4 Causes and Symptoms of Heart Related Problem

4 Causes and Symptoms of Heart Related Problem

4 Causes and Symptoms of Heart Related Problem

Did you know that current medical data shows that around 17.30 million of peoples dying every year. Its is just because of heart related problems? WHO says 8.6 millions are women’s in them who died because of heart Heart Related Problem, diseases/ infection.

In this busy hectic fast and busy life where everyone is focusing on their professional life and carrier. All of these peoples forget about their health and people these days suffering from heart diseases are normal.

Today we are going to share the causes and symptoms of heart problems from which you can know and understand about your problem correctly.

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  1. Regular Health Checkup:- Its good for you to always go for regular checkup, yes it may cost you some money but it also saves you from symptoms which may go worst in future and you can start treatment in starting time. Never skip your regular medical checkup. Do this at least 3-4 times a year and live happy and healthy life.
  1. Quit Smoking/ Drinking:- If you are a regular smoker or a chain smoker or drinking a lot then this can be very dangerous for you. It is good if you quit these things or if you can’t stop then reduce at least 80% of smoking and drinking. Because these things high blood pressure which can cause a heart attack and can kill you too. So it is good to take treatment before it will be too late for you.
  1. Fatty Bodies/ Over Weight:- Are you overweight? Not doing any exercise? Man, don’t you love yourself? Wake up early in the morning and start with walk and then slowly increase it to running and do it on regular basis. Also stop eating junk, fried, oily and bakery products, it might be good in taste but it can create a serious problem for you. If you are overweight then there are 40% more chances of heart attack. So if you love yourself stop eating these things and start doing regular exercise.
  1. Heavy Diet:- Overeating is never ever good for health. If your body demands 400 gram food go for 350 and left with 50 gram which is good for you. But if you eat 500-600 gram per diet it can cause you serious trouble in upcoming time. It can create lot of pressure on liver and heart functioning and can cause serious heart related problems in coming time. Avoid eating more than necessary which is good for your health.

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  1. Feeling pain in chest? It might be cause of overeating, but if you feeling it a lot of time then this might be a sign or symptom of heart problem. Contact and consult the heart specialist doctor immediately.
  1. Feeling uncomfortable, sweat on body and face. Body starts vibrating, pain in neck, back, jaws and stomach can also be a symptom of heart problem. You should consult your doctor immediately. If it is not related heart problem then it it good for you otherwise you should visit heart specialist doctor.
  1. Feeling problem in breathing, feel like vomiting and always feeling headache can also be a symptom of heart problem.
  1. As per doctors after the age of 30 years you have to visit your doctor 3-4 times a year or after every 3-4 months for complete checkup. It may cost you some money but it is good to spend some money in early stage rather than feeling guilty in danger situations.

If you see any heart attack symptoms or any sign of heart attack, then do not waste any time and visit heart specialist doctor. After the treatment when you visit home take heart healthy diet or heart healthy foods. You can make heart healthy recipe which can help you to recover from heart related problems.

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