How Cardiac Rehab Program is Important for your Health

How Cardiac Rehab Program is Important for your Health

How Cardiac Rehab Program is Important for your Health

Cardiac Rehab Program- There are many ways to measuring the activity of the body while performing exercises or when we bring some changes in our life. You have to keep a record of some things during exercises at home or rehab center.

Determining Heart Rate:-

This tells us due to capacity of doing hard exercises which is very useful for our health. At the beginning of rehab, you are advised to do exercises only according to your heart rate. You can start exercises from a low level of heart rate. With time you become active and is able to perform heard exercises.

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Rating of Perceived Exertion:-

It tells you the fatigue level of your body. Moreover, it informs us how easily we get tired and check our capacity to do any exercise. This is almost a part of cardiac rehab. So it is better to talk to your trainer before starting the workout.

Concern your doctor if you experience any kind of a pain in your heart RPE determines that how effectively our heart beats and can breathe audibly moreover how much tension we can bear in our muscles. It is presented in a form of scale. This can range between 6 to 20. If we have RPE range 6 to 20 then we should do exercise slowly, but if the range is over 60 then we can perform difficult exercises also.

The 1 Week Diet
The 1 Week Diet

Can heart diseases be completely treated by cardiac rehabilitation?

What we eat, how many times we do exercise in a week and what we do to keep away from tension, this all matters a lot. Because of all these things increases the chances of heart disease. Therefore, bringing a small change in this routine can decrease the threat to heart-related diseases.

Do you know, a cardiac problem cannot only be decreased but can also be completely treated. A survey has shown that when people feeling nearly 90% frequency of chest pain brought some small changes in their life. Then within a month, they start showing improvement in their health. If we attend rehab program for even one year than blocked blood vessels can also be repaired. This survey is performed only for those heart patients who were severely suffering and whose condition got worst.

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Which thing we should add to our lifestyle?

You can go for a regular walk or can do yoga for at least 3 days a week. Exercise, lack of concentration or tension all are added to this program. If it is possible then most important thing is to bring a change in your diet, this can be very useful and effective for the heart. But if we take proper homemade meal then it is not difficult to change. The small change in our food habits can decrees threat to heart diseases but this is not enough to completely finish this problem.

If we want to eradicate this disease from root then we have to be a vegetarian. We should add fruits, vegetables, grains, beans, soya, white part of egg., refined sugar and processed carbs to our diet and avoid eating dairy products containing fat. Try to eat as much natural food as possible. The best way to keep our heart healthy is to take proper healthy diet and this is how you can be staying active.

Take your medicine at the proper time and keep a watch on your weight. Concern your doctor regularly and give up to smoking. This can protect your heart from many harmful diseases.

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