Review - 6 Ways How Social Media Affects Our Mental Health

Review – 6 Ways How Social Media Affects Our Mental Health

Review – 6 Ways How Social Media Affects Our Mental Health

Health experts these days counting sitting is as dangerous as smoking. Sitting for a long time is one of the world’s worst things we are doing with our health. There is a number of diseases linked with sitting for a long time. Sitting for a long time kills apparently every year. Say thanks to social media addiction to kill more peoples in the world and make this planet lighter.

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The American Academy of Pediatrics has already warned about the potential negative effects of social media in everyone, especially in young children’s and teens. Using social media for a long time can create a long time problem of stress, depression, and anxiety. Social media, especially for long time, is not good for mental health, in some ways it can damage people physically and mentally.

It is addictive

Experts have not been total disagree or agree about the internet or social media addiction in real life. Review of the study was done by Nottingham University earlier on personality, psychological characteristics and use of social media. Researchers conclude that and talk specifically about Facebook addiction disorder that how it comes into personal life, escapism, mental preoccupation, mood modifying experiences, concealing the addictive behavior and tolerance appearance in an excessive manner in those who use it frequently or almost all the time.

Experts also found that motivation for people excessive usage of social networks is differing which depends on certain traits, introverts and extroverts use for different reasons.

The research did a study on a few peoples by telling them to stop using the internet and various social media website. The results done on those who did not use social media and internet for particular time feel more relaxed and stress-free.

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Review – 6 Ways How Social Media Affects Our Mental Health

It Put More Sadness and Less Wellbeing

Using more social media makes people sadder and creates more depression, stress, and anxiety in them. Facebook can give you quick happiness and satisfaction but in reality it is not going to help in any way. Addiction of social media can put in on the level of ZERO and you will feel more shyness and anger in real when you meet the peoples. Social media can degrade your thinking and ability to understand real life. Social media provides an invaluable content and resources to fulfilling such needs by allowing people to quickly connect.

Addiction to social media is called social isolation. Where social media connects with attractive things which have no use in life but you still like to watch, talk and see. These things have almost no value in real life. Using more Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Snapchat are correlated with their perceived social isolation. Spending more time on these social media websites is the worst thing for users, mentally and physically.

Comparing ourselves with others on social media is totally mentally unhealthy

Most of the time see other peoples happy and enjoying life especially friends, relatives, and business colleagues put more pressure on the user and sometimes they feel socially isolated.

It is because users fall into the trap by comparing themselves with others. Negative thinking starts rising in their mind. Social media user starts making judgments and starts comparing him with other users.

Whenever user finds itself in some downward in life, he or she starts comparing again with their social friend’s happy life. This thing creates more stress, tension in their mind which is enough to ruins their life mentally and physically. Also, whenever user finds their social mates in some problem or in downfall, yes they fell consolation towards them but from inside they feel happy. It creates more negativity in the peoples which can harm themselves in real life.

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It creates Jealousy which is dangerous

Watching your friends and other social media mates enjoying their vacations or some foreign trips creates jealousy in your mind. When their children’s enjoying happily, wearing smart clothes, playing with costly toys, driving expensive cars, living in the huge house put too much stress and burden on the user. It creates unnecessary issues in their personal life. People start work hard to reach or nearby their friends level and it can create health issues too.

You think it helps but it not

Keep coming back on social again and again after knowing it put you in depression is a part of an unhealthy cycle. It works likes a drug, you take it and you think its fine and you will fix all the things again, but actually, it makes things worse.

A study done on social media users shows how people feel after using these platforms. I am sorry to say that the results are very bad. After using these social media platforms peoples felt worse by comparing themselves with others life.

More friends on social media do not make you more social

Research done a few years back founds that, it really does not matter you have a better social life than others if you more friends in your social list. These friends on the list are just for social interaction to keep up this social friendship. These friends are not going to help you in real life when you need financial help or health-related help.

Social life is just to live on social websites only; it has no concern with real life. You really need to make some real friends and spend time with them to make strong relations.

Review – 6 Ways How Social Media Affects Our Mental Health


In the end, I am not saying social media does not have benefit. But the thing is, how you handle these websites. Spending a few minutes or an hour (maximum) is enough. If you spending more time and checking status so many times, it shows your addiction to social media. You have to come out of this addiction by spending time with friends and family members. Start reading books and magazines, it will give you more knowledge that social media provides.

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How Social Media Affects

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