Did you know dish washer sponge can infect you, know the reason and how to stop it

Did you know dish washer sponge can infect you, know the reason and how to stop it

Did you know dish washer sponge can infect you, know the reason and how to stop it

The sponge you are using in washing your crockery can infect you and harm your body very badly. It may sound weird but this is true that’s bacteria’s in sponge can harm you and your whole family dangerously.

Latest research shows that while washing your crockery most of the food stuck in your sponge and it creates bacteria in it which comes to your hands and then slowly enters in your and your family’s body.

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If you’re not cleaning the sponge properly after washing crockery than next time it may clean your crockery but the bacteria will stuck with the crockery and when the next you eat food in it. It will enter in your body and makes you unhealthy.

Most of the time sponge remains wet and in that atmosphere bacteria’s start developing. By going bacteria start growing in wash basin and then slowly grows in whole kitchen and enter in anything which comes in front of them. And this makes your whole family unhealthy and you don’t even know what’s going wrong with your health. It can cause a serious food poisoning and cause jaundice and diarrhea.

As per research when sponge was seen in microscope than it shows very dangerous bacteria’s of typhoid, cholera and food poisoning. So ignoring this problem can cause you serious health issue.

If you think that washing sponge properly can help the issue than you are wrong. You cannot get relief from the problem. Even washing sponge with warm water cannot clean the whole sponge. Bacteria’s can survive in any type of atmosphere and situation. Even the very smallest part of the sponge can have millions of germs in it.

Than what to do?

This question will enter in everyone’s mind that than what to do in this situation? Shall we buy new sponge every time? Or should we use cloth for washing crockery?

Only one option can help you in this situation is that don’t use same sponge for more than a week and also clean every time sponge properly with warm water, add half lemon in water for cleaning sponge.

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There are still lots of research are going on this about the other option of dish washer sponge. Hope we will get the answer of this question soon.

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