9 Productive Things Which You Can Do While Sitting On Toilet

9 Productive Things Which You Can Do While Sitting On Toilet

9 Productive Things Which You Can Do While Sitting On Toilet

If you are confused after reading title that what I am going to share with you about productive things on the toilet seat? Then for your kind information you can do so many things while sitting on toilet seat and I will prove this to you. It is looking weird but you have to believe that we can do below written things by sitting in toilet.

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List of 9 productive things are:-

  1. Reading:- The most easiest and productive work which you can do while sitting on toilet seat is reading newspaper, books or magazines. It will save your time for sure.
  1. Make Daily or Weekly Plans:- When you are sitting in toilet you can make a plan for whole day or whole week. Also you will get lots of news ideas by sitting in the toilet.
  1. Check e-mails:- Toilet is the best place to check your business or family emails. By doing this you can save your time and you can spend that extra time on your work or with family.
  1. Puzzle Games:- Don’t just read books or magazines, you can play puzzle games on your mobile or tab to sharpen your brain too. It helps in growing concentration. It also helps you to come out from stress.
  1. Listen Music or Motivational Videos:- You can listen music or motivational video or any other productive video to motivate or update yourself.
  1. Update your mobile applications:- Took mobile in toilet and start update your mobile app or other things. You can seriously save lot of time and all the frustration will go does in toilet seat.
  1. Learn New Language:- Are you thinking or planning by learning English, Japanese, Russian , French or any other language? It’s better to learn few words daily by seating in toilet.
  1. Meditation:- It take great concentration for meditation which you can get in toilet too. Just start focus on your breathing and get relief from the things which put stress on your mind.
  1. Memory/ Memorize: You can read your school or work notes and start memorize them. You can memorize maths, science, physics and chemistry formula too.

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The whole story is you have many productive options and ideas whenever you are sitting on the toilet seat.

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