5 Simple Steps To Erasing Stretch Marks Effectively

Many women experience stretch marks both during and after pregnancy. Stretch marks eventually go away. However, they never fade away on their own.

Prevention is definitely better than cure. The best way to prevent the development of stretch marks is using a specially-formulated natural and effective stretch mark cream. You can consider dermology stretch mark cream. It is enriched with natural ingredients that help in repairing the skin and clears the unwanted stretch marks.

In case you’re not getting enough results from your stretch mark cream, there are chances that you’re not applying it in the right way. Here are 5 simple steps with the help of which you can get the most out of your cream and make it more effective.

1. Eat a healthy diet

Eating a healthy and nutritious diet is the first and the most important step that can help you prevent and get rid of the stretch marks. Eat a balanced diet and cut down the intake of sweets and sugars from your diet. Eat fruits, vegetables, lean protein, dairy proteins, and vitamins. Include collagen-supporting foods such as carrot, spinach, tomatoes, and apricot in your diet.

2. Hydration

Hydration is very important. It is the key to maintain healthy skin. Hydrate yourself by drinking plenty of water, juices and herbal teas. It is important to hydrate from inside as well as outside. To hydrate your skin, you should use a body lotion or a good moisturizer. You can also use any effective stretch mark cream which serves the purpose of moisturizer. You can use dermology stretch mark cream.The cream consists of natural ingredients such as aloe vera and essential vitamins which nourishes, improves the skin health and heals the stretch marks. It also prevents the formation of new stretch marks.

3. Exfoliate stretch mark prone areas once a week

Exfoliation or removal of dead skin is essential. It will solve all your skin problems and will help you achieve healthy and glowing skin. To get the most out of your stretch mark cream and oil, you should exfoliate your stretch mark prone area which includes stomach, thighs, hips or any other affected area. Exfoliate once a week for effective results.

4. Massage your skin and prevent stretch marks

The right and the best way to apply stretch mark cream or oil is to gently massage the cream. Spread the cream on the affected areas and gently massage in the upward direction and circular motions. Massaging for 10 minutes will heal the stretch marks and will also keep the skin elastic.

5. Exercise

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Exercise such as yoga and walking can help you get rid of stretch marks naturally. Exercising daily will promote anti-oxidants in the body which will heal and prevent the formation of the stretch marks. However, you should consult your doctor for the best exercise routine suitable for you.

Erase the stretch marks in these 5 easy ways. Follow the above-mentioned simple tips and get the maximum benefits from your stretch mark cream.

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