13 Best Antioxidant Rich Foods and 4 Drinks to Fight Cancer

13 Best Antioxidant Rich Foods and 4 Drinks to Fight Cancer

13 Best Antioxidant Rich Foods and 4 Drinks to Fight Cancer

Antioxidant Rich Foods – Antioxidants are appreciated for their amazing ability to fight with cancer, heart disease, and aging. All of us are having antioxidants and free radicals present in our body inside all the time. Our body making some of the antioxidants itself, while other antioxidants we can get from our diet. Our body produces free radicals by-products of cellular reactions. For example, the liver produces and also uses the free radicals to detoxify our body while white blood cells sending free radicals to destroy viruses, bacteria and damaged cells of our body.

Oxidative damages are known when different types of oxygen molecules travel in our body, this is made from the formation of free radicals. When antioxidant levels in our body slow down because of these free radicals or due to the toxin exposure or by poor nutrition or by some other factors then oxidation collapsation confuses in our body. It put a bad effect on our body and mutated or damaged cells, accelerated aging, brown down tissues and the activation of harmful genes within our DNA and also overload our immune system.

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Living in western lifestyle like eating processed foods, always busy on computer, laptop or mobile or on any other tech gadgets produces a high imbalance of chemicals in our body or also from environmental pollution, creates these foundations of the proliferation of free radicals. Because many of us are exposed through high rates of oxidative stress, tension from a younger age, more then we need the power of antioxidants, it shows that we need to the consumer and adds high antioxidants foods in our diet.

Today I am going to share 13 Best Antioxidant Rich Foods and 4 Drinks to Fight Cancer which you should add in your diet to stay away from this dangerous disease.

13 Best Antioxidant Rich Foods are:-

1. Berries are Antioxidant Rich Foods:-

Berries are known as the richest antioxidant food which is always on the top list of the doctors. These berries are the greatest source of dietary fiber and antioxidants. They are not just good in taste, but they also contain a huge amount of antioxidants. The major antioxidants found in berries are quercetin, vitamin C and anthocyanin, which are very important for good health.

Several studies and researches already proved that a cup of berry can supply the diseases fighting antioxidant which is required by our body for a single day. Blackberries, Cranberries, Raspberries, Strawberries, and Blueberries are also consisting of a large number of antioxidants in it. Still, these blueberries which are uncultivated and wide might include the maximum essential antioxidants than any other fruit. That would be great if people add berries to their diet more. These berries are rich in fiber and low in calories so it can be a perfect snack between the meals. You can also make smoothies of them or take a juice of them for a change.

2. Green Tea:-

Green tea is another good choice for antioxidant-rich food. It includes totally different antioxidant which is known as EGCG and that stands for epigallocatechin gallate. This antioxidant is found only in green tea. It helps in the elimination of free radicals which slow down the again process of peoples naturally. You can consume one cup to three cups daily (decrease the quantity in the summer season, if you want to) of green regularly as it can also reduce your weight easily and naturally. Green tea is also well known for the prevention-able methods against high cholesterol, cancer, and heart disease.

3. Tomatoes are Antioxidant Rich Foods:-

Tomatoes are also a huge source of antioxidants. It includes vitamin A and C and other potent antioxidants like lycopene. Consuming more lycopene-rich tomatoes prevent you from various heart diseases and also decrease the chances of prostate cancer. The substance of tomato is best absorbed by our body if it consumes in cook form. You can mix tomatoes in most of the vegetables. You can also make tomato ketchup or sauce, tomato soup which are healthier and also beneficial for human health rather than consuming it in raw shape.

If you need more antioxidants in cheap price than tomato is one of the options you can choose and can use canned, stewed, sliced, tomato paste or tomato sauce in your meals. Almost all types of tomatoes are a rich source of antioxidants especially the red/ orange tomatoes packed with more antioxidants than any other color tomatoes and the human body can easily absorb them.

4. Red Beans are Antioxidant Rich Foods:-

Generally, beans are a good choice for human health because they are not just filled with fiber, but they are also a good source of antioxidants too. Red beans contain the richest concentration of antioxidants in most of the available beans. One cup of red beans yields around 13728 antioxidants. You can also found flavonoids in red beans which can easily resist various heart diseases and the growth of cancerous cells effectively. Consuming red beans regularly can help you in the problem of constipation too as they are also a rich source of fiber as well.

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5. Fruits are Antioxidant Rich Foods:-

Everyone in this world knows that fruits are good for human health. Consuming different and seasonal fruits on regular basis is one of the easiest and healthiest to get antioxidants. If you want to slow down the process of again then apple is the best choice as it keeps the cells healthy because it has a high level of antioxidants in it.

In addition, dark grapes are also high in flavonoids and in polyphenols, which are a good source of antioxidants. Researches and studies show that consumption of pomegranate extract can boost your blood antioxidant level by at least 35%. Drinking pomegranate juice healthier choice can be eating it as a fruit.

6. Soy is Antioxidant Rich Foods:-

Products made from soybean and highly beneficial not just because of dietary fiber or protein, but also due to their antioxidants properties too. It has a large amount of isoflavones and that can neutralize the free radicals of our body which otherwise may cause inflammation and heart problems. Those peoples are consuming soy products are suffer lesser from cardiovascular and heart attacks problems as per compare to those who do not consume soy products. Soy increases the level of HDL which is a good cholesterol and reducing the LDL which is a bad cholesterol.

7. Garlic is Antioxidant Rich Foods:-

Garlic is been used from very long time in all over the world which is known as a delicious flavoring agent for any dish whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Health benefits of garlic already been proved so many centuries back. Using raw garlic can help you in decreasing cholesterol level and blood pressure. It also helps in removing heavy metals from our body and also prevents from cancer and plays an important role line an anti-fungal and antiviral agent. Only a single clove of garlic contains a good amount of vitamin A, B and C, potassium, iron, Zinc, Magnesium, and Selenium. I am personally consuming 2 cloves early morning in empty stomach in the winter seasons and 2 cloves after 1 day in summer season.

8. Dark Chocolate is Antioxidant Rich Foods:-

There is good news for you if you love chocolates. Consuming dark chocolates are not just for enjoying it also keep you healthy as well. So, what could better? It is scientifically proved that dark chocolates contain more flavanols and antioxidants than fruits. These flavonoids contain catechins, procyanidins, and epicatechins which are also known for lower the risk of various heart diseases, asthma, lung cancer, diabetes, and prostate cancer.

Furthermore, it naturally eases the LDL oxidation and also prevents the aging process. Yet, you can found these properties in white chocolates and in milk chocolates. As a matter of fact, milk is known for decreasing the efficiency of its antioxidant properties.

9. Black Rice is Antioxidant Rich Foods:-

Black rice is a reasonable and affordable source of good health. Like fruits, black rice is loaded with anthocyanins, which can fight with cancer, heart diseases and various other types of diseases. A spoon of black rice contains more health-enhancing anthocyanins antioxidants as per compare to the blueberries. It has more vitamin E antioxidants and fiber and less in sugar.

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10. Broccoli is Antioxidant Rich Foods:-

When it comes to knowing about the most nutritious vegetable, then the gold medals go to broccoli. This vegetable contains more vitamin C than an orange and also has more calcium than one glass of milk.

Besides, vitamins and minerals, it has phytonutrients which are known and disease-fighting substance. Broccoli has an element named Sulforaphane which helps in reducing the potential risk of various types of cancer. You can eat broccoli by simply boiling it or by giving it a steam and after that add some lemon, basil, salt or seasoning which makes it a delicious side dish.

11. Whole Grains are Antioxidant Rich Foods:-

It is claimed that products made from whole grains are having more antioxidants as per compare to vegetables and fruits. Whole grains are a rich source of polyphenols and also a super source of fiber. Whole grains flours like whole wheat bread are also good. Normally, whole grain food contains significantly more antioxidants than processed grains.

12. Carrots are Antioxidant Rich Foods:-

There are lots of researches done on carrots and found that carrots have traditionally concentrated on carotenoids and their important antioxidant benefits. Carrots are ranked on top in the list of vegetables with antioxidants in terms of their beta-carotene contents. People can find polyacetylenes in carrots which can restrain the growth of colon cancer cells. There are possibilities that the rich carotenoid content available in the carrots is not only assisted the people in the prevention of oxidative damage inside the body, but it may also help to prevent the oxidative damage to the carrot polyacetylenes. Particularly, these two groups of the phytonutrients in carrots may work together in a synergistic way to optimize and maximize the benefits of health.

13. Potatoes are Antioxidant Rich Foods:-

You can find potato everywhere in the world and also a very cheapest vegetable available in the market in a rich source of antioxidants. Carotenoids and Flavonoids are the two important oxidants which are present in the flesh of potatoes. The russet potatoes will be the best option among all the varieties available of potatoes when it comes to knowing about the antioxidants properties. One boiled or cooked potato includes around 4650 units of antioxidants. But the amount of antioxidant is very low in raw potatoes. So it is better to eat potatoes by baking it, boil it or cook it and add in your meal.

Note:- Avoid adding cream or butter in potato as it can increase fat in your body.

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4 Antioxidant Rich Drinks are:-

1. Camomile Tea or Antioxidant Rich Foods with Camomile Tea:-

The researches and scientists already give a hint (research is still going on) that chamomile tea helps in the problem of cancer. This tea has a chemical named apigenin which fights with the superpower of cancer cells.

Research was done by Ohio University which says, that apigenin in the chamomile tea helps in the blocking of cancer cells far away from the normal cells. It stops the spreading of these harmful and dangerous cells which makes them more sensitive to drugs. A research says that apigenin of the chamomile tea helps in beating the breast cancer from inhibiting their death.

Know about apigenin, you can find apigenin in celery, tea, parsley and in some vegetables and in fruits too.

According to researchers, the health effects of chamomile tea are not just limited to cancer only, but this tea is also known for their anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Vegetable & Fruit Juices Antioxidant Rich Foods with Vegetable and Fruit Juices:-

Instead of eating raw and cooked vegetables of whole fruit, you can also make their juices and beverages or smoothies which quench your thirst and contribute to enhancing your overall health. Various studies and researches show that most of the fruit juices and vegetable juice contains higher levels of antioxidants. All these antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables are helpful in beating various types of cancers. Carrot, tomato, blueberry, spinach, black cherry, broccoli, and apple juices are rich resources which are helpful in fighting with cancer.

All these juices are a very high source of lycopene and vitamin C which are a very strong property of antioxidant. Drinking these juices on regular basis for real long time or for a lifetime will really help you and maintain your overall health and also prevent from cancer.

Carrot juice is a rich source of vitamin A which helps and maintains your eyesight. Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C which protects you from free radicals. And, more vegetables like broccoli and spinach are also a rich source of antioxidant properties, that’s why they are known as natural health boosters.

Juice of pomegranate is the king of many other antioxidant-rich juices. In many types of research it is already proved that this juice is fully loaded with antioxidants as free radicals scavengers. Do not skip this fruit or juice if this is available in your local fruits stores or in shops.

Apart from these above mentioned antioxidant-rich foods, there are lots of many other foods which are filled with antioxidants. You should try to include those foods in your diet which will help you in improving your immune system and also defeat various infections.

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3. Red Vine:-

Let me introduce you red wine, which is a good source of antioxidants. Red wine contains bioflavonoids, phenols and tannin’s which and anti-clotting and antioxidant properties. Moreover, resveratrol is particularly good for the heart enhancing with the levels of good cholesterol and controlling the artery damage. Red wine also supports people from the prevention of inflammation. Still, you should keep in your mind that this wine should be drink in small quantity only an occasionally too, otherwise the negative effects of red wine can knockout its benefits.

4. Green Tea:-

Green tea is one of the good sources of antioxidant. It contains special antioxidant names catechins. This particular antioxidant protects the cells from the development of blood clotting, atherosclerosis, and cancer. A study done in the University of Maryland shows that taking green regularly after 30-40 minutes of your meals is not just helps in reducing the high risk of cancer, but it also lows down the richness of occurring cancer.

Note:- DO not drink green tea after 6 PM or 7 PM maximum as it contains caffeine which can reduce your sleep which affects health badly physically and mentally both.


Antioxidant compounds are made by our body naturally. But, if you need it more you can get antioxidants from above-written foods too.

Antioxidants protect our body from various harmful molecules which are known as free radicals, these can accumulate and promote various types of oxidative stress. This stress, anxiety, and depression raise the risk of cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and many other types of chronicle diseases.
But these free radicals have a treatment; you just need to eat antioxidant-rich food which helps in neutralization the free radicals that reduce the risk of various types of chronic diseases.

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