Cardiac Rehabilitation- Inspection and Testing

Cardiac Rehabilitation- Inspection and Testing

Cardiac Rehabilitation- Inspection and Testing

Cardiac Rehabilitation- Rehab team evaluates your risk factors before admitting you to a rehabilitation center. During this program, it is noticed that how your heart can be healthy and which exercise are helpful for your body. The doctor makes sure this thing that you are fully ready to be a part of this program. He cares a lot about you and also checks this regularly that how much you should improve.

These are some test which is done by the doctor before starting a rehab program. This is mainly for checking your ability to do exercises. They watch this thing that how comfortably you can perform hard work and how beneficial is this for you.

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  1. Resting Electrocardiogram- EKG or ECG

An electrical signal is measured in this test which controls your heartbeat. This is shown on one graph and this is called ECG. Sometimes doctors perform resting ECG test and only after this they start the exercise program. 

  1. Exercise Electrocardiogram- ECG

It records the power of your heartbeat. This is also known as stress or treadmill test. During this test, it is checked that how your heart works while performing exercises. After this doctor tell us that how long we can do exercise. 

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  1. Echo Cardiogram- Echo

It is just like an ultrasound test which makes a picture of a heart using high pitched sound waves. With the help of a device called transducer, sound waves are sent to heart and return after striking different structures of the heart. This test tells us whether our heart pumps out blood properly or not and how good our valves works, sometimes it is mixed with exercise ECG. 

  1. Cardiac Perfusion Scan

Through this test, the amount of blood flow in our muscles during rest, a workout is checked. This is done when there is a pain without any reason in the heart and to examine the damage caused to muscles after a heart attack. 

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  1. Ambulatory ECG

This is commonly called a halter monitoring test. This is used for testing the rate of your heartbeat while performing your regular works. Generally many heart-related problems have occurred when we are doing some kind of work like- during exercises, eating, sex, and mental tension or while sleeping. This record every moment of your body and irregular heartbeat can be noticed when we do something cardiac rehab. This is very important for checking improvement in your body; which include blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and blood sugar level.

When you join cardiac rehab then you are fully examined. But when you start doing exercises once than it is not necessary to monitor you regularly and if doctor thinks that you need some important things then he might give you some monitoring devices for home also. Cardiac rehabilitation is the best way of keeping ourselves healthy.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

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