Flat Belly Fix Review

Let’s take a deep dive into a fat burning program called The Fat Belly Fix. It aims at slimming down your core and midsection and is catching hype.

Can this diet help me lose belly fat and improve other health issues? Does it really work or is it just another fad diet? Is this diet for me? Anything I need to be concerned about?

This article addresses these questions

What is Flat Belly Fix?

Flat Belly Fix is a program that helps you lose belly fat. It provides guidance on foods and an eating schedule to target belly fat. The program comes with 11 exercises to tone the belly, it is a complete system for fat loss.

The problem with competing diet programs is they only target one aspect of weight loss. They either talk about the food types in the diets or only focus on restricting how many times you eat in the day.

A program that tackles the issue single-handedly requires a great deal of effort from you to reach your weight loss goal. At the end, it is likely ineffective.

The Flat Belly Fix takes a conscious and complete approach for fat loss to better deliver results.

This belly fat targeting program combines three effective diet principles, each with a big fan base: the Intermittent Fasting, Fat Adaption (same principle the Ketogenic diet is based on), and using herbal tea for eliminating fat.

Flat Belly Fix Review Summary
Product Name: Flat Belly Fix

Founder: Todd Lamb

Product Type: Fat Loss Program

Price: $37 $27  

Best For: Targeting belly fat without hours at the gym
Summary: To lose fat, food groups are just as important as eating schedules and exercises. If you are someone who has tried multiple ways to lose weight but still can't make the belly fat go away, Flat Belly Fix is a complete system that guides you through multiple facets of fat loss. Its methods aim at trimming down the core effectively by combining multiple diet principles.

Our rating: 9/10

Recommended: Yes


These are what the program will guide you on:

#1. What food should you eat to lose belly fat?

Using superfoods and natural spices is central to this diet. They are the powerhouse to help you shred fat. You will get the recipes to make a tea from these ingredients in the morning. The tea works to improve your hormones’ (leptin and insulin) sensitivity. Your body will feel more satisfied, hence reducing the problem of you “feeling hungry” all the time.

There are other benefits from the nutrients of these natural spices such as: improve thyroid, colon health, digestive system, reduce inflammation and depressive symptoms.

Additionally, the Flat Belly Fix lays out the food group plan to transition your body from burning glucose for energy to burning fat for almost all activities, including your muscles (this process is called fat adaptation). Once your body is in this mode, fat shredding is activated and becomes very effective.

flat belly fix

#2. Eating Frequency: How to set the periods between eating?

In Flat Belly System, you restrict calorie intake by cycling the body between periods of eating and fasting (no food). When you sit down at a meal, you can relax and eat until satisfaction.

While fasting, your body does not take in any food, so your digestion system can rest and your body starts burning the calories it took in prior.

The key to this program is to stay on track with the recommended food groups and not to overeat during the eating period.

The Flat Belly Fix provides a very detailed eating schedule for intermittent fasting to make sure you keep to those guidelines, and you won’t be starving yourself either.

Its schedule allows your body just enough time to digest the food and burn the excess fat.

How long is the program?

The Fat Belly Fix system mentioned you need to stick to the diet for 21 days. It means, you need to endure the process for that amount of time to see results. But don’t let the name fool you, the program includes all the needed materials to make a permanent change to your body by enabling you to keep the protocol your habit and lifestyle.

What's included in the program?What's NOT included in the program?
3 books:

1. Flat Belly Fix Main Manual
2. 7-minute Protocol
3. The Flat Belly Fix Smoothie Recipes
No cooking recipes or meal plans. You can purchase these additionally in the 'Fat Burning Recipes Addon'.
Tea recipesNo exercises program for the whole body. Exercises given in the program are only targeting abs.
Food groups
Well researched evidence on the benefits of the tea and the diet
Benefits of the program for men
Benefits of the program for women.
Member access to web portal

How Does Flat Belly Fix Help You Shred Fat?

Every weight-loss fat-loss diet is only different in two aspects:

  • What kind of food do you eat?
  • How much do you eat/What’s the frequency of the meals?

These two components create a well-rounded diet.

Changing meal proportions

The first aspect addresses the certain food requirement in a diet, a.k.a, the food groups.

For long term weight loss purposes (which means, staying at a healthy desired weight), the simpler and less restrictive the food groups are, the easier it is for you to stick to the diet for a long time.

A good diet should also let you see results quickly, therefore, shortening the amount of time and the effort you need to put in before reaching your first weight loss goals.

In the Flat Belly Fix, you choose only natural healthy food and spices. They bring you many long term benefits, including treating chronic issues such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure.

There is no calorie counting and no complete elimination of a food group from your diet, so it is easy to follow.

The proportion of the food groups will shift your body from burning glucose to burning fat for energy, helping you shred the fat layers efficiently.

Flat belly fix

Intermittent Fasting

This is the second aspect of a diet and it is to do with the calorie intake into your body. The rule of thumb is if you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight.

Being on a diet usually requires you to count the amount of calories from all the food you eat in a day, to make sure you don’t go over the amount allowed in each meal.

The problem with keeping track of calories is it is quite tedious. Moreover, it can throw your lifestyle out of place. Think about going out to a restaurant, what if the dish on the menu is not on your calorie counter app? 

The Flat Belly Fix does not need you to count calories. Rather, it’s based on a principle that by having the body alternate between periods of eating and fasting, you restrict the overall calories intake in a 24 hours time frame. This is generally a very successful way of losing fat.

It makes calorie restriction relatively easy, at the same time speeding up your metabolic rates, insulin sensitivity and improved cellular repairs.

Does The Flat Belly Fix Work?

Honest Review
  • Our Overall Rating


An insider view

When you think of why our body accumulate fat, you often think it’s because you overeat or you don’t exercise enough. That was what I thought when I was in my 20’s.

So I restrained my meals to only eating salads with a small piece of chicken or salmon. And I exercised a ton, I mean, about two hours each day on belly toning, cardio kickboxing and circular training.

The result, I got to a healthy weight, but the belly fat was still there. No matter how much exercise I did, it seemed that the stubborn belly fat just couldn’t vanish.

The Flat Belly Fix works for me because it uses the right fat burning approach.

Belly “deflates”

By using the natural ingredients in the tea and shifting the portions of my meal, I could see my belly “deflate” within a couple of days. With this program, I am not required to exercise excessively. In fact, the ab toning exercise only takes me 7 minutes a day.

And the look of my belly changed drastically. I went from looking like I was 6 month pregnant to I no longer need to wear baggy clothes and worry about someone noticing my belly.

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More free time

This approach works for me now that I entered my 30’s. I have more responsibilities, get more busy, and spending 2 hours at the gym is a luxury.

Now I can free up my meal options as there are a variety of food to choose from the food groups in the Flat Belly Fix system.

Another nice thing is the 7-minute exercise book comes with video demonstration that is accessed from the web portal. All the exercises are at a basic level and easy to do.

Smoothies are my life changer

I love the book about smoothies. These recipes are my life changer because they help make fat loss much easier. When I start using smoothies as my meal replacement (mostly at dinner time), I feel my body lighter and I sleep better at night. Having more time to spend with my family in the evening is also a big bonus (Now I can sit at the table talking instead of eating).

Additionally, the smoothies have helped improved my skin and given me more energy. They are what I considered the “mega booster” for this fat loss program.

How much does it cost?

The price for the whole program, including 3 books, 7 workout videos, and the support from the whole team, is $37.

With a 60 day money back guarantee, you have no risk. So if you are ready to lose fat, I recommend you try The Flat Belly Fix.

I was able to find a $10 coupon off its regular $37 price. So you just need to pay $27 to get this program today. Enjoy this nice discount while it lasts!


Add-ons, are they worth considering?

There are a few additional products and subscriptions you can purchase together with the Flat Belly Fix system. You will get a discount if you purchase them with the Flat Belly System.

Here are my take on these add-ons:

  • Monthly subscription to Todd’s 1-on-1 online coaching program.

You can opt in to try this coaching program for free for the first 21 days after you get the Flat Belly Fix system. However, after the free period, the paid subscription will kick in if you decide to continue with it.

Online fitness coaching is very helpful in losing weight if you are looking for mental support as well as additional resources beyond the program itself.

I have seen people getting great results with the support of someone guiding them along the process of losing weight. If you are not a big fan of online coaching or personal training like myself, there’s no pressure to sign up for it.

  • Flat Belly Fix Tea:

You will get the recipes for making the Flat Belly’s fat loss tea in the main manual. However, if you don’t want to make the tea yourself, you can buy the tea powder supplements instead at a discounted price if you purchase it with the Flat Belly Fix system.

The powder bottle looks like a green superfood supplement. It makes drinking the tea a lot more convenient if you don’t have time to make it. The downside is it’s a bit pricey.

  • Fat burning recipes

This book has many meal recipes that follow the food groups recommended by Todd Lamb in the diet in order to lose fat in 21 days.

  • MCT Oil

MCT Oil is a main ingredient in making the tea. However if you don’t want to buy it, you can use coconut oil as the alternative.

  • Flat Belly Burning Yoga and Cardio

These are the exercises you can do to accelerate the results for weight loss during the 21 day period. They intensify the weight loss impact brought in by diet and work well together in conjunction with the diet.

Flat Belly Fix


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