Can Pregnancy Increase Postpartum Depression Which Motivate For Suicide

Can Pregnancy Increase Postpartum Depression Which Motivates Suicide

Can Pregnancy Increase Postpartum Depression Which Motivate For Suicide

During pregnancy, 14 to 23 percent of women are victims of stress.

The effect of stress is on their sleep and changes in their mood too.

Increasing negativity leads to the idea of ​​self-harm.

This cycle continues even after the birth of a child.

Tension is not serious in pregnancy. But, when this stress reaches the peak of depression then it becomes dangerous. This has been revealed in the survey conducted by Midwives and Nutrition’s Royal College.

The report of the American Psychiatric Association also states that during pregnancy 14 to 23 percent of women are victims of stress. It affects not only on their sleep but also their mood changes. They feel anxious and helpless. Even in them, thoughts of suicide are also coming.

Tension and anxiety can be normal in pregnancy, but sometimes it can be very difficult to cure. Not only this, this problem does not last just for pregnancy. When a child is born, the level of stress increases in women, because a woman and child could not cope with this new environment. By which they become victims of stress. This situation is called post partial depression.

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Postpartum Depression

For 3-4 days of childbirth, there is a kind of sadness in women, which comes due to the physical and hormonal changes in their body. This situation is called Postpartum Blues. When this condition grows from 3-4 days to several weeks or months, then it is called Postpartum Depression. In this situation, the mother giving birth to the child does not have any attachment with her child, due to which she takes steps like suicide and child murder.

However, it does not happen with all women. While the number of women facing postpartum blues is high, the number of women suffering from postpartum depression is less. Postpartum Depression can be very unhappy. In such a situation, women are confused with despair and negativity. During this time, the woman does not give any attention to her child and she does not have an emotional involvement with her child.

What do you Say

Researchers from Northwestern Madison researchers at JAMA, psychiatry said that postpartum depression affects one of seven new mothers. In their research, their research on 10 thousand mothers that in 12 months of investigation, about 22 percent of them have complained of depression. Principal researcher Doctor Catherine L. Vissanar has advised that investigation of symptoms of depression should be made not only by the new mothers but in all pregnant women. Apart from this, a research in Canada also found that postpartum depression is seen more in urban women.

How to Handle

Take Care of Yourself

It is not prudent to take care of the child in irritation only, but it is also necessary to think about yourself during this time. If you are happy, then you will be able to take care of your child too.

Eat Healthy Food

Do not ignore your catering. Eat green vegetables, eggs, and chicken in the food so that the body can get enough nutrition.

Keep Skin in Mind

Depression may occur in women with stretch marks during pregnancy. In this case, try to remove the stretch marks.  You may also feel the need to consult the skin disease specialist too.

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Take Proper Sleep

It is very important to take enough sleep to fight stress. For this, it will be necessary for you to complete your sleep when the child sleeps because small children often do not sleep for the whole night. In this case, you will not get enough sleep, because you need to take care of your newborn baby.

Tell Your Husband

Tell your husband the whole thing of your heart. It is important that you keep your faith with them so that they treat you like a friend and they can better understand the changes in your life after the birth of the child.

It is normal to have stress in pregnancy but to avoid it; it is not good for you to get the idea of ​​suicide in mind. To overcome stress, definitely talk to your family about the point of your heart.

I am sure that, by above-written suggestions, you can easily come out from the situation.

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