20 Fun Facts and Information about Baby Dumbo Octopus

20 Fun Facts and Information about Baby Dumbo Octopus

20 Fun Facts and Information about Baby Dumbo Octopus

Some of the deep sea creatures are charismatic like this baby dumbo octopus. This octopus glows the pearly white which amid the darkness of the deep oceans and the propels itself through the cold chilly water with his eight muscular arms and two giant flapping ears, those ears look exactly like those cartoon character from the movie of Disney named namesake.

Baby dumbo octopus is like their parents, but small which makes this baby dumbo octopus adorable.

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Dumbo octopus is a small creature that grows white pearls which gives them strength to live in the cold water. Because of these ears, this baby octopus is called dumbo octopus.

It become mature enough while it born

All of us heard about this creature in the year 2005 first time. We learned from that after taking birth in next 10 minutes, the baby dumbo octopus start behaving like grown octopus. It starts swimming, detect the chemicals and survey its environment. Arms of this baby are excellent tool for catching prey.

Comparison between dumbo octopus and bumpy balls of chocolate

Bumpy Balls of Chocolate was seen almost 8,000 feet below the surface, near to a coral. That was a cute image which still has in the mind. After some research it results that Bumpy Balls of Chocolate were actually egg cases. Out of 5 eggs 2 were fully broken and empty, the other 2 were fully filled with white jelly and the 5th egg was the special one because it starts cracked and was filled with something. This is how the dumbo octopus appears 1st time in the eyes of world.

It was swimming with the helps of its big ear flaps. Each of the ear flaps as large as its small body- which this little octopus kept waving.

How many types of dumbo octopus species found?

Till now 37 species of dumbo octopus has been found. These species lives in the darkness of ocean which is not as easy for anyone to reach them or see them.

20 Fun Facts and Information about Baby Dumbo Octopus

  1. Till now 37 species has been found.
  2. Height of largest baby dumbo octopus is 6ft and weight is 13 pounds.
  3. Scientific name of these species is Grimpoteuthis.
  4. This octopus is deepest dwelling cephalopod.
  5. They slim through their big ears which looks like elephant ear.
  6. Most of the species found are small in sizes and the average size is 8 inches in length.
  7. These octopuses have soft, head shapes body with 8 arms which is connected with their thin flaps of skin.
  8. Difference between male and female octopus is through their longer suckers. Male have long suckers which female have shorter one.
  9. Their body color can be green red or orange.
  10. They are using their flippers and arms for swimming. Their arms look like small harpoons barbs which are designed to hold prey.
  11. These species can swim by flapping the fins by expanding and contracting its arms.
  12. They swim faster in the quick release of water from the funnel. They using this technique whrn they need to escape from the predator’s area.
  13. They spend their most of the time deep inside the depths of the ocean, where there are not enough predators.

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  1. These dumbo octopuses eat different type of bivalve, crustaceans, and worms on the sea bottom.
  2. They can swallow the prey whole who is in the size of 1-2 mm.
  3. Dumbo octopuses does not have any romantic life, female is able to lays eggs through the entire year.
  4. Their one arms is very large in size which deliver the packages of sperm into female’s octopus’s body.
  5. Female octopus fertilized eggs inside the body. These eggs facing different phases of development and released when reach to the require maturity.
  6. Female octopus does not take care of the young octopuses. Newly born octopuses are large in size, well developed and are able to survive by their own.
  7. Average life of these small dumbo octopuses is around 3 to 5 years.

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