10 Diets for Night Shift Workers to Reduce Weight

10 Diets for Night Shift Workers to Reduce Weight

10 Diets for Night Shift Workers to Reduce Weight

Diets for Night Shift Workers- Hundreds of researches show result that those works in night are fatter than those works in morning time. Those employees who working in nights are mostly suffering from obesity, stress, depression, liver functioning, sleep disorder and heart related problem.

So we did lot of research and find the list of 10 foods/diet which are good for those who work in night. Please check the 10 food lists below in detail.

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  1. Brown Rice:- Brown rice is one of the good source of vitamins, iron, zinc, protein, fiber and magnesium. Eating brown rice in lunch is good for health it also helps in reducing weight naturally. Try to eat brown rice at least 2-4 times a week. Boiled rice is better than salted/fried rice with soup or veggies or you can omelet in it.
  2. Fruits:- Avoid eating chips, pizza, burger, sandwich, extra tea or coffee, ice-cream or other bakery product, all these this are made of white flour (maida) which take a long time digest all the things and eating things in night is like eating a poison which can kill you slowly. It can cause depression, stress, anxiety, stomach problems and can increase cholesterol which effect on your whole body. So it is good to eat fruits in night rather than eating junk food. Fruits can digest easily and helps your body in sleeping. By providing all the nutrition’s to your body you can wake up fresh and energetic. You can also make fruit punch juice for different type of immense taste.
  1. Vegetable Salad:- By eating vegetables salad can give your body energy to work in night, especially eat carrot and spinach in night because it is very less in calories also these vegetables helps you to reduce weight. Because you are not eating junk, oily and fried food, which can create laziness and fatigue in body. After eating this type of food, you may not work properly in night. Vegetable salad can boost you up and you feel fresh all the time. It can also create good impression in front of your friends and colleagues.
    Fruits and Vegetable Salad is the perfect Diets for Night Shift Workers.
  1. Sprouts:- Sprouts had very less calories and fat. Sprouts are good source of vitamins, calcium and fiber. It can kill your hunger and helps you in reducing weight. Eating sprouts feels you like your stomach is full. It helps you to do not try some other stupid junk, oily and fried food in night. You can add lemon juice, slight salt/sugar which ever thing of them you like.  You can add a bit of onion to make it delicious in taste. If you want to make it more delicious you can add soaked almond pieces in it.
  1. Almonds/ Soaked Almonds:- Eating almond or soaked almonds is good for health because it gives you feeling of full stomach and will not try to eat extra food/diets in dinner or in night. Yes almonds increases lil weight but it also helps to reduces waste from body and give energy lot to your body.
  1. Puffed Rice Snack:- Puffed Rice Snacks is a good option of snacks/diet because it has no fat at all and your stomach also feel like completely filled. Add some veggies, onions, lemon juice in it to make it more delicious. It helps really a lot in reducing weight and you can also feel more energetic than before which is good for you in social and working life.
  1. Flax Seeds:- Flax seeds are good source of fiber, it also complete the need of liquid in your body and again your stomach feels like filled completely. Fiber is also good in constipation, it helps in cleaning stomach. It can also clean your body from inside and remove all wastage from your body and you will soon start feeling refreshing and can work with more energy and passion.

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  1. Oats and Milk:- Oats and milk one of the best breakfast you can have but you can eat it in dinner too, because it had a good of everything you needed in your diet i.e. calcium, minerals, vitamins and fiber. It also helps in reducing weight too. If you start eat this diet in dinner or late that will be a great option you have. It also give power and strength to your body which helps you to work in late light and complete your perfectly.
  1. Curd:- Curd, especially the low fat curd without sweetener and salt. You can have this with your dinner or late night food. It helps in digestion of food. Curd is also a good source of protein, calcium, potassium and vitamins. Low fat curds also help you to lose weight without doing anything extra. Curd may not be suitable in winter seasons Diets for Night Shift Workers.
  1. Fresh Fruit Juice:- Avoid drinking tea, coffee, creamy shakes etc. etc. in late night and start drinking more and more fresh juice in night shift of work. Juices stops hydrate your body and also help in reducing weight. Juices also helps you to reboots your energy and make your body and mind fresh. When you feel fresh than you can do your work happily and easily.

The above written Low carb diet is the best way to lose weight it help losing weight fast.

All the above given 10 diets are for reducing weight while working in night shift make your body and mind stronger. It can increase your metabolism for living healthy and happy life. Strictly say NO to JUNK FOOD. It may be good in taste but believe junk food is never ever good for health at all. Try and use these 10 diets to maintain your health and start living happy prosperous life.

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Diets for Night Shift Workers

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