Know about Right Sleeping Posture in Pregnancy

Know about Right Sleeping Posture in Pregnancy

Know about Right Sleeping Posture in Pregnancy

During the pregnancy, elderly women of the house give various instructions related to sleeping, getting up, sitting and sleeping. In these, one advice is given that women should not sleep on the back during pregnancy. Let’s tell you why it is said and what are the correct ways of lying during pregnancy.

Is Lying on the Back in Pregnancy Dangerous?

At the beginning of pregnancy, as you lie down, there is no special problem because your baby is initially behind a pubic bone. However, after 16 weeks of pregnancy, sleeping behind the back can be dangerous. During this, the baby takes a little load. Lying on the back, your baby can put pressure on the vein, which transmits blood from the lower part of your body to the heart. Although this happens only when you lie down on the back of the back, lying on the back in the last days of pregnancy can lead to fainting or feeling like sleeping.

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Is it Right to Sleep with a Right Turn in Pregnancy?

Back and upside down on the right hand in pregnancy is much better than sleeping straight, but it is not as safe to sleep on the left. The reason for this is that, due to the right trickle, your pressure on the liver causes the liver-related function to be interrupted, especially your digestive disorder and the lack of nutritious substances for the infant. Even if you are tired of sleeping on your left side or are feeling pressure on one side, you can sleep right in the middle for a while.

How to Sleep in Pregnancy Right?

If the experts believe that sleeping on the right side is the best in the pregnancy, then sleeping on the left side. For the better development of the baby and the comfort of your body, right side sleep is much better.

At this stage, your baby receives all the nutrients and your blood flow through your umbilical cord. There is also an advantage of sleeping in this condition because sleeping straight or on right side causes the toxins present in your body, which prevents the body from inflammation or infection.

How Much Sleep is Needed for Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, rest is very important; you should take good sleep to give rest to your body. As much as focusing on self-esteem during pregnancy, give as much attention as possible and comfortable sleep.

At this time, 7 to 9 hours of sleep is necessary. But due to increased body weight and many other types of hormones, you may not sleep properly or for a long time continuously. Due to lack of good sleep, it seems heaviness throughout the day and the woman can be irritated too.

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Drink Plenty of Water

It is very important to drink water in adequate quantity even during pregnancy. Water helps to remove the toxin from your body and gives you freshness too. It keeps the body hydrated, which makes sleep well.

Know about Right Sleeping Posture in Pregnancy

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