10 Common Excuses for not Remaining fit

10 Common Excuses for not Remaining fit

10 Common Excuses for not Remaining fit

I don’t have time, my age doesn’t allow me, I have pain in joints, I am fat, I am thin. Peoples have thousands of excuses for not Remaining fit, doing exercise and fitness for health. Health and fitness is the gift which we can give to ourselves and to our family members.

We resolute, we break. We have hundreds of excuses for unsuccessful health and life. Life never runs of excuses. When we are not feeling fit, fine and healthy it means it’s time for the service of the body. For living healthy you have to give proper service to your body like eating a balanced diet, doing exercise and fitness exercise, meditation and yoga. These all things are the same for men’s and women’s.

Today we are going to share the excuses of a few men’s and lots of women’s who do not want to Remaining fit.

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  1. Do not have Time for Exercise:- This is the biggest excuses for not Remaining fit, everyone uses especially ladies to avoid doing exercise. Walk or exercise in the morning? Who had time for that? I have to send children’s to school and husband on their work. Yes, they are right but this is about your health you have to do this for 20-30 minutes at least to stay fit and healthy. Prepare yourself, motivate yourself for this, this is about your body and health, think about it and start doing it from today. If you can’t do it in the morning you can do it in the evening, or whichever time suits you.
  1. Exercise is Boring:- Yes this time you are absolutely right, you sure you are right? If you are bored from same routine exercise thingy then why not you change the place of exercise for some time? I mean find few more grounds nearby you, go for cycling, swimming and other physical or sports activities. Take a 2-day break in a week to give relax to your muscles, body, and mind.
  1. Pain in the Back:- Again one of the common excuse of lazy peoples. Back pain does not mean that you stop your daily routine fitness programs. Yes, you can stop gyming and heavy exercise, but you can do normal exercises like walk and cycling. If you have some serious back problem or early stage spine/back problem then walk is the only best option for you. It will also give relief in your back pain. You can consult your doctor or physician before starting any type of exercise.
  1. Age Effect:- Sometimes people make excuses of their age for not Remaining fit by not doing exercise. They think that they are 40 above now and exercise is not made for them. They start thinking more about their age, family, and business but do not want to do physical workout or exercise to remain fit. The body never gets old for a physical workout, it’s all about your thinking about fitness and health. Never think about age just start doing the things which you like to do and add physical activities in it to remain fit and healthy.
  1. How can I Walk Alone:- Walking, exercise and other fitness activities doing alone is boring I can’t do that is one of the famous growing excuses of all time. Yes, it is bit true that doing the same thing, again and again, make people bored. This is one of the reasons people put less energy into the exercise. So if you feeling bored and do not want to do alone then convince your friends or family members to do routine exercise with you. Make new friends in the ground and start doing exercise with them. Yes, it is also true if you do exercise with friends, you feel more energetic and put more pressure on yourself to work harder. But still, if you do not find any person who can do those workouts with you then you can start listening to songs or motivational speeches and do continue your workout.

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  1. I am Fatty:- I am fatty, now this fat cannot be reduced. I am feeling ashamed and embarrassed whenever I am going to ground, park or the fitness center. Growing fat with the age is not unnatural and making it an excuse make you more uncomfortable and unhealthy. So it is good for you to start a walk for 15 minutes and rise the time weekly and then start running and do other various types of exercises to reduce weight and to maintain the fitness of the body. You can also consult the dietitian or nutritionist to reduce the weight and better health. “This is what I think- Grounds are made for fat peoples and blood banks are made for thin and week peoples”.
  1. I am Thin:- Please do not make it an accuse that you are thin. This doesn’t mean you are a fit person. A workout is not just about losing weight. It also about maintaining the health and stronger the muscles. Fitness is also for peace of mind, it also reduces the stress from the mind. Exercise is made for all types of peoples. It does not matter you are male, female, young, old, fat, thin or what, it is for all. So just kick that excuse and come to ground and play with other peoples and enjoy your life. (Remember money can buy medicines and doctor, but you have to earn your health yourself.)
  1. Kids are Younger:- After pregnancy, ladies gaining fat very fast and the main reason behind is that they did not get time for themselves in that particular time. In that time their body hormones change drastically and they are not getting proper sleep and diet which put them in unrest position and makes them unhealthy. It can also put them on stress. But that also not mean you cannot do walk or some other exercises. When your baby turns 3-4 months then you can your child to your elders at home go for walk for 15-20 which you can increase time to time. (Must consult your doctor before starting any physical workout.)

      You can go for walk with your baby child in prime and you both will enjoy the atmosphere.  If there is not one at home then you can do cycling at home and some other light aerobics and yoga exercise at home. You can consult some professional trainer about your home work out and start from very light exercise. Please, do not skip your exercise part. I seriously want everyone to maintain their body. 

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  1. I am Suffering from Arthritis:- How can I do exercise? I am already suffering from the problem of arthritis. In reality, there is no harm in doing walk and light exercise in this problem. Walking, stretching, aerobics, yoga makes muscles strong and reduces the pain and stress in joints. Exercise removes extra fat which gives relief from pain. New researches already show that those are suffering from arthritis, cervical cancer, stroke and Perkins problems can do walk and exercise can gain good result in their health issues. Always consult your doctor about starting the fitness program. I am sure your doctor will help you and motivate you to do the exercise.
  • Too Much Work at Home:- Friends, this is about your own body. Your home mates, friends and relatives can stay with you in your health issues or can spend money on you. But it’s only you who has to suffer from the health issue. So it is better for you to start doing fitness training program before it is getting too late. Make exercise a part of your life. You must feel guilty when you quit the exercise because it does not just affect your body, it also affects the whole family you loves you and depends on you.

You must join any of this program, these are the easy way to lose weight:-

Join fitness training program, strength training workouts, body weight exercises. Accept weight loss challenge and do weight loss by running. These fitness programs are the quickest way to lose weight. You can try other health and fitness program too.

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