5 Risk Factors For Kidney Cancer

5 Risk Factors For Kidney Cancer

5 Risk Factors For Kidney Cancer

Experts say that obesity is a major reason for the growing case of kidney cancer.

Alcohol addiction also has a bad effect on kidney health.

On average, 50 percent of the smokers have a risk of developing kidney cancer.

There is no specific information about what causes Kidney cancer, but through the information of its risk factors, you can avoid this serious problem.

Through a healthy lifestyle and nutritious diet, you can avoid kidney diseases. Do not take it lightly if there are any problems in the kidney. Talk to the doctor about this and get the related inquiries done. Also, avoid these risk factors.


If you smoke, the risk of kidney cancer can increase. On average, 50 percent of people who smoke have a risk of developing kidney cancer. But if your smoking addiction is increasing, then this percentage may increase. Those who smoke 20 cigarettes throughout the day, kidney cancer is twice as likely to smokers.

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Genetic Reasons

Due to bad genes in some people, the risk of kidney cancer increases. By making any changes to the DNA, genes begin to function uncommonly. Cancer that is due to these causes is called genetic.

Scientists are engaged in the search of genes that are responsible for kidney cancer, in which doctors can help in such cases in the future. Those who have kidney cancer for genetic reasons often have cancer symptoms in both kidneys. Each of their kidneys can have many tumors. Individuals with genetic cancer often show signs of it at an early age.


Experts say that obesity is a major reason for the growing case of kidney cancer. The data collected by the Cancer Research UK in the UK has been reported that more than 9000 cases of kidney cancer were reported in 2016, whereas in the year 1995, there were only 2300 cases. The risk of kidney cancer increases by about 70 percent due to obesity. ‘Cancer Research UK’ says that very few people understand that excessive weight increases the risk of cancer.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can also cause kidney problems because the kidney exits the contaminated substances from our body. Due to high blood pressure, the blood vessels of the kidney are getting narrower or thicker. For this reason, kidney does not work properly and the contaminated substances in the blood begin to accumulate and symptoms of kidney cancer appear.

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High Alcohol Intake

People who drink more alcohol can have kidney cancer problems. Alcohol addiction has an adverse effect on kidney health, resulting in symptoms of kidney cancer. People who drink no alcohol are less likely to have kidney cancer than those who drink alcohol.

So, friends, these were the 5 risk factors of kidney cancer. Do not hesitate to share this post with your friends and family members.

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