Did You Know These 6 Common Health Problems in Women’s

6 Common Health Problems in Women’s

6 Common Health Problems in Women’s

Health Problems in Women’s- Did you know, compared to men, women’s suffering more from mental problem’s. It is because of lots of responsibilities after marriage like- family, work, children’s etc., by this they are not getting much time for health and mind. Sometimes after their hard they are not getting much appraise so by this slow by slow they start feelingA  lots of health issues which today I am going to share with you.

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  1. A Woman and Her Mental Health:-

While handling work at both office and home, Sherin becomes a victim of Gangrene. She started getting irritated on small issues and had a fight with her husband without any reason. Moreover, she scolded her children’s also. But when Sherin came to know about it that she cannot control her emotions then she went for consulting doctor. She realized that she is suffering from stress and depression which results in her aggressive behavior.

This is not just about Sherin, there are many women’s now a day’s which are suffering from the same situation because of daily workload, depression and other various problems.

  1. Researchers Have Proof:-

Many researchers have proved this thing that every year millions of women’s consult doctors because of their mental health disorder. Doctor’s tell that there are many cases in which they are not getting any clue about the problems of these women’s.

This is a bitter truth that day by day mental problems are increasing in women’s. There are some problems which are less in men’s compared to women’s. Although autism, schizophrenia, antisocial personality disorder and addiction to alcohol etc. are more common health issues in males. But few problems are faced equally by both males and females.

  1. Depression/Stress/Anxiety:-

Women are suffering twice as much depression as from men’s. There is a reason behind that women’s have more responsibilities of home as well as of office and children’s. Moreover, taking care of children is also her duty. During all these situations, depression starts trapping the women’s in its bait while anxiety and many types of phobia in equal cases of male and females.

But panic disorders are more common in men’s and twice as much as in women’s. Actually, anxiety is also the result of changes in women’s behavior.

  1. A Desire for Committing Suicide:-

Research says men commit more suicides but a desire for suicide is more in women’s as compare to men. Because women’s can’t tolerate failure easily and consider small problems as a big one. Therefore, they face more difficulties and want to die. Nowadays there are many cases of eating disorders in women’s. As they wanted to become independent and try to solve her every problem on their own.

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  1. Schizophrenia:-

Victims of schizophrenia usually suffer from depression also and there are many changes come in their mood. This results in many problems during their treatment. But males suffering from schizophrenia do not face depression issues. They start living separate from society and do not want to communicate with anyone. Talk to your lady, share your feeling and listen to her feeling and make your bond stronger than before.

  1. Women’s Problems are Different from Men’s’:-

Yale University in New Heaven has shown us that women’s mental condition is different from men’s. Also, mental development and parenting are not the same as of men. Mood process is not identical to men. Moreover, if a woman has a habit of smoking, then the condition is more dangerous. Estrogen hormones affect behavior, mood, emotions and many other things

Now did you know how much a wife, a mother, a lady suffer just because of not getting the respect, love, care, and treatment they deserve and this is one of the biggest factors of Health Problems. Give respect to your lady. Your vehicle can’t be run on a single wheel, you need your life partner with you like a wheel to run a vehicle name life. Your lady needs love and respect, she can live without big houses, luxury items, and high-quality food, but can’t live without your love and respect. Give her, what she deserves.

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