5 Best Workouts You Need To Build Six Pack Abs

5 Best Workouts You Need To Build Six Pack Abs

5 Best Workouts You Need To Build Six Pack Abs

Build Six Pack Abs- These days everybody wants to be stay fit and want to make six pack abs. If we go the gym on daily basis then we can make our body stronger and muscular but without 6 packs your body will not be a complete physique. Six packs make a stronger and muscular body a complete body.

It doesn’t’ matter you have good chest, biceps or shoulder, till you do not have six packs about your body would never be a complete muscular body.

Take sufficient amount of protein while going to the gym, it helps in making a good muscular body and helps to generate 6 packs faster.

Learn to manage your diet chart properly. Avoid oily, fried and fatty food. Add vegetables, fruits, and nutritious food in your diet. Add dry fruits too, dry fruits have all the nutrient elements which body requires in hard work. Taking proper diet helps in making good physique and reduces body fat.

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Take gap between exercise like if you did chest exercise today than take a gap of 2 days to do it again, it is also same with six pack abs exercise. Always take 1-day gap between crunches, it will help you to grow six pack faster and it also gives sufficient rest to stomach and rest helps to grow muscles I proper way.

Today I will share 5 exercises with you which you can do easily at home and can make good six pack abs.

  1. Crunches Build Six Pack Abs:-

Crunches are the first exercise for abs. lie down on your back on the ground, bring your legs closer to each other, carry your hands behind head and then try to get up slowly. Do 10-15 crunches in 1 set and do 3-4 sets per day. You can increase them after some time. Crunches are one of Best Workouts which everyone loves to do.

  1. Hanging Leg Raise Build Six Pack Abs:-

This is the second exercise and we have to do just after the crunches. This exercise put a great effect on abs. hang yourself with the help of pull-ups bar and then try to take your legs in a straight-forward posture and make a 90-degree angle. Then come back slowly to your original position. Do same 3 sets of 10-15 leg raise. You can also increase the set after some days training.

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    3. Incline Knee Raise Build Six Pack Abs:-

Use incline bench for this exercise. First of all, lie down on the bench using your back and close your knees. Bring these towards your chest, keep this thing in mind that your stomach is contracted during this exercise. 3 sets of 15-20 are enough for some time then increase as per your comfort.

  1. Incline bench Situps Build Six Pack Abs:-

Same like the previous exercise use incline bench in it too. Lie down on your back on higher side, hook your feet under stopper. Your head should be at the declined side of a bench. Put your hands behind your head and raise yourself from bench to bending your waist and hips. Repeat it for at least 10-20 times in a set and do this for 3 set.

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  1. Planks Build Six Pack Abs:-

This is the last exercise of abs which makes abs stronger. It looks easy to do this exercise but it is getting difficult when you do it continuously. This is the most effective exercise which is compulsory for six pack abs.

Lie face down with extended legs and bent your elbows directly under your shoulders. Clasp your hands contract your abs, forearms remain on the ground and lift your body up. Hold for as long as you can or do this with 15-30-45-60 seconds times which you can increase the time to time.

Note:- Never eat/drink before or after 40-50 minutes of exercise and take proper rest in between this time.

I am sure these 5 exercises will help you to make six pack abs in a proper way without any problem. Do share this post with your friends and on social media. Thanks …



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