8 Horrible Reasons Why Over Thinking Is Not Good For Health

8 Horrible Reasons Why Over Thinking Is Not Good For Health

8 Horrible Reasons Why Over Thinking Is Not Good For Health

Over Thinking Is Not Good For Health- Self thinking/ inner thinking is not bad at all for health but thinking more than enough is not good for health and brain. it can make you physically and mentally sick.

Today I am going to share 8 reasons why over thinking is not good for your mind and body.

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    1. Thinking more than necessary:- If you are thinking about something and get good positive result then its fine for you but when you thinking same thing again and again and also not getting satisfactory answer or result then the things converted into negative thoughts which can make your mind and body unhealthy and can put you in depression. It is better to think less about same thing or just ignore/ forgot the topic. You should start focus again on your work and life because over thinking is not good for health.

  1. There is no end of thinking:- Imagination of your mind is very strong, you must know how to control it. If it is in your control then it’s ok otherwise if you do not have control on your mind then it can rule your heart and emotions and can make you weaker from inside. This can affect you from outside too which is not good for you in any condition. So it is good to talk with yourself and tell yourself to not think about bad things again and again. By this you can stop your mind to go in danger area of thinking.
  1. Thinking more can put you high on attitude:- Sometimes if you are suffering from over thinking and start ignoring friends and family and they don’t know about your problem then it can create a problem for you as your mates can think you are ignoring them and it shows bad attitude of yours in front of them. So it is good for you start talking with them and tell them about problem. Your friends and family members can help you in this problem. It helps you to overcome of this dangerous problem and your relation will remain the same and stronger.
  1. Positive thinking in this time is very difficult:- If you are thinking a lot than I am dam sure you cannot take a positive and strict decision anymore in this condition which can create a big mess up in your life. An unnecessary burden can give you stress and put you in depression. So it is good to start reading some positive and motivational books or start watching video which can boost your down thinking. it’s only you who can help you to come back to normal life again.
  1. Don’t ignore your heart in this condition:- By over thinking your mind start create own imaginations and you slowly losing your mind to it and your don’t care about anything and also don’t care what your heart want to do. Your heart wants you to do live in reality but your depressive mind doesn’t want you to do anything. It wants you to just think deeper and stuck more deeper inside which can make you mad and can give your bad death silently. So it’s good to listen to your heart too, go out with friends, family, and children’s. Start enjoying with them and avoid living alone for some time and making your heart, mind and brain stronger again.

  1. Some new and unnecessary burdens on your mind:- So when you are suffering from this problem I am sure you start thinking new things and creates own world in your mind and start living a new life in your imaginary world. Do you know something? You are making your life worse by doing this because your imaginatory life is not a life which you are living from childhood to now. You just find a stupid safe place to hide yourself which is really not a good thing to do. It can make your life worst then ever and create so much of problems and difficulties in your life. By this you are cutting yourself from your personal, social and financial life. So it’s better for you to come out of this as soon as possible or just say it hard in your mind ITSSSSS ENOUGHHHH. Show some aggression to yourself, slap yourself see a mirror and abuse yourself and start to come out of it. By doing this you are surely helping yourself and I am sure you will surely come out of it.
  1. Imagine lot about past life:- Past is gone man, just kick the butts of past because whenever you thinking about your past it will create only problems for you. Every day and night you are thinking about your past problems, mistakes and life will confuse you a lot and distract your mind from current situation. People can see you in present but they don’t know you are living in your past failures. Dear, this is seriously not good for your health and mind, just stop thinking about past immediately. Start imagine new life, new world, imagine new things which will be good for your business. Start doing your business or work, grow again and rise like a sun. You got my point.
  2. Wasting precious time and creating problem for your brain power and creativity:- You know over thinking is not just killing from inside and outside it also makes your brain dull or say it reduces your brain power and your brain stop thinking about creativity. Scientifically it is proven over thinking can damage your sense of creativity. You are living in a world were creativity is always in demand. I don’t think you want to live like a fool or jack ass in this fast changing world. Stop over thinking come out of stress, depression and anxiety. Start thinking and create new things in your life and in other people’s life which are living surround you.

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If you are suffering from major depressive disorder or anxiety and depression then use stress management techniques. You can consult the doctor and can take mental health services.

Over thinking is one of the dangerous diseases which kills human slowly. It can ruin your and your family’s life, so it’s good to consult the doctor or psychiatrist. You can also watch and read motivational book or YouTube channels. Live and spend time with positive attitude friends and family members. Start playing sports, wake up early in the morning and start walking/ jogging, listen good music, always pray in front of god. Start helping poor peoples. Your mother does not give you birth to live your life like that. Give some respect to your parents and your life and start living like a boss of your own life. I am dam sure these tips will boost your energy and you can overcome from your over thinking problem.

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