Electronic Cigarette - 10 Interesting Good and Bad Facts to Know about Smoke Damage

Electronic Cigarette – 10 Interesting Good and Bad Facts to Know about Smoke Damage

Electronic Cigarette – 10 Interesting Good and Bad Facts to Know about Smoke Damage

Smoking cigarette or Smoke Damage shows a decline in the United States. But there are many alternatives have been gaining popularity these days. 

Alternative of nicotine and tobacco products are:-

Electronic Cigarettes


Smokeless Tobacco

These products come in various sizes, forms and in flavors. These products selling companies are often marketing that their products are safe to use. However, these alternate products of tobacco contain very harmful toxins and chemicals. These products may cause some serious health issues, include cancer. US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) found these products risky that’s why they are going to start to regulating these products.

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Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic Cigarettes are also as vapor cigarettes or e-cigarettes. This cigarette is been used through battery operated devices. Some companies design those e-cigarettes are like the traditional cigarettes. But some of these devices using the tank system and that do not look like traditional cigarettes. These electronic cigarettes are not burning tobacco because they are using cartridges which are filled with nicotine and some other chemicals. This liquid chemical turns into vapors or in steam that persona inhales.

These Electronic Cigarettes contains very harmful substances. These harmful substances may vary by different brands and type of device, so if you still want to use it always choose the better brand.

Electronic Cigarettes start selling in the United States from the year 2006 and there is always a good gain of selling every year. Good gains grow more risk or people life, that’s why the manufacturing companies always research to improve quality.

Sales are rising for Electronic Cigarettes but peoples are still confused about using these products and their health loss. Lots of surveys and poll shows split between the public who likes and who dislike it. Some peoples think this Electronic Cigarette is less harmful than traditional, on the other side many peoples thinks that Electronic Cigarettes is worse than a traditional regular cigarette.

Unfortunately, there is no specific data available worldwide about the benefits or harms of this product.

Smokeless Tobacco

This smokeless tobacco contains various types of tobacco and tobacco blends. This product has many names and is also divided into several categories. 

These tobacco and the following forms:-

Loose leaves

Leaves pressed together, which is known as Pug

Leaves twisted together to resemble the rope and that is known as a twist.

This tobacco has been chew between the gum and cheeks. Normally the user spits the tobacco juice, but sometime user may swallow some juice of it.

Using it regularly can put the person into serious health issues like heart diseases, lung cancer, and cancer. Some products of this smokeless tobacco contain 3 to 5 times more nicotine than a cigarette and this is enough to increase the Smoke Damage risk of oropharyngeal cancer and oral problems.

Chewing tobacco can cause white patches, known as leukoplakia. These patches appear on tongue, gums or on the lining of the mouth. Most of the symptoms are noncancerous, but sometimes it shows early signs of cancer. Smokeless tobacco products can cause dental problems too and contributes to tooth decay and in gum disease.

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Waterpipe is another popular alternative of tobacco products. These pipes are also known as hookah. Peoples are smoking this hookah from centuries, especially in Asia, Middle East and in Africa.

These modern-day water pipes/ hookahs are composed of 4 main parts:-

A small pipe on top of the hookah holds the shredded sweetener and tobacco

Broad base to hold the water

A pipe connecting the bowl to the base

A rubber attaches to the mouthpiece through which the smoke is pulled.

This tobacco mixture is sold in small packets in various flavors. Mostly peoples are using water pipes on some occasion and in hotels and restaurants with friends and in get together.

Mostly this water pipe is share with multiple peoples (friends). These water pipes are popular among young peoples and college students in the United States.

Know about the health risks which are associated with water pipes

Some toxins exposures in this water pipe is higher than the cigarette. It contains a high level of various toxic compounds which are found in cigarettes. It includes heavy metals, carbon monoxide and chemicals which are linked to cancer. That is why I am always saying to everyone that Smoke Damage all the time.

These chemicals and toxins can cause:- Stomach cancer, lung cancer, esophageal cancer, and bladder cancer 

Some other dangerous conditions which are associated with it are:-

Heart diseases, respiratory diseases like emphysema which causes difficulty in breathing.

Mostly in functions, parties, this session can last up to 1 hour and that contains higher toxin levels than normal cigarettes. Sharing the water pipe with some other peoples can spread infectious diseases that can increase the risk of transferring viruses and diseases. 

Note:- Tobacco found in water pipes and cigarettes contains a similar level of nicotine, and that nicotine is highly addictive.

Now I am going to share Electronic Cigarette – 10 Interesting Good and Bad Facts to Know about Smoke Damage 

  1. Electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices are not risk-free.

Everyone may agree with this, that these products are less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Actually, there is no evidence that these electronic cigarettes are safe or not. Some of the research done on growing bodies which suggests that these cigarettes may lead to negative health issues, including:

It can damage the heart, brain, and lungs.

These electronic cigarettes can develop a cancer tumor.

It can create the problem for pregnant women’s.

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  1. Electronic cigarettes contain highly addictive drugs which contain high health risks.

It does not matter you smoke traditional cigarettes or electronic cigarettes, you still taking nicotine and it can increase the risk of addiction. It is very difficult to come out of the addiction to nicotine, and using electronic cigarettes can lead you to use the other nicotine products. Those other products are alcohol, traditional cigarettes, and other drugs.

  1. These Electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices are not proven the method of quitting smoking.

Electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices used as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. These cigarettes are used as a replacement among smokers those are unable to quit smoking cigarettes. This is one of the medically approved methods. But still, there is a conflict between researchers that, does this really effective in quitting cigarette or lead to smoke more.

  1. Electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices are not only used by the people who try to quit smoking.

The popularity of electronic cigarettes are increasing not just among those are smoking cigarettes previously but to those too who never smoke before. Research also shows those start smoking these electronic cigarettes starts smoking traditional cigarettes too.

  1. Electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices are frequently used.

Lots of smokers like to smoke electronic cigarettes where traditional smoking is not allowed. In the end, it increases the smoking habit and creates more nicotine and its harmful effects.

  1. Nicotine can affect the brain functioning and development in young peoples.

Most of the time young peoples are attracted towards this electronic cigarette and other vaping devices which can affect them badly. When a younger person using these products than there is a high risk of addiction. Younger developing brain vulnerable to their effects of addition rather than fully developed (matured peoples) brain.

Nicotine could disturb the brain development which can put bad effect on them in long-term. This can increase the risk of various physical and mental health problems later in their life.

  1. These products are approved or not by FDA.

These cigarettes and vaping devices are not approved by FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) as a smoking cessation aid. This is the reason distributors and manufacturers of electronic cigarette and other vaping products are not bounded by standards safety set by the FDA for these smoking and tobacco products.

As per the new regulations, electronic cigarette manufacturers are free to place a risk-free image in their marketing materials and in their attractive offers, especially which appeals to children’s, youngsters and adolescents.

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  1. There is little consistency between different products.

Till now, there was a limited inspection by FDA for electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices and products, which makes it difficult to know about the danger of any specific product. Also most of the time there might be some difference between the ingredients, including nicotine and other toxins quantity written on the product and what is in the product.

  1. No proof that the aerosol from these products are safe or not.

There is very limited research has been done till now about the long-term effects of this nicotine and other chemicals which are used in electronic cigarettes and in other vaping devices. But it is clear that the heavy metals, additives, ultrafine particles and other ingredients they contain include the carcinogens and toxins.

  • Electronic cigarettes can re-normalize the smoking behavior/ difficult to quit smoking.

The spread of electronic cigarettes and other vaping product and devices might help in reducing the smoking behavior.

Increase in the demand of nicotine products and devices and their easy availability is reversing some of the progress which is made over the decades of intense, national, global and local efforts to reduce the cigarette smoking, especially among chain smokers and young peoples.

Things smokers need to know:-

For those smokers who are currently addicted to the e-cigarettes or traditional cigarettes provides less dangerous nicotine source. However, it is still unclear till date that the electronic cigarettes actually help significantly the number of peoples to quit smoking.

People who do not smoke before and those who want to try this electronic cigarette should use it. These electronic cigarettes contain nicotine which can increase the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. Their flavoring agents may cause chronic lungs cancer and other lung diseases which are called bronchiolitis obliterans.

Higher watt vapor you use, more you put your life in danger. This electronic cigarette makes peoples body more. It affects the brain functioning and may impair brain development and irritable youngsters to addiction to other drugs.

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If you are using traditional cigarettes from very long time and not able to leave then it is better for you to use electronic cigarettes or other vaping devices and products as these things are found safer alternate of traditional smoking habits. It may not help you to stop smoking but it can help you to reduce nicotine quantity in the body.

Using any type of cigarette, tobacco or other vaping devices can put your health and life at risk in longer. It is better to quit it as soon as possible and that will be good for your health because of smoke damage always.

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