Did You Know these 12 Eye Makeup Tips for Attractive Eyes

Did You Know these 12 Eye Makeup Tips for Attractive Eyes

Did You Know these 12 Eye Makeup Tips for Attractive Eyes

Makeup Tips- Eyes are the most beautiful part of everyone’s face especially in ladies face. Every woman wants to have attractive eyes. It doesn’t matter, what is the color of your eyes but if your eyes are pretty then you will look gorgeous. And if your eyes are not so beautiful then there is nothing to worry because you can use various makeup tips to make your eyes attractive, beautiful and shiny.

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Today I am going to share 12 eye makeup tips to make your eyes more attractive

  1. Don’t use some colored eye-shadow as your eye color because it will not be graceful.
  1. Avoid brown eye-shadow as it causes fatigue in eyes which does not look good.
  1. Use dark makeup for shine in eyes but give a silver or golden touch in eyes so that there is glow on eyes as well as a face.
  1. Light color on eyelashes gives an attractive look to our eyes.
  1. Give a smoky and soft look to the face, it will make eyes pleasing and pretty.
  1. Use coconut oil for removing male up of eyes. It is effective and healthy.
  1. Always use eye cream below eyes and above eyelashes so that a new look is there on your eyes.
  1. If you want to look gorgeous with charming eyes then use blue eyeliner or navy blue color.

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  1. Use a concealer if you have dark circles under your eyes. Apply one coat of foundation after using concealer.
  2. Make use of flesh-colored eyeliner on eyelashes. It will give brighten look and your eyes will look big.
  1. Apply mascara on eyes. Use right brush for this and dry up this properly. Again coat with mascara, this will gives your eyes a classy look.
  1. Never use eyeliner on inner edges of eyes because your eyes may look small.

So, ladies, you should follow these 12 tips to make your eyes, hot, sexy and attractive.

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