Top 5 Reasons Why Losing Weight Quickly is Dangerous For Health

Top 5 Reasons Why Losing Weight Quickly is Dangerous For Health

Top 5 Reasons Why Losing Weight Quickly is Dangerous For Health

Losing Weight Quickly- Gaining weight is a serious problem from which there is a danger of many diseases. Some people give you fantasy offers by giving remedies for losing 5 KG weight in week Some says eat whatever you want and lose weight.

No doubt these shortcuts to losing weight seem to be attractive. By getting trapped in these offers you can harm your health by crash diet or different remedies. Apparently losing weight frequently is not healthy.

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Today, I am going to share that what happens with your body when you start losing weight quickly and the 5 points are:-

  1. Reduces Metabolism:-

Studies tell that frequent loose in weigh can decrease metabolism rate to 86% in 14 days. The more you have metabolism rate, more calories you can burn. But sharp reduction in weight leads to less production of thyroid hormone (T3) which controls metabolism rate.

From studies, it is also known that instant reduction in weight can cause T3 level decrease to 72%. Due to this in 14 days metabolism rate falls to 86%. Evidently due to a decrease in metabolism rate fewer calories will be burnt and your hard work for losing weight would be wasted. 

  1. Skin Gets Loose:-

Your skin contains elastic fiber which makes it expand and contract. But when you lose weight rapidly than your skin does not contract so rapidly and therefore you feel your skin lose.

From researches, it is known that due to harm to elastic fiber, person reducing their weight can lose skin too. Therefore, you need to give time to make your skin come back in normal shape. 

  1. Harm to Muscles:-

When you follow the plan to lose weight for long times then you are losing 75% of your weight is from your fat. But when you start burning calories by making minimum consumption of calories than your body starts breaking down muscles to gain enough energy.

Research says that in losing weight rapidly you have to lose 3 times more muscles then losing weight in a planned manner. 

  1. Harm To Liver:-

Rapid lose in weight can cause harm to living moreover it can cause liver failure too. Investigators have done studies on consuming less calorie diet and rapid reduction in weight. Researchers found that 24% of people who lost more than 16 kg of their weight in a week have a risk of fibrosis. It is better to do not that much quicker. 

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  1. Bad Effect on Heart:-

Crash dieting and frequent reduction in weight increases danger of heartbeat, cardiac stress and many more health-related disease. Scientists found by their research that people losing weight frequently have more danger of atherosclerosis and various heart diseases. It is also known by research that high diet influence cholesterol level and leads to more danger of heart attack

So, the question is, How much reduction in weight in a week is right?

According to experts advice, if you want to safe from risks of weight loss than you should not lose more than 500 grams or 1 kg. weight in a week. It seems to be very less speed but this means that you have a chance to lose weight in an effective way rather than losing it in a dangerous way.

What are the side effects of rapid weight loss?

Side effects of rapid weight loss include tiredness, laziness, and fatigue, headache, irritation, feeling faint. Sometimes this side effects can cause your hair falls and irregular menstruation.

So, friends, it is good for you to reduce weight slowly or it can harm your body.

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