How To Lose 4 Inches Of Belly Fat In 2 Weeks? Stop Fat Storage Review.

How to lose belly fat fast without strenuous exercises?

If you are looking to lose the stubborn belly fat without spending time to exercise crazily at the gym, you might consider Stop Fat Storage because it offers simple and science-backed techniques to do so.

The premise of the program is based on a scientific research on HSD, a fat producing enzyme that’s caused by stress. The finding is, the more stress you get, the more HSD the body produces, which leads to more belly fat tissues built up.

Stop Fat Storage provides a lot of resources on how to balance the hormones that increases fat storage with a low-HSD food diet using natural ingredients. It targets losing 7 pounds of stress-related weight and 4 inches of belly fat as quickly as 2 weeks.

What is HSD?

HSD is the fat storing enzyme formed in our body when we have stress. By increasing certain ingredients that come naturally in our food, you can slow down the production of the HSD enzyme and lose belly fat even without exercises.

In nutshell, an important part to losing belly fat is to reduce the production of HSD enzyme. To achieve this, Stop Fat Storage provides:

  • A 30-second, quick-result formula for making a daily citrus tea that helps burn belly fat (all natural ingredients).
  • A exercise to tighten up the belly in 2 minutes.
  • Resources on the kinds of food that help reduce HSD and how to lose belly fat naturally.

Who is the Stop Fat Storage for?

Stop Fat Storage is designed to help men and women over 35 years old lose belly fat over 2 weeks. Belly fat caused by HSD is produced 2-3 times faster in our 30’s, 40’s and 50’s than when we are in our 20’s.

Without targeting this enzyme, we can’t lose belly fat effectively even when we are already on a healthy diet and doing regular exercise. Keeping HSD enzyme in check is necessary in addition to any other diets or healthy behavior that we are currently doing.

HSD production makes it much harder to shed the extra pounds even when we are on a strict diet and doing strenuous exercises.

Using this program, over 4600 people have seen an average of 7 pounds shed in the matter of 2 weeks, some people even saw the effect overnight.

Stop Fat Storage Review

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What’s appealing about Stop Fat Storage?

Here are my takes about Stop Fat Storage. First, it caught my eyes for a few reasons:

  • It’s a way to loose belly fat naturally: You only need to add some natural ingredients to your regular food. The ingredients are likely already part of your weekly grocery shopping.
  • There’s no need to buy strange food or expensive fat-burning pills.

The above two factors are important especially if you care about where the food comes from. You are in control, and there’s an added benefit for not having to pay for a recurring subscription of some meal plan that can turn out to be expensive at the end.

Other advantages that the program offers compared to other fat loss diets are:

  • It does not require exhausting exercise
  • It does not need you to count calories daily
  • You can see the weight loss effect fast. Some who have successfully tried this program claimed to see them losing weight instantly overnight.
  • It is a one-stone-kill-2-birds approach. By reducing mentioned the fat storing enzyme, it also reduces stress and improves your mood.

The program can sound catchy in the beginning, especially with its “lose weight fast” theme. But I myself have tried the citrus drink the last 6 months and saw its positive impact on reducing my body weight and my mood.

So if you are not allergic to citrus, I think it’s worth trying Stop Fat Storage.

What’s included in Stop Fat Storage?

There are a total of 8 books, in the format of PDF files. You can switch between a laptop, iPad or phone to read them.

Here are the 8 e-books that came with the purchase:

  1. Stop Fat Storage
  2. Lunch recipes
  3. Dinner recipes
  4. Fat Burning Desserts
  5. Balancing Estrogen
  6. Keeping A Check On Testosterone
  7. Controlling Thyroid
  8. HSD Deactivating Food – This is the Bonus.

With these ebooks, the program turns out to be very comprehensive. Here is what’s included in each book:

  1. Stop Fat Storage

Stop Fat Storage Review

The e-book’s content is divided as follow:

  • The first 3 chapters introduce how stress is created in general. They also mention how its presence increases some particular type of hormones and an enzyme that produce belly fat storage in the body such as cortisol and HSD.
  • The next 3 chapters give bountiful information about the food and supplements that reduce cortisol and HSD and improve your weight loss speed.
  • There is 1 chapter dedicated to talking about the citrus tea formula. This is the “secret sauce” to the whole instant weight loss program. I like that the recipe is easy to prepare and it’s all made from natural ingredients.

Stop Fat Storage Review

  • The last 5 chapters provide a good load of recipes to make drinks, smoothie, HSD-reducing powder and meals to boost weight loss for a period of 14 days.

The book has a total of 84 pages. It took me about 1 hour to quickly go through all the pages, and probably about 2 hours to read the whole book in details.

My take on the book

My overall impression is Janet – the book’s author is a very knowledgeable nutritionist. She goes into details to explain how cortisol, estrogen, testosterone, and HSD trigger your body’s fat storage mechanism and how the ingredients in your daily food and drink consumption contribute to the high’s and low’s of these chemistries. I love the way she broke down why each component in the food is good or bad for you.

She also breaks the myth about some common food or drinks. Take caffein for example. It can help decrease heart disease for some people with a particular gene, while it increases the level of HSD fat storing enzyme in others.

Overall, her writing is research-based and the facts are cited from respectable sources.

In the end, I got a ton of information about the how’s and why’s of our body’s mechanism for storing fat. Janet provides a detailed list of the natural food and veggies that help decrease HSD, the fat storing enzyme, and what to avoid so our body doesn’t produce this fat cells’ enzyme.

2. Lunch recipes

For a food recipe and cooking lover like myself, this is a great addition to the main Stop Fat Storage book. There are 35 recipes included in the e-booklet. All are made from the healthy ingredients that help reduce the stress hormones and HSD level.

3. Dinner recipes

There are 30+ recipes for dinner. They all come with nice instructions and pictures. I have not tried all of them, but it looks like all the meals are quite tasty and easy to make.

4. Fat Burning Desserts

10 delicious and low sugar recipes for making desserts. The instructions include cooking time, serving size and step-by-step guide. My favorite dessert dish is Almond Pecan Protein Balls.

5. Balancing Estrogen

This includes food and supplements to eat or avoid in order to have a healthy Estrogen hormone level in women. The instruction comes with a 14 meal plan to balance Estrogen.

Stop Fat Storage Review

6. Keep A Check On Testosterone

Similarly to Estrogen, a healthy dose of Testosterone is important in men. This booklet contains the instructions for the food to include and avoid in order to have a healthy Testosterone level. It also comes with a 14 meal plan.

7. Controlling Thyroid

The instructions for food to consume or avoid here can be used by both men and women. The book also includes a 14 Thyroid-balancing meal program.

8. HSD Deactivating Food

This is the bonus book. It has a whole list of food and drinks that deactivate the production of HSD in your body. It also comes with the worst food to avoid to prevent an increase in HSD enzyme.

9. The “Oxycize” Exercise

This is a simple 2-minute exercise that teaches you a breathing technique that helps strengthen the core and reduce belly fat. The exercise is actually given out for free on their website, so you don’t need to purchase the program to try it. This exercise works wonders for me . It even changes my posture and I have it incorporated to my daily habit.

Stop Fat Storage Review

Stop Fat Storage – The Pros and Cons

Here is my take on the pros and cons of this program.


  • Comprehensive guide on how HSD and different hormones in the body contribute to weight loss. The revelation of how stress causes different hormone imbalances is fascinating to know.
  • Easy to follow: All the recipes and ingredients recommended in the program are easy to follow. Although there are 8 books in the program, you can just start with the main one “Stop Fat Storage Program”, which takes only about a couple of hours to read through. The “signature” drink introduced in the book, Lemon Zest, takes me usually about just a couple of minutes daily to make.
  • Simple way to loose belly fat naturally: Besides being full of Vitamin C that’s great for your skin and digestion, having the citrus drink daily can really help shrinking that belly (It worked for me!).
  • Only requires light exercises: During the time following the Stop Fat Storage program, I actually reduced my cardio exercise (Not on purpose to test this program, I just wanted to try a new exercise) and yet still got a slimmer figure.
  • It’s safe:  All recipes are based on natural healthy ingredients to our common sense. No chemicals or harmful diets involved.


Although the food and diets recommended in the program are not strict diets and are healthy in common sense, it doesn’t say explicitly how long one need to follow it for or if there are people with special conditions and treatment where a HSD reducing diet is not suitable for.

The Verdict:

The finding in Stop Fat Storage is really good news for everyone because there is a quick, simple and natural way to lose weight and shrink belly fat. The program is suitable for anyone between 35 – 85, and it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. So I personally think it’s worth it to give it a try.

Stop Fat Storage is loaded with valuable resources to a non-stress and fat-worry free life. It also includes a few amazingly simple yet effective weight loss tips that automatically shut down the fat producing enzyme and instantly reduce belly fat, safely. The wealth of knowledge in the program itself is worth the price of $37.

The rewards don’t just stop there. The program also comes with these free bonuses:

  • HSD Deactivating Foods Guide
  • Top 10 Fat-Burning Exercises for 2018 DVD
  • Natural Food and Ingredients to Reverse Arthritis Book
  • How To Look Younger Workout DVD

Those are incredible values. Try Stop Fat Storage and reap the results for yourself!

Stop Fat Storage Review

Stop Fat Storage Review


Discloser: All the opinions and results described in this article are solely of my own and are not guaranteed to be the same for everybody. It’s always best to consult your physician whether the program is suitable for you.

The article contains affiliate links to the author’s website. 

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