video this screen will look, the better.

If you want to buy a common smartphone, keep in mind that its screen is around the DPI 250. While spending huge money, the smartphone under 400 dpi should not be paid attention.

Nowadays, 5000 Ampere water i.e. MAH battery will also be found in the smartphone. But such a battery will not be available in all smartphones because many companies have not launched such battery-powered smartphones.

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Therefore, those who are not well-known brands launch smartphones with more MAH batteries and show them as a great feature.

Whatever the smartphone battery has MAH, it is very important. As people watch videos more and the usage of data increases, battery power will be the best and the difference between ordinary phone will become different.

The camera is very important for selfie generation, but is it important for a smartphone? Anyway, the camera lens can not be measured just by the megapixel. So when buying a smartphone, keep it down in your vital list.

Apart from pixels, whatever feature appears in the camera, such as wide angle lenses, it is more important to understand and understand.

The resolution of the camera must be at least 1080 for the video. In the budget, if the camera above it is very good.

If it is great on a random access memory or a RAM smartphone, then after doing a tap on the screen to do any work, do not wait.

Keyboards, some apps, and home screens are always stored in RAM so that they open immediately. If someone is doing more than one on a smartphone, then more RAM is a lot of work.

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Those who are a lesser known brand often try to draw their RAM by offering more RAM to those who buy new smartphones.

Taking anything less than 2 gigabytes of RAM in today’s smartphone will be useless. It’s great if a smartphone with more RAM comes into your budget.

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