20 Science Based Ways Help you to Reduce Hunger and Appetite

20 Science Based Ways Help you to Reduce Hunger and Appetite

20 Science Based Ways Help you to Reduce Hunger and Appetite 

You need to reduce your daily calories intake generally by Reduce Hunger and Appetite if you want to lose weight. But it is unfortunate that weight loss diets often lead to increasing your severe hunger and appetite more. This makes it very difficult to lose some weight and keep it off.

Today I am going to share 20 Science Based Ways that can help you to Reduce Hunger and Appetite.

  1. Eat Enough Protein to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

You should add more protein to your diet as it helps in increasing the feeling of fullness of stomach and helps you to eat less in the next meal which helps you to lose some fat.

There was a study done with comparing two different foods for weight loss – One side using eggs and the other side is using bagels.

Those participants who were having eggs in breakfast had lost 65 percent to 70 percent more weight and 15 percent more body fat in the study period of eight weeks. In addition to this, adding high protein in diet might help in the prevention of muscle loss when daily calories are reduced from weight loss.

Getting acceptable protein in your diet can help you to reduce weight, slightly by decreasing your appetite.

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  1. Prefer Fiber-Rich Foods to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Absorption of high fiber stretches the stomach, it slows downs the emptying rate and also influences the release of completeness of hormones. In addition to this, fiber can remove the bacteria in the bowel. Fiber foods produce the short chain of fatty acids which helps to promote the feeling of fullness.

Adding fiber-rich foods in diet like chickpeas, peas, lentils, and beans helps in increasing the feeling of fullness by 30% s per compare to the equivalent meals that are not based on beans. Whole grains filled which are rich in fiber also helps in reducing hunger and keep you feel like full.

If you want to lose 2 kgs of weight in 3 months of time frame, without doing any workout or exercise than add 15 grams of more protein in your daily diet which can decrease your intake of calories up to 12% and helps you to lose some weight.

Eat sufficient, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and beans can also promote your long-term health.

Adding fiber-rich food in your diet helps in decreasing your hunger and also helps you to eat lesser calories. It will help you in the long-term maintenance of health. 

  1. Pick Solid Foods Over Liquids to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Both the solid calories and the liquid calories can put an effect on your appetite in different manners totally.

One research shows that as per compare to solid foods, those people who ate snacks in liquid forms were 40% less likely to satisfy by eating less in their next meal.

In the second research, peoples who were feed by a semi-solid diet reported less hunger, very low desire to eat and shows higher sensation of fullness of stomach as per compare to those who were feed with the liquid diet.

The solid diet requires more chewing of the food, which allocates more time for the fullness signal of a stomach to reach the brain. Even the scientists believe that chewing your food for an extra time allows food to stay in contact with your taste buds for a long time, which can also promote the feeling of fullness.

Eating calories helps you more than drinking your calories; it helps you to eat less without feeling hungrier. 

  1. Drink Coffee to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Coffee can help in decreasing your appetite and also have so many benefits for your sports performance and also for your health.

One research shows that drinking coffee can increase the release of Peptide YY i.e 36-amino acid. This hormone is developed in the stomach in response to eating and gives a sign of fullness.

Drinking coffee especially the decaf one can help in the reduction of hunger for up to 3 hours. 

  1. Fill Up on Water to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Drinking water before meals can help in the decreasing hunger. It might increase the feeling of stomach fullness following a meal which helps in reducing weight too.

A studies shoes result that a person who drinks 2 glass of water just before start eating a meal, eats around 20% to 25% less food who do not drink water on or before food. In some research scientist’s believes that around 500 ml of water is enough to stretch your stomach and gives you a signal of stomach fullness to your brain.

Drinking water near meal also helps to empty stomach quickly. One study shows that drinking soup with a meal or before a meal also decreased the hunger and also absorbs the calories from your diet about 100 of calories. You can drink soup before or with food, it will act the same as water.

Drinking low calories liquids like water and soup helps you to eat fewer calories without leaving you hungry.

  1. Eat Mindfully to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Under normal circumstances, your brain knows better than you are hungry or not. Eating food quickly or some distraction while eating through TV, friends or family members or some other reasons can make difficult for your brain to admit these signals. That would great if you focus on eating food rather than diverting your mind with other things while eating.

When you just focus on eating your food, you will experience more pleasure while eating and enjoy the taste of food with each bite. It also helps you to focus on eating quality food rather than eating the quantity of food and helps in the reduction of blind eating behavior.

It seems there is a link between fullness, hunger and what your eyes see. There was an experiment done on a few peoples and give them milkshakes which were looking identically same. In one shake around 600 calories in it were written and in other shakes, only 125 calories were written in it. But, there is a twist both the shakes were having only 125 calories in it. Those drink 600 calories label written shake, feel fuller than those drink 125 calories label shake.

How you feel full may be influenced by what you see, and I you pay attention to what you are eating can be very beneficial for you. Always focus you eat or you may eat more than your need which can increase your weight and can make you unhealthy too.

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  1. Indulge in Dark Chocolate to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

The bitterness of dark chocolate logically helps in the decreasing of your appetite and declines your cravings for sweets. Researchers and scientists also believe that stearic acid in dark chocolates can help in slower your digestion, it increases the feeling of stomach fullness.

In some studies, researchers observed that Just smelling the dark chocolate also produce the same effect and decrease around 85 percent both appetite and hormones of hunger just as much as actually eating it.

  1. Eat Some Ginger to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Ginger is not used in to make food strong; it is linked to so many health benefits. Ginger helps in the problem of muscle pain, blood sugar levels, nausea and in inflammation problem. Recent research says that ginger also helps in the reduction of hunger.

Taking 2 grams of ginger powder mixed in warm water before taking meals especially in the time of breakfast helps in the reduction of hunger. This research is done in small-scale till now, so coming to any conclusion early is not recommended.

  1. Spice Up Your Meals to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Ginger is not the only spice who helps in reducing hunger; hot peppers are also one of them as it has the effects of capsaicin and capsiate which helps in the decreasing of hunger and also increase the feeling of stomach fullness.

These hot peppers have the capability to generate heat while eating might increase the burned calories number after a meal.

Compounds found in the hot peppers and sweet peppers might help your curb hunger and increase the stomach fullness, but this needs some more research to give the exact truth about this.

The 1 Week Diet
The 1 Week Diet

Eat in Smaller Plates to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Are you eating food in medium size plates or in large plates? Now simply reduce the size of your plate from large to medium or from medium to small. This trick will help you in the reduction of the meal portion. By this simple trick, you can even fool the most aware eater too.

That would be great if your meal in small plates and use small bowls for ice cream or for snacks. This trick will help you to reduce some weight too. 

  • Use Bigger Fork to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

The latest study says that those people who are using bigger forks consume 10 percent less food than those who are using normal or smaller forks. It is because if you are eating food with smaller forks, it shows you that you are taking a small quantity of food and you will take and eat more food than required.

On the other side, using smaller spoons rather than large spoons are a better option, as then you take a small amount of food in spoons to eat. So think wisely before eating that which utensils are good for you to eat food.

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Ex Enthusiasts & Health And Fitness

  • Exercise/ Workout to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Doing exercise or workout or any other physical activity reduce the activation of brain regions which are linked to food cravings and it can result in lower your motivation to eat. It also helps in reducing the hunger hormone levels and increases the feeling of stomach fullness.

Doing physical workout daily especially in the morning or whenever you get time influencing your hormone levels and the size of your diet after exercise. Any type of physical workout increases your stomach fullness and helps in the reduction of hunger and your calorie intake. 

  • Get Enough Sleep to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Taking proper quality sleep helps in reducing the hunger and also protects against excessive weight gain. Research says that sleeping for short time can increase the hunger and appetite by up to 25% and decreases the levels of some stomach fullness hormones up to 30%.

Studies also say that those peoples who sleep less than 7 hours per night eat around 25% of food more than those sleep more than 7 hours per night. But, in some research, it also shows that those sleep less than 6 hours per night has approx. 57% higher risk of obesity.

That would be great for you if you sleep 7 hours or more in the night as it reduces your hunger level throughout the day.

  • Reduce Your Stress to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Increase in stress easily raises the level of the hormone cortisol. Effects of this show the different result on different peoples, high cortisol increase the food cravings and people eat more food than they eat normally.

Stress and depression can decrease the levels of Peptide YY i.e 36-amino acid, which is a hormone of fullness. In recent studies, it shows that people eat around 25% more food when they feel stress and depression as per compare to a normal person.

That will be very useful for you if you find a way to reduce stress and depression, as it does not just help in reducing your hunger, but also help in reducing your weight.

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  • Eat Omega-3 Fats to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Omega-3 fats mostly found in algae oils and in fishes. It has the ability to increase the level of stomach fullness hormone leptin. A diet which is rich in Omega-3 fats might help in the increase of stomach fullness after taking a meal when calories are restricted for weight loss.

But, the effects of this Omega-3 fats were observed and found only in obese and overweight peoples only. Researchers need to do more research on lean peoples too. 

  • Add Protein-Rich Snacks in your Diet to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Snacks can be a part of your daily diet and also it is a matter of personal need and choice. That would be grateful for you if you choose high protein snacks rather than choosing high-fat snacks.

High protein snacks help in increasing your feeling of stomach fullness and decreases the total calorie absorption from the following meal. For example, high protein yogurt or curd can decrease your hunger more effectively than high-fat chocolate snacks or crackers.

Eat high protein yogurt in afternoon time can help you to eat 100 calories less in dinner as per compare to above given other 2 options. 

  • Visualize Eating the Foods You Crave to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Are you addicted to some food and planning to reduce or want to leave that food? You should happy to read this, that it is very easy to leave that food. You just have to place the picture of that food in your place and after a few days or weeks, you feel bored of that particular food.

This thing has been found in one research where around 100 peoples were imaging the food they like and see the pics of that food at their place, eat around 60% less of that particular food in coming days.

This visualization tricks their mind into believing that they are already eaten that food decreases their craving towards that food. You can concern dietitian about this trick.

  • Brush Your Teeth to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Brushing teeth not just distract you from your hunger, but it will also make you think twice before taking a bite of snacks with clean and pearly white teeth.

Using mint flavored toothpaste helps you curb your appetite more. Researchers found, smelling the peppermint also put strong effects on your appetite and the person who smell peppermint forget about the food for few hours than those who did not smell it.

You can use any toothpaste but mint flavored is the best one, you can even use fresh peppermint for chew or oil or some extract to reduce your appetite.

  • Avoid Artificial Sweeteners and Empty Calories to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Whenever you feel empty, most of the time you want to eat something sweet, spicy or tangy food available in the market like chips, cold drink, cakes, pizza, burger etc. but this food is not good at all for your health.

That would be great if you eat food made at home, but if you do not have the option of home food at that moment, then you can try fruits and juice rather then eating junk food.

You should avoid eating, junk food, oily food and sweetener food which are easily available in the market. No doubt these foods taste good, but these foods do not have any nutritional value in it. So it is better to avoid market food and eat more food at home.

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  • Hydrate to Reduce Hunger and Appetite:-

Many nutritionists and dietitian experts recommend and suggest peoples drink 2 glass of water when they feel hungry. They said it because sometimes our body thinks it’s hungry but actually it is not hungry, our body is just hydrated only.

Research done in the year 2012 discover that those people who drink half a liter of water before each meal lost around 45% more weight in the time frame of 12 weeks than those who did not drink water before a meal. This happens because water increases our feeling of stomach fullness and we eat less food than required, which helps in losing weight. 

So, friends, these were the 20 Science Based Ways Help you to Reduce Hunger and Appetite

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