11 Ways To Get Relief From Kidney Stone

11 Ways To Get Relief From Kidney Stone

11 Ways To Get Relief From Kidney Stone

Get Relief From Kidney Stone – A kidney stone is also called renal lithiasis, which is often due to the formation of small minerals in the kidneys. Generally, these crystals go from the renal to the urethra and leave it out while leaving urine. But sometimes these small crystals remain in the kidneys and together with other small crystals, they produce kidney stones.

Most of the kidney stones are made of either calcium oxalate, calcium phosphate or both. If you are suffering from kidney stone then you should consult your doctor. Your doctor or urologist can tell you the treatment options. You can also get rid of renal stones with the help of some measures at home. Today I am going to share 11 ways to get relief from the kidney stone.

Method 1 – Take Care Of Some Basic Things

  1. Drink Plenty Of Water And Other Fluids To Get Relief From Kidney Stone:

Drinking fluid will help you to go to pass urine and help to remove kidney stones. Pure water is the best option in fluids.

The medical institution recommends taking approximately 9 to 12 (2.2 liters) of glass fluid daily for women and about 12 to 15 (3 liters) of glass fluid per day for men.

Make the goal of drinking as much water as possible to make your urine color light yellow or clean. This is a sign that you drink plenty of water.

Drink a low sugar lemonade. Lemon juice with high citric acid can help prevent the formation of new stones made in the kidneys. It also keeps you hydrated.

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  1. Take Medicines For Pain If Needed, Take NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory) Medicines:

NSAIDs come in many forms, such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motorin), naproxen or aspirin are all commonly used NSAIDs. If you are under 18, do not use aspirin because it can give a dangerous disease called Reye’s Syndrome, which can cause brain damage immediately.

If your kidney has a big and painful stone, then you may need more potent pesticide medication. Your doctor may give a better diagnosis in this situation and give proper advice.

  1. Find Out When To Show The Doctor To Get Relief From Kidney Stone r:

About 15 percent of kidney stones require the help of a doctor. Show the doctor if you:

Frequent infection of the urethra. The urethra infection can worsen even more by kidney stones.

Kidney has been transplanted, the immune system is weak, or currently, it is only a problem of the kidney.

In Pregnancy:

Treatment of stones during pregnancy usually depends on the time of pregnancy.

Believe that your kidney stone can block your urethra. The signs of the block are; Decreased urine flow, frequent urination in the night and pain in the back.

Method 2 – Protection From Kidney Stones

  1. Drink Plenty Of Fluids To Get Relief From Kidney Stone:

Being hydrated helps in avoiding kidney stones. Try to drink plenty of water so that urine color is light yellow or clean, deep yellow urine is a sign of drinking less water.

Lemon Water To Get Relief From Kidney Stone:

You should choose a different variety of low-sugar numbness or make it yourself. Citric acid is very high in lemon, which does not allow the size of crystals to grow and protects against kidney stone.

Avoid Drinking Beers To Get Relief From Kidney Stone:

It contains oxalate which can help in the formation of kidney stones in the future.

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  1. Stay Away From Sugar, Soda, And Corn Syrup To Get Relief From Kidney Stone:

Sugar reduces the ability to absorb calcium and magnesium from the body so that kidney stones can be formed. Fructose which is found in table sugar and high fructose corn syrup both increase the risk of formation of Kidney Stone. If you want to give your body a healthy lifestyle and want to avoid kidney stones then reduce the usage of sugar.

  1. Exercise To Get Relief From Kidney Stone:

Exercise 30 minutes daily. Risk of kidney stones has been seen to decrease up to 30 percent by moderate exercise.

Make at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity such as jogging, running or gardening per week.

  1. Prohibit Animal Proteins Or Take 6 Or Fewer Or Fewer Per Day:

Animal proteins typically increase the development of kidney stones, especially uric acid stones.

The substance called protein is in high amounts in red meat, organ meat, and shellfish. Protein increases the production of uric acid in the body, which can cause kidney stones. Protein is also found in eggs and fish, but less than red meat and shellfish.

Take proteins from other sources like calcium-rich dairy products or pulses. The pulses contain fiber and Phytate, which helps prevent the formation of kidney stones. Be careful in taking soybeans as it contains a high amount of oxalate..

  1. Calcium To Get Relief From Kidney Stone:

It is true that kidney stones are made of calcium, so it seems that ingestion of calcium should be low but research suggests that actually taking low calcium-rich diet increases the likelihood of kidney stones. Your body needs daily calcium, by taking good quality dairy products, like milk, yogurt, and cheese.

Children 4 to 8 years require 800 milligrams of calcium per day. Children between 9 and 18 years of age should take 1000 milligrams of calcium per day. Adults and young people need at least 1500 milligrams of calcium per day. Men over 50 years old and men over 70 years of age should take 1200 milligrams of calcium per day.

Do not take calcium supplements unless the doctor recommends. When you take calcium by your diet, there is no effect on the kidney stones, but when the calcium is consumed by supplements then the risk of developing kidney stones increases.

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  1. Take Low Oxalate Diets To Get Relief From Kidney Stone:

The most common types of kidney stones are stone made of calcium oxalate. Avoid taking high-oxalate food items, doing this can help to avoid kidney stones in the future. Do not take low oxalate diet more than 40 to 50 mg per day.

Eat foods containing oxalate and eat the calcium-rich foods at the same time. Before reaching the kidney, both oxalate and calcium are tied together, so the possibility of developing kidney stones can be reduced by such food items.

Nuts, mostly berries, wheat, figs, grapes, beans, beetroot, carrots, eggplants, olive, chilies, potatoes, spinach, and zucchini come in high oxalized food items (10 mg per serving).

Beverages containing high amounts of oxalate (more than 10 mg per serving) include dark beers, black tea, chocolate-based drinks, soy-milk, and instant coffee.

Your body can convert high dosage of Vitamin C (which comes from taking supplements) into oxalate. Do not take vitamin C supplements until the doctor recommends.

  1. Avoid Crash Dieting To Get Relief From Kidney Stone:

Crash Dieting increases the amount of uric acid in your blood and increases the risk of having kidney stones. High protein diets such as ketosis diets are very hard for the kidneys, so avoid taking it.

It is said that a healthy balanced diet, which is rich in fruits and vegetables, pulses, whole grains, and light proteins, can keep you healthy and protects against being a patient of kidney stone.

  1. Be Particularly Aware Of The History Of Being A Kidney Stone:

According to studies, almost half of all patients who come due to kidney stones are likely to be re-stone in the first 7 years. Attention to adopt protective measures because if you are already suffering from kidney stones, it means that you are on higher risk.

Advice/ Suggestions

Make healthy meals and follow your diet plan. Plan a diet that contains vitamins and other nutrients and avoid eating foods like fast food and concentrated fats.

“Natural” drugs such as dandelion, apple cider vinegar, rose hips, and asparagus has no scientific basis to prove helpful in the treatment of kidney stones.



Do not ignore the urine problem because it will cause pain. It is very important to take out kidney stones.

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