Did You Know these 4 Ways to Avoid an Unwanted Pregnancy

Did You Know these 4 Ways to Avoid an Unwanted Pregnancy

Did You Know these 4 Ways to Avoid an Unwanted Pregnancy

Unwanted Pregnancy- Sometimes we notice that couples often do some mistakes in excitement and do not use protection during sexual intercourse. This can cause a problem of unwanted pregnancy. But there are many methods to prevent this. Let us know about those things which can help you to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

Contraceptive Pills:-

If you had sex and you didn’t take any protection then you can have these pills within 72 hours or within 3 days. This will prevent ovulation or fertilization as it contains progestin.

Copper T:-

It is an intrauterine device that some women use for regular birth control. This is T-shaped and goes inside your uterus. After this, you can have sex without any kind of protection.

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There is many kind of medicines and injections available in the market to avoid pregnancy. You can consult regarding this issue to any specialist doctor.


Condoms are the least expensive form of contraception and the easiest to obtain. They also protect couples from sharing some sexually transmitted infections and also prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Dear Ladies, I am sure that this pregnancy-related health article will help you a lot and you can save yourself from any type of unwanted pregnancy.

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